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Who Is Jimmy Mulroy, Paris Fury Brother? Age And Wikipedia

Many are wondering, “Who is Paris Fury brother or brother-in-law of the well-known British professional boxer Tyson Fury?” Find out about him further down in the article.

Born as Paris Mullroy on December 5, 1989, Paris Fury is a famous TV personality best known as the wife of Tyson Fury. She often says she is a traveler and gypsy and was brought up in caravans when she was little with a traditional old-fashioned lifestyle.

Paris Fury and Tyson Fury first met when she was just 15 at a family friend’s wedding. They quickly grew fond of each other and officially started dating after Paris celebrated her 16th birthday.

In one of the Instagram throwback posts, Paris said that she initially liked him and felt he was different from others. She didn’t say “yes” instantly, though. He asked her out multiple times before she finally agreed.

After that, Tyson became her first boyfriend since she was only allowed to date at 16. Not only that, but he is the only boyfriend she’s ever had, making it very special for her.

In 2008, Paris and Tyson Fury officially married in Doncaster, three years after they first started dating. The wedding took place at Chains Catholic Church on Chequer Road, with around 400 guests in attendance.

The Fury family has grown over the years, with six children: three sons, Prince John James, Prince Tyson Fury II, and Prince Adonis Amaziah, and three daughters: Venezuela, Valencia Amber, and Athena. Additionally, in March 2023, they announced they were expecting their seventh child.

Apart from that, Paris is also an accomplished author known for her best-selling book “Love and Fury.” She was also featured in the three-part ITV documentary “Gypsy King” in 2020 and has made several appearances on the British talk show “Loose Women.”

Many fans know about her children and marriage with Tyson Fury, so they are now interested in learning about Paris Fury’s family members, with Paris Fury brother being the priority.

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Who Is Jimmy Mulroy, Paris Fury Brother? Age And Wikipedia

One of the Paris Fury brother is Jimmy Mulroy, who goes by the username “jimmy.mulroy.14” on Facebook.

Paris Fury brother, Jimmy Mulroy enjoying ocean view
Paris Fury brother Jimmy Mulroy with a sunglass (Source: Facebook)

Looking at his Facebook account, Jimmy Mulroy seems to be married to a beautiful woman. It also looks like he has a son of his own.

However, apart from that, there’s not much information on Paris Fury brother, Jimmy Mulroy. He only posts about once a month or sometimes once a few months on his Facebook account, so it’s likely that he isn’t very active on social media.

Interestingly, Jimmy and Paris’s mother, Lynda Mulroy, often comment on most of his Facebook posts, showing their close bond.

There’s also a business linked to Jimmy Mulroy, Silver Ace Jewellery, which he likely owns. As the name suggests, the business seems to specialize in silver jewelry and delivers across the UK without any shipping cost. Silver Ace Jewellery buys precious metals from customers like many other jewelry businesses.

Jimmy Mulroy’s Brother-In-Law, Tyson Fury, Is A Boxing Superstar

Jimmy Mulroy’s brother-in-law, Tyson Fury, is a professional British boxer who has gained worldwide fame.

Tyson Fury showing off a drink
Jimmy Mulroy’s brother-in-law Tyson Fury at Night of Champions (Source: Instagram)

Tyson Fury is the third heavyweight to ever hold The Ring magazine title twice, following the greatest Muhammad Ali and Floyd Patterson.

But that’s not the only title he has held. He has also earned the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight title, the unified heavyweight title, the International Boxing Organization (IBO) title, and the English heavyweight title, to name a few.

Additionally, in December 2022, BoxRec and ESPN ranked Tyson Fury as the world’s best active heavyweight.

After a long career spanning over a decade, Tyson announced his plan for retirement in April 2022, saying that he promised Paris that the Deontay Wilder III fight would be the last.

However, he has already planned to return to the ring, citing he got “bored with retirement.”

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