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Who Is Christopher Marmon? 48-Year-Old Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Touching Many People

Christopher Marmon is a suspect for sexually touching people in Walmart, as one of the victims is a child.

After sexually assaulting four people at a Lebanon Walmart, including two children, on Sunday night, a registered sex offender was taken into custody.

According to the Lebanon Police Department, Christopher Marmon was charged with two counts of sexual battery, aggravated sexual battery, resisting arrest, and simple possession.

Police said they were phoned to the store after a young victim told her mother she had been handled sexually by a man at Walmart.

Three other possible victims of the same crime were discovered when investigators watched Walmart’s surveillance footage of the actual occurrence. Marmon was apprehended after being recognized as the culprit.

Who Is Christopher Marmon? Suspect Of Touching Several People

Christopher Marmon, 48, is the man who is suspected of touching people sexually while shopping at Lebanon Walmart. Looking at his mugshot, he seems like a drunkard who has done this several times and been caught for the first time. 

According to the Lebanon Police Department, he has not been seen in the area as he might be homeless and has been shifting from place to place. 

He resisted the Police as they wanted to ask questions about his visit to Walmart. He resisted during the arrest, as well as he seemed to be drunk and had consumed drugs.

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Christopher Marmon Touching Kids: Who Are The Victims? 

Following many reported incidents of alleged sexual battery, Christopher Marmon was arrested in Lebanon.

The Walmart on South Cumberland Street is where the incidents are said to have happened on Sunday night.

The mother of a victim teenage girl reported that her daughter was touched sexually while in the store, according to Lebanon Police. They were called to the Walmart in the 600 block of S Cumberland Street Sunday evening.

Christopher Marmon
Lebanon Walmart Where The Incident Happened (Source: Tennessean)

When authorities searched the store’s video archives for a film of the alleged occurrence, they discovered three additional people who might have been the victims of the same crime. From the security footage, they recognized Marmon as the culprit.

The mother who claimed her daughter was touched in a “sexual manner” when the two were shopping at Walmart, according to Lebanon Police, was the person they met.

Authorities discovered three other potential victims of the same crime as they watched the incident’s video evidence.

Chris Marmon, a local sex offender with a record, was named the suspect.

Police confirmed one other victim to be minor, while one more was reportedly an adult. The identity of the fourth victim is still unknown.

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Christopher Marmon: Arrest And Charges 

Christopher Marmon has been arrested for aggravated sexual battery, sexual battery, resisting arrest, and simple possession. 

He will be jailed for a long time as the aggravated sexual battery has a minimum sentence of 20 years, a fine of up to $100,000, and a lifetime on the Sex Offender Registry.

For sexual battery, depending on the situation and the state’s sentencing guidelines, sentences for this kind of offense might range from one to many years in jail. Some states mandate a minimum prison term or demand that the judge sentence someone to prison without the possibility of probation or early parole.

Christopher Marmon
Lebanon Police Department (Source: Lebanonpd)

When a resisting arrest occurs for the first time, it is often charged as a Class I Misdemeanor, which carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail or a maximum fine of $1,000.

Simple possession or a casual trade of drugs might result in a Class A misdemeanor charge, which carries a possible one-year jail term and a fine of up to $2,500. 

LPD asks anyone who has had a similar encounter to contact Detective Wigger at 615-453-4365 or by email at [email protected].

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