Chiara Bontempi Padre

Chiara Bontempi Padre (Parents): Who Are Piergiorgio Bontempi And Francesca Baldantoni

As Gianmarco won the Gold in high jump World Champion 2023, netizens are curious about his fairy-like wife and family, Chiara Bontempi padre. So, find out all here.

A famous name in the world of fashion 27-year-old Chiara Bontempi is the wife of a famous athlete Gianmarco Tamberi.

She was born in the beautiful city of Ancona in the year 1995; she later moved to Verona and graduated there in April 2019.

Chiara Bontempi Padre was also an athlete, just like her husband. She was good at the high jump in her early twenties, later shifted from sports to fashion, and took her first step as a fashion model in Rome and Milan.

She has a huge following on her Instagram, where she keeps her fans updated with her and her now husband Gianmarco’s beautiful pictures, her amazing fashion sense, and her envious lifestyle.

Who Are Chiara Bontempi Padre? Famous Daughter Of Famous Parents

Chiara while not being tied to any entertainment field, has seen what fame looks like ever since she was a child. Her parents are also famous in their own field.

Her mother, Francesca Baldantoni, is the owner of a very famous shop, ‘Blanc Mariclo’, located in the capital of the Marche region.

The shop is very well known in the country, and its customers include famous celebrities and TV personalities.

Blanc Mariclo is known for selling household furniture and fancy decoration items suiting the trend that looks expensive, which not many people can afford.

Chiara Bontempi father
Chiara Bontempi padre is ready to hand her daughter Chiara Bontempit on her fairy tail-like marriage. (Source: Instagram)

Her father, Piergiorgio Bontempi is an SBK world champion, a very well-known name in sports, and a former motorcycle racer. He is known for his amazing skills at the motorcycle track.

Chiara’s father, also born in Ancona, competed in the Superbike World Championship for over ten years.

Bontempi also competed in the Supersport World Championship, winning one race at the Nürburgring in 1999.

Together, they make a very successful family, Chiara’s brother is also a successful fashion designer who worked as a head fashion designer in the famous brand, ‘Simonetta’.

The family shares a very close, loving bond with each other. The pictures from Chiara’s recent wedding show her close relationship with her parents and her brother.

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Marrying The Love Of Their Lives: Chiara and Gianmarco’s Amazing Fairytale Wedding

Chiara’s wedding with Gianmarco Tamberi was not less than a fairytale, and she looked like a princess in her very expensive wedding dress with her amazing prince-looking husband.

In a caption, Chiara talking about her marriage, wrote,

I can’t find the words… The emotion is so great that I still don’t believe it. I love you my infinite love, I would say yes every single day.

The couple met when they were still very young in 2009 but instantly clicked with each other and found that they were perfect for each other.

They often show their love on their social media with beautiful pictures of them, happy and in love.

Chiara and Gianmarco have been engaged for many years but decided to speak out their vows only in September of 2022.

Chiara and Gianmarco
Chiara and Gianmarco are captured in their amazing fairytale wedding. (Source: Instagram)

Shortly before leaving for the Tokyo Olympics, Gianmarco Tamberi proposed marriage to Chiara Bontempi.

The proposal Gianmarco prepared for Chiara looked like a Disney movie come true, Chiara was seen holding a big Bouquet of roses and showed off her beautiful diamond ring.

After this gesture, Chiara flew with him to Japan and admitted (during an interview) that she wanted to accompany him in such an important undertaking and to guarantee him a face that loves him once he looks up to the stands.

She must be his lucky charm because Gianmarco did extremely well at the world championship. They had a very beautiful wedding after the Olympics in the fall of 2022 with only a few close people.

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