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Is Safaree Samuels Father Hansum Malcolm? Family Details

People are becoming increasingly curious about the information regarding Safaree Samuels father, as it has become a hot topic among fans.

Born on July 4, 1981, Safaree Samuels is an American music artist who started his music career as part of the Hoodstars during the early 2000s alongside fellow rappers such as Nicki Minaj, Seven Up, and Lou$tar.

In 2004, Hoodstars recorded the entrance song Don’t Mess With for WWE Diva Victoria, which ended up on the compilation album ThemeAddict: WWE The Music, Vol.6.

But after the group disbanded, Nicki Minaj went on to start her solo career, while Safaree supported her as a hype man.

In 2012, Safaree appeared in Minaj’s music video for Stupid Hoe. The same year, Nicki Minaj released her second album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, where he had six writing credits on the album, even featuring on the track Press Conference.

In 2015, he stepped into the spotlight with the release of his mixtapes, It Is What It Is and it’s Vol. 2.

A year later, he appeared in the second season of K. Michelle: My Life and dropped a new mixtape titled Real Yard Vibes.

Apart from that, he has also starred in the third season of VH1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, which premiered in August 2016 and competed in the first season of VH1’s Scared Famous, which premiered in October 2017

In February 2018, Safaree received the Blue & Bougie Impact Award, recognizing his influence and impact.

However, in the same month, Safaree’s nude picture and video were unfortunately leaked online, causing quite a stir. Taking advantage of the buzz, he introduced the Anaconda line of intimate products molded from his physique in 2019.

Rising through fame, the interest of fans in Safree is expected. However, no information was available on Safaree Samuels father to date. But recently, there seems to be information confirming the father figure.

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Is Safaree Samuels Father Hansum Malcolm?

There’s been a lot of speculation that the true identity of Safaree Samuels father might be Marq “Hansum” Malcolm because of their similar resemblance.

Marq “Hansum” Malcolm is a digital content creator who has amassed a massive following of over 783K on TikTok and 143K on Instagram. Additionally, he has over 96k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Safaree Samuels with a snack in his hand
Safaree Samuels trying to eat outside a restaurant (Source: Instagram)

The speculation that Safaree Samuels father is Marq Malcolm started with various TikTok videos shared in their joint tours. When fans watched the videos, they noticed they looked similar and had good chemistry.

In addition to that, Marq is also of Jamaican descent, which supports the speculation since it’s already been confirmed that Safaree was born to immigrant Jamaican parents in Brooklyn, NYC.

However, although various sources report that Marq is the father of Safaree, it has never really been confirmed by the involved party, and it remains pure speculation only.

But most internet users believe that the speculation is true, although they might not have admitted it themselves.

Safaree Samuels Family Details

While the information regarding Safaree Samuels father remains unconfirmed, there are some details on other family members of Safaree.

Apart from Safaree Samuels, his mother, Shirley, has given birth to two other children, Shaneequewa and Samantha, both daughters.

Safaree Samuels father is not notice in the photo of him and his mother
Safaree Samuels with his mother, Shirley (Source: Instagram)

Growing up in Hanover, Jamaica, Shirley gained knowledge about natural healing for the body, in opposition to synthetic chemicals, and treated her daughter Samantha, who was suffering from regular seizures at nine years of age, with natural herbs.

Safaree’s mother, Shirley, has played a significant role in his upbringing and appears on his Instagram posts from time to time.

As for her career, the mother-of-three operates a beverage company, Highfrequenctea, alongside her daughter, Shaneequewa.

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