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What Happened To Michael J. Fox? Is He Dead Or Alive- Where Is He Now?

Actor Michael J. Fox is alive. The Back To The Future star has not died but will be well in 2022. However, he did become the victim of an internet death hoax recently.

Michael Andrew Fox, professionally known as Michael J Fox, was born in Edmonton, Canada, on June 9, 1961.

He is an award-winning T.V. and film actor; he got his big break at age 15 as a cast of the Canadian sitcom Leo And Me.

Moreover, Michael migrated to L.A. from Canada and was featured in the sitcom Family Ties. He acted in the sitcom for seven years since the 1980s. He also won three sequentially Emmy awards for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

He became a famous person for playing multiple series like time-traveling teen Marty McFly in Back To The Future in 1985; he also released two more installments in the series over the following five years.

However, Social media platforms have become one of the primary news sources for multiple people. With this in mind, it is usual for fake stories to take the front seat. Something similar occurred on July 26 when many believed that actor Michael was dead.

What Happened To Michael Fox? Is He Dead Or Alive

The rumors about Michael’s death started online after another person with the same name as Michael passed away. As the given names matched, many of his fans thought the accolade was for the actor.

However, the truth is that the actor is alive and well. Since the social media rumors started spreading like wildfire, they caused a mess among fans on the internet.

Michael J. Fox when he suffered from Parkinson's disease | QUEM News
Michael J. Fox when he had Parkinson’s disease | QUEM News

It is not the first time Michael has been a victim of the death Hoax. In 2019 also, Michael’s news of his death ruled the internet.

The hoax of 2019 claimed the actor died on Sunday morning due to pneumonia, days after admitting to the hospital with Parkinson’s Disease-related issues.

The report also claimed that the actor’s death was confirmed to them through the actor’s doctors.

Although the reason was unclear as to what led to the posting of the death hoax, Heavy reported that it may have looked more conceivable to people as the actor had not posted on social media in over a month.

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However, The actor has struggled with Parkinson’s disease since 1991. It is a disorder that causes irresistible shivers throughout his body.

Initially, he did so secretly but went public about his diagnosis in 1998. When he had Parkinson, he was almost unable to walk or stand, 

Where is Michael Now?

Michael is enjoying quality time with his family as he posted a picture with his wife on Instagram. He also captioned the photo telling his wife I Love You.  

Though Michael has 1.3 million followers on Instagram, he only posts whenever he is celebrating any occasion. Before this, he posted a romantic message for his wife on her birthday.

It seems as if the actor likes to keep his personal life away from social media. Other than that, the actor has also been advertising his Foundation for Parkinson’s research.

Michael J. Fox | CNN
Michael J. Fox | CNN

Moreover, back to the Future star Michael J. Fox has revealed that his mother, Phyllis Fox, passed away two weeks ago, on September 24, aged 92.

Michael, 61, made the sad revelation while making a rare public appearance at the 2022 New York Comic Con at the weekend.

The New York Comic Convention was the view of one of the most emotional moments of the weekend as Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, the two stars of ‘Back to the Future, were reunited 37 years later.

They Together talked about their careers, friendship, and what it was like filming Back to the Future.

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