Nikolas Cruz Religion

Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz Religion And Ethnicity: Meet His Parents And Brother

Nikolas Cruz Religion; Even though Parkland Shooter’s faith is unknown, he is of White ethnicity and an American citizen. 

His full name is Nikolas Jacob “Nick” Cruz; he is responsible for killing 17 people and injuring 17 others in a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. He has been sentenced to jail for a lifetime for his criminal act.

Since his early days, he was a difficult child to deal with as he had aggressive behavior developing into a harsh mental state and action.

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Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz Religion Ethnicity And Age

Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz’s less detailed information is known to all, as people mainly know him as a criminal. Even though it is not clear what religion he follows, he is from white ethnicity.

Moreover, he is a citizen of America and an ex-student of an American school shooter from Parkland, Florida. He was born on September 24, 1998, resulting in him being twenty-four years old in the present.

Nikolas Cruz is of White ethnicity
Nikolas Cruz is of White ethnicity [Source- The Mirror]
He has been involved in criminal activities since his teenage years, as he was under bad influence from his peers and is currently in prison, serving a life sentence.

In his investigation process, the authority knew that he was an Islamophobic, homophobic, and Anti-Semitism person. He frequently insults liberals, communists, and members of Antifa. When looking at his actions, he seems like an atheist.

Shooter Nikolas Cruz Parents And Brother

Shooter Nikolas Cruz was born to his criminal mother, Brenda Woodward, who had been arrested more than forty times in history. Even when she was pregnant with Cruz, she used to be on drugs.

Later Lynda and Rodger Cruz adopted him and his half-brother. When he was around six years old, his Father died of a heart attack, leading Lynda to raise two boys alone.

As per DCF records, his mother had kept him for counseling at home and school. Even though his brother’s identity is not detailed, he was violent with his mother and brother when he started growing up.

He used to hit her with different objects or would throw her against the wall if she tried to stop him from doing something. Sadly, his mother died in November 2017, so he and his brother were taken in by Roxanne Deschamps, a family friend. 

Cruz did not stay long there as Deschamps called 911 on him several times. She was scared he might harm himself or her family with his gun. 

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Group chat messages show school shooter obsessed with race, violence and guns
Group chat messages show school shooters obsessed with race, violence, and guns [Source- CNN]

What Kind Of Health Issue Is Nikolas Cruz Suffering From?

Nikolas Cruz has had an unstable mental condition since childhood, as he was diagnosed with developmental delays in 3. He was also diagnosed with autism, depression, ADHD, and a case of hostile behavior and aggression. 

Even before the shooting, he was reported to Police twice as he had once commented on Youtube, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter,” in 2017. 

Additionally, in 2018, a close person to him provided information about his desire to kill people and his gun with erotic behavior. His online posts included bigoted messages, dead lizards, and weaponry on feeds.

With these kinds of activities, he always had a mental disturbance. Due to this reason, he has also been given life imprisonment rather than the death penalty.

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