Damián Quintero: Karate, Olympics & Net Worth

Damián Quintero is a Spanish Karateka known for his fantastic Karate skills and has performed in the Olympics.

In addition, Damián became second in the men’s kata event in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

Further, Quintero is a two-time World Champion silver medalist in the men’s individual kata event.

Damián Quintero is showing his Karateka skills. (Source: Instagram)

On top of that, the karateka is also a six-time gold champion at the European Championships.

If you want to read more about this wonderful Spanish Karateka, Damián Quintero, continue reading this article.

Quick Facts

Here are some fascinating quick facts about Damián Quintero:

Name Damián Quintero
Full Name Damián Hugo Quintero Capdevila
Date of birth 4 July 1984
Age 39 years old
Place of Birth Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nationality Spanish
Ethnicity Not Known
Religion Not Known
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Male
Father’s Name Not Known
Mother’s Name Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Education Polytechnic University of Madrid
Educational Major Aeronautical Engineer
Height 5 Feet and 6 Inches
Weight 75 kg or 165.347 Ibs
Eye Colour Not Known
Hair Colour Not Known
Shoe Size Not Known
Marital Status Married
Wife Not Known
Children Not Known
Occupation Karateka
Country Spain
Career Debut 2004 European Karate Championships
Career Wins 14 Gold Medals
Medals and Awards 14 Gold Medals, 13 Silver Medals, 5 Bronze Medals
Teacher Jesus Del Moral
Sport Karate
Event (s) Individual kata, Team kata
Current World Ranking  First
Major Achievement (s) Ten times European Champion
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram
Website damianquintero.com
Merch Karate Equipments
Last Updated May, 2024

Damián Quintero: Early Life, Family, and Education

Spanish Karateka, Damián Hugo Quintero Capdevila, was born on 4 July 1984 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

However, not much is known about his family members. In addition, his parents’ names are also not known.

But, it is known that he had a family that encouraged him to pursue his career as a Karateka.

Besides, there is no information about the number of Quintero’s siblings and their names.

Even though he was born in Buenos Aries, his parents moved to Southern Spain when he was still a child.

On top of that, Damián got his Karateka training from El Club Goju Ryu de Torremolinos.

Talking about his education Quintero has had a pretty unique experience.

Further, he studied aeronautical engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

But, Damián left his high-paying career for Karate which is his ultimate love and passion.

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Damián Quintero: Age, Height, and Weight

The Spanish Karateka, Damián Quintero, was born on 4 July 1984, making him a cancer man.

People born under the Cancer sign are recognized for being sentimental, sensitive, and loyal.

The former aeronautical engineer, now turned professional Karateka Damián Quintero is exceptionally handsome.

Further, he has a fantastic body and has that typical Spanish boy charm and character to his face.

Damián Quintero poses for a selfie. (Source: Instagram)

On top of that, Damián has a height of 1.73 m or 5 feet and 6 inches.

Moreover, his height is an advantage while tackling his opponents.

In addition to that, Quintero weighs 75 kg or 165.347 Ibs, which makes him extra flexible and robust while fighting against his rivals.

Damián Quintero: Career

The handsome Karateka, Damián Quintero, has had an impressive engineering and Karate career.

Aeronautical Engineering

Before being a terrific Karateka, Damián was an aeronautical engineer.

Further, he got his degree from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

In addition, after graduating from college, he even had a 9 to 5 job relating to his degree.

Even though his job was almost stress-free and paid well, he always wanted to practice Karate as his primary career.

Hence, Quintero left his job and trained at El Club Goju Ryu de Torremolinos to become a professional Karateka.


European Championships 

Damián Quintero began his career as a Karateka by winning a silver medal in an individual kata at the 2004 European Karate Championships held in Moscow, Russia.

However, he did win a gold medal and three bronze medals in the team kata at the 2005 San Cristóbal de La Laguna, 2006 Stavanger, 2007 Bratislava, and 2008 Tallinn, respectively.

But, he won silver medals in 2009 Zagreb, 2010 Athens, 2011 Zürich, 2012 Adeje, 2021 Poreč, and 2016 Montpellier.

Further, Damián earned silver medals in men’s individual kata in the 2014 Tampere, 2011 Zürich, and 2017 Wroclaw.

In addition, Quintero won gold medals in the men’s individual kata events in 2013 Budapest, 2015 Istanbul, 2016 Montpellier, 2017 Izmit, 2018 Novi Sad, and 2019 Guadalajara.

He also won gold in the team kata in the 2013 Budapest, 2014 Tampere, and 2015 Istanbul Olympics.

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European Games

Damián Quintero won two gold medals in the 2015 Baku and 2019 Minsk under the men’s individual kata.

World Beach Games

Quintero won a silver medal in the 2019 Doha under men’s individual kata.

World Games

The ferocious Spanish Karateka, Damián Quintero, won a silver medal at the 2017 Wrocław under men’s individual kata.

World Championships

Quintero won two silver medals in men’s individual kata at the 2016 Linz and 2018 Madrid Olympics.

In addition, the karateka earned two bronze medals in team kata at the 2016 Linz and the 2010 Belgrade.

Damián Quintero in his Karateka costume. (Source: Instagram)

Finally, he earned a gold medal in team kata at the 2014 Bremen Olympics.

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Olympic Games

Damián Quintero is a Spanish athlete who competed in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

Finally, the karateka won a silver medal in the men’s kata event at this competition.

Damián Quintero: Accomplishments

The Spanish king of Karate has won 14 gold medals as of 2021. In addition, he has also won 13 silver medals.

Did you think that this was it? Then you are absolutely wrong! Damián has also won 5 bronze medals!

Therefore, his total medals are 32 medals.

Damián Quintero: Training

Born in Argentina, but nationality is Spanish, Damián Quintero’s trainer or teacher is Jesus Del Moral.

In addition, Jesus Del Moral is the boyfriend and trainer of another Spanish Karateka, Sandra Sánchez.

Also, Moral is one of the most well-known trainers in the world of Karate.

Further, he serves as the coach of Spain’s national team.

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Damián Quintero: Girlfriend, Wife, and Kids

Even though it has been speculated that Damián Quintero has had one relationship in the past, but not much is known about it.

However, Quintero is a married man. But, his wife’s name is not known.

Damián Quintero with his wife posing for the camera in Greece. (Source: Instagram)

Thanks to his lifestyle, there is not much information about his marital life.

In addition, any knowledge about his children is also not known.

Damián Quintero: Net Worth

Cancer man Damián Quintero’s net worth is about $1.5 million, and his net worth has been amassed from his Karateka career.

In addition, his past profession as an aeronautical engineer also helped him to increase his net worth.

However, not much information about his monthly or yearly salary is known.

Damián Quintero: Social Media Presence

Spanish Karateka is very active on various social media.

Further, Damian posts about his personal life, training practices, body pictures, and pictures with his friends.

In addition to that, Quintero also posts pictures with his mysterious wife.

Facebook: Over 60 Thousand Followers

Instagram: Over 153 Thousand Followers

Twitter: Over 18 Thousand Followers

TikTok: Over 81 Thousand Followers

Finally, Damián also has a website named damiaquintero.com, which is in Spanish. 

Here, he usually has his timetable and contact details.

In addition, this website can come in handy to contact Quintero directly and get to know him personally.

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Damián Quintero: FAQs

What is Damián Quintero’s kata?

Spanish Karateka, Damián Quintero plays in two katas. In addition, he plays on individual kata and team kata.

Further, he has won gold and silver medals in both katas.

What is Damián Quintero’s karate style?

Cancer man, Damián Quintero, has a unique style when it comes to Karate.

In particular, his style is Goju-Ryu. On top of that, Damián Quintero has wholly mastered this style of Karateka.

Also, Chojun Miyagi founded this type of Karate style, and his teachers were Kanryo Higaonna and Ryuko Aragaki.

Further, Goju-Ryu has a combination of both hard and soft techniques.

Did Damián Quintero participate in the Olympics?

The Spanish Karateka, Damián Quintero, did participate in the 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan.

Moreover, he managed to receive a silver medal.

In addition, his determination was unbreakable, and he did make his country very proud.

What is the current World Ranking of Damián Quintero?

Damián Quintero’s current world ranking is first. The World Karate Federation prepared this ranking.

By speculating his style and wins, this prestigious award was handed over to him.

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