Cesar Sayoc Arrested

Cesar Sayoc Arrested: A Florida Man Using Lost Nuke, Where Is He Now?

Cesar Sayoc, a Florida man accused of sending pipe bombs to prominent Democrats and critics of President Donald Trump, is supposed to use a lost nuclear bomb to power his home for twenty-seven years.

Is Cesar arrested? Audiences are eager to know about the person.

He is accused in New York of sending fifteen improvised explosive devices to numerous Democrats, Trump critics, and media outlets.

Cesar Sayoc Arrested: A Florida Man Using Lost Nuke

Cesar Sayoc is probably arrested as his news regarding using a nuclear bomb was circulated in April 2022. Various sources distributed the information through a piece of imposter content online.

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Cesar A. Sayoc Jr., who pleaded guilty to sending explosive packages to several of President Trump’s critics  Source: NY Times

After he got arrested, he agreed to be transferred to New York to face the charges. Many sources adding to the story, claimed that the man was one of those who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. 

However, the story was said to be a hoax as a story piece of satire published by the World News Daily report in 2015.

The original version of the WNDR story wrote that a scuba diver in Georgia (not Florida) had discovered a long-lost nuclear bomb. The main photo from the original story did not consist of a driver in Geogriga learning an atomic bomb.

The same story was recycled in April 2022 with an added second paragraph that showed an unidentified man discovering a nuclear bomb.

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Where Is Cesar Sayoc Now?

Cesar Sayoc is probably in Jail as he agreed to transfer to New York to face the charges for pipe bombing huge personalities. However, his exact transfer timing from Miami to New York was unknown to the audience.

Arrest 1
Cesar Sayoc arrested Source: The Times

The incident happened around November 2018, and the Attorney for 56-year-old Cesar said at a Friday in Miami federal court that they would not seek his release on bail for now.

The prosecutors also contend that he should remain jailed until trial, given the magnitude of the charges and strong evidence against him.

Though no bombs exploded and no one was injured, he seems to fave nearly fifty-year in prison if convicted on five federal charges.

Details To Cesar Sayoc Family

The personal details regarding Cesar Sayoc and his family have not come to the media. The middle age man probably has a family with his wife and children.

Sayoc was a Florida-residing man who did not seem to have democratic political views. He probably had not preferred Trump and his authorities in the position.

The chances of him representing illegal activity for a particular community or a Company also exist. However, Csar has not opened up about his motives and the people behind his back.

Neither has anyone come front by claiming them to be his family member. Likewise, he also does not possess social media account, which has created more mystery regarding his personal life and family.

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