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Chad Brown Girlfriend: Whom Did He Choke? Divorce Rumors From Wife

Chad Brown is an American well-known horse trainer, born on December 18, 1978, in Mechanicville, upstate New York.

Who thought he would become one of the best horse trainers in America when his parents took him to the Saratoga race track? He immediately fell in love with horses at an early age.

Several types of horse racing, Stacelita, Big Blue Kitten, Lady Eli, Flintshire, and Horse of the Year Bricks and Mortar, have received Eclipse Award. Chad trained them all.

In addition, he has received Eclipse Award for Outstanding Trainer of 2016. The following year, in 2017, he got his first Triple Crown race with Cloud Computing in Preakness Stakes.

For four subsequent years, 2016, 2017,2018, and 2019. Chad won the Eclipse Award. His hard work has paid off with many awards.

Chad Brown Girlfriend

There is no substantial evidence that Chad brown has a girlfriend.

Nevertheless, when a girl came in the middle of the night.

Afterward, Chad Brown pushed her from the stairs. He put her down to the ground and choked her before moving a flight of stairs. People suspect that she may be her girlfriend.
There is no information regarding the girl’s identity or relationship with Chad.

Chad Brown has not disclosed his relationship in any press or social media.
Currently, under domestic violence, he went to custody. He was inside the jail on Wednesday night in Upstate New York.

Whom Did Chad Brown Choke?

The unidentified female tried to reach Chad Brwon Choke several times before entering his house in the middle of the night.

The female entered Chad’s house with the spare key, which was with her.

Later, this situation worsened when the female saw Chad with another lady. At last, Chad choked her and pushed her downstairs in his defense.

On social media, there is a rumor that Chad may have an on-and-off relationship with this unidentified female.

How did she may his house spare key? The question is on people’s minds.

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He had to visit the court before his freedom from custody. According to Saratoga County district attorney Karen Heggen, he said not guilty in court.
Then, he left the courtroom in his shorts and T-shirt.

His next hearing is on September 2. There is a possible charge of a $1000 fine and 364 days behind bars.

Chad has gotten in trouble leading to paying heavy fines. In 2019, He had to pay fines.

Brown has admitted that he had failed to submit payment for 150 groomers and horse walkers in his Chad Brown Racing in Mechanicville between December 2014 and August 2017. This record is in Times Union and in the U.S. Labor Department reports.

His Chad Brown Racing facilities are in Saratoga and Belmont Park Race Track in Nassau County.

Chad Brown Divorce Rumors From Wife


Chad Brown and Terrill Brown have tied the knot. Since their old daughter is 14 years old, they may have been married for 15-16 years.

There is no information regarding Terrill Brown on the press and social media. She carries a low profile.

In addition, Chad Brown has not shared pictures with his wife on his Instagram profile.

There is not any official statement regarding their dispute nor about divorce.

Even so, all over social media, people speculate that there is a chance of divorce as people did not see a happy couple for a long time on social media.

Chad Brown’s Children

Chad and Terrill have two beautiful daughters, Ava and Andi. Ava has turned 14. also, he posted photos with his daughter on Instagram on her birthday.

Chad Brown with his daughters.
Chad Brown with his daughters

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Chad Brown’s Net Worth

His net worth is $35 million.

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