Dan Bilzerian: Career, Controversy & Net Worth

Born into a wealthy family and growing up to live every man’s dream, we are talking about Dan Bilzerian. 

Who is Dan Bilzerian, you may ask? Dan is an American-Armenian citizen and one of the world’s best poker players. 

Moreover, Bilzerian is a man who has been caught up in controversies one after another.

Every year he is seen filing lawsuits and denying fraudulent allegations. 

Dan Bilzerian in public event.

Born into a wealthy family, Dan got everything he could ever ask for in his childhood. 

His love for great things became more prominent with age when he started diving into alcohol and sex.

The playboy has already had three heart attacks before the age of 32.

In this article, you will find everything that there is to know about Dan Bilzerian.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts just in case you did not know about the mastermind Dan Bilzerian:

Full name Dan Bilzerian
Date of birth December 7, 1980
Age 43 Years Old
Birthplace Tampa, Florida of, USA
Religion Not Available
Nationality American-Armenian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Florida State University
Father’s name Paul Bilzerian
Mother’s name Teri Steffen
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Height 5 feet and 7 inches
Weight 85 kg
Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Body Measurement Not Available
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Net Worth $200 million
Siblings Adam Bilzerian
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried 
Profession Poker player, Business Owner
Current  status Active
Nickname Dan
Salary $30 million
Social Media Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram
Debut year 2008 AD
Merch Dan Bilzerian: Rich & Thick with Chicks
Last Update March, 2024

Dan Bilzerian: Early Life 

Dan Bilzerian was born on December 7 1980. He was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, in the United States of America. 

His father’s name is Paul Bilzerian, and his mother’s name is Teri Steffen. His father was a corporate takeover specialist by profession, while his mother was a homemaker. 

Dan has an older brother by the name of Adam Bilzerian. Adam is also a poker player and editor but prefers a much quieter life than Dan. 

Dan’s father was a Harvard graduate and owned a robotics company. He could afford anything he wanted for his family with the impressive seven-figure salary. 

But his dad was hardly ever-present for the important events and missed most of Dan’s childhood. 

Paul Bilzerian was claiming to have a fortune of over 40 million dollars. At that time, they lived in a ten-bedroom mansion in Tampa. 

It was an enormous mansion in Tampa with an inbuilt tennis court and swimming pool. But the absent father figure created a void in Dan’s life. 

He started acting out in school and often got into fistfights. He did not obey his teachers and was eventually kicked out of the school for his outrageous behavior. 

Eventually, things got worse for the Bilzerian family when Paul got indicted on several tax fraud charges.

Then in 2001, Paul filed for bankruptcy, claiming he only had 15 thousand dollars in assets. 

Paul had to flee the country with a debt of more than 140 million dollars.

But, he left a trust fund behind for his sons, which might have contributed to their lifestyle.

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We do not know where Dan went for his high school education. But he was heavily involved in the school activities.

He was part of the football team and was even involved in the student council. Then one day, Dan decided to bring a gun to the school property. 

Even though he claimed he had no intention of shooting anyone, this was enough to get him expelled. He was not allowed to walk during his graduation and graduated from home.

After High school, Dan had a strange fascination for the Navy. So he decided to become a Navy Seal and joined. 

He even completed the hard training, and just before graduation, he got into a heated argument with one of the administrators. Dan had violated a gun safety range violation.

After this, Navy Seal kicked Dan out of the program, and then Dan went to the University of Florida for four years.

Bilzerian graduated with a double degree in criminology and business.

It was in freshman year when Dan got hooked on poker. 

During his sophomore year, he sold his car just for gambling. It was the start of his career.

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Dan Bilzerian: Physical Appearance 

Regarding height, Dan is five feet and seven inches tall. He weighs around 85 kgs. 

He has a muscular build because of his extreme workout. His body measurements are 45 inches in chest size, 16 inches in biceps, and 34 inches in the waist. 

Dan has brown eyes and similar brown hair. However, his facial beard might be the most distinctive feature on his face. 

Dan has a fair skin complexion. Unfortunately, his shoe size is not known. 

Dan Bilzerian: Personal Life 

Dan is an American citizen who has also acquired Armenian citizenship recently. His religious beliefs are unknown, and he is of Armenian descent. 

Being born in December, Dan is a Sagittarius, a fire sign, and they are often known to be very impulsive. 

Dan has a fascination with guns. However, he said his biggest fear is that he would not know which gun to choose from his stash if someone broke into his home. 

In 2016, he even announced that he would run for president. He is a supporter of Donal Trump.

Dan believes that there should be fewer gun laws in America. He also thought that drugs and prostitution should be made legal.

Dating Life

Apart from his gun collection, Dan also has a love for girls. He is known as the Playboy of Hollywood and is often seen surrounded by beautiful models.

He has accepted that he has multiple partners in his life, more than he could remember.

However, because of his extravagant lifestyle, he cannot keep track of his dating life. 

Dan has dated some of the most top-notch models in the industry. For example, he has dated model Katie Bell. 

Dan Bilzerian in Mykonos.

It is rumored that he was dating Sofia Beverly recently. But, for Dan Bilzerian, the party never stops. 

From what it seems, the bachelor will not be tied down any time soon. And he is enjoying his lifestyle the way it is. 

Dan Bilzerian: Career

Dan has an extensive career and is one of the best poker players globally and started playing poker professionally when he was 29. 

He ranked 180th position in his first World Poker Tournament. In official tournaments, Dan has only made a couple of thousand dollars.

But he claims to have won 10.8 million dollars in one night in underground poker tournaments. He said that in a single year, he made 50 million dollars because of poker. 

Besides gambling, Dan owns an Ignite company, which sells electric cigarettes, CBD oils, vodka, and many other products. 

Ignite has its headquarters set up in Toronto, Canada. Other company shareholders have alleged that Dan has used the company’s money for his expense.

But there is a rumor that shareholders might kick Dan out of his company. 

Dan has also worked as an actor in quite a few movies. In 2013 he acted in Lone Survivor and Olympus has fallen

Similarly, in 2014, he worked in The other woman and the Equalizer. He has even landed a role in major films such as War Dogs and Extraction

Dan Bilzerian: Controversies 


Dan seems to find himself to be in one lawsuit after another. In 2014, he filed a lawsuit against the producers of the film Lone Survivor

The producer of Lone Survivor filed the lawsuit for one million dollars because they had reduced his promised screen time and dialogues.

Later the producer dropped the lawsuit, and Dan made 1.5 million dollars from the movie’s success. 

In 2014, Vanessa Castano filed a case against Dan Bilzerian for kicking her in the face.

There was a brawl in the club where Vanessa went to separate the two girls when Dan attacked her. 

Vanessa sued him for one million dollars based on his income. Dan was banned from the Miami Nightclub after that.

In 2014, adult film actress Janice Griffith also filed a lawsuit against Dan Bilzerian and Hustlers. She was allegedly thrown from the roof into the pool by Dan, which broke off her toes. 

Later, when asked to pay for the injuries, both declined and said it was an act of God and had nothing to do with them.

Dan has also been arrested at Los Angeles Airport on bomb-making charges.

Even though the charges were dropped, Dan still had to pay more than seventeen thousand dollars in fine. 


According to recent lawsuits filed against Dan Bilzerian by the CEO of Ignite, Curtis Heffernan, the lavish lifestyle Bilzerian is all paid for with the company money. 

Dan throws these lavish parties in yachts and slaps the name of Ignite in the end. But, of course, all the expenses are paid under the company’s name. 

Heffernan claimed that Dan has an addiction to spending the company’s money. The former Ignite employees also supported Heffernan’s statement. 

According to the claim, even the house in Hollywood Hills is rented and paid for by the company. Dan has denied all allegations and said that he would counter-sue.

Las Vegas Shootings

In 2017 police caught Dan during the Las Vegas Shooting. He shared a video of him running away from the site, for which people called him a coward. 

Then he posted another video of his running back with a gun. He even asked a policeman for his weapon. This move was heavily criticized in the media. 


In a podcast, Dan called Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson unhealthy.

Similarly, Bilzerian said that Dwayne Johnson might be using steroids to look ripped up.

People criticized Kim Kardashian and Dan Bilzerian for being social media influencers and overly showing the glamour.

Many compared Dan with Kim Kardashian and how both prioritized their content in nudity.

Likewise, Bilzerian is also believed to have gone through the knife to make his jaw look incredibly muscular.

It is said that Dan Bilzerian has gone through one of the most delicate plastic surgeries in the world.

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Dan Bilzerian: Net Worth 

Bilzerian’s fortune has grown massively over the past few years, mainly from his poker winnings. 

He is one of the biggest names in the poker industry. Dan also earns a chunk of his wealth from his company Ignite.

Dan bilzerian has a net worth of 200 million dollars. He earns about 30 million dollars annually. 

Often seen partying with celebrities like Mel Gibson and Floyd Mayweather, Dan has the dream life.

His list of Lavish parties is endless, often including him being on a yacht or booking the entire Island. 

Dan Bilzerian at a party.

Until 2017, Dan owned a mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada, which he sold for 1.7 million dollars.

Now he resides in his ten million dollar mansion in Hollywood Hills. 

Apart from his properties, he also has a vast gun collection. He owns more than 100 guns which are proudly displayed in his mansion. 

Dan Bilzerian owns a Private jet. He owns a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, Eleanor Mustang, and Land Cruiser. 

He proudly displays his wealth on his social media. Dan also does philanthropic work with his ‘The Robin Hood initiative,’ which provides ten grand to needy families. 

Similarly, in 2015 he hosted a poker tournament for charity. As a result, he raised more than 100 thousand dollars for brain research.

Dan Bilzerian: Social Media  

Known as the King of Instagram, Dan has a massive following on social media. 

His Instagram is a verified account with more than 32 million followers. Anyone on Instagram is acquainted with his extravagant lifestyle.

Dan’s Twitter account has more than 1 million followers. However, he does not shy away from posting his controversial views. 

Moreover, Dan also has a Facebook and a YouTube account.

Dan Bilzerian: FAQs

How did Dan Bilzerian get rich?

Dan Bilzerian got rich by playing high-stakes poker. 

Who is the wealthiest poker player in the world?

The wealthiest poker player in the world is Dan Bilzerian. 

Does Dan Bilzerian have an audiobook?

Dan doesn’t have an audiobook but has written a book, The Setup.

Moreover, the book is rated 4.1 by IMDb and is written about Dan’s life experience.

Where is Dan Bilzerian’s current residence?

The millionaire currently resides in a massive mansion somewhere in Las Vegas.

Similarly, Bilzerian used to rent a Bel-Air mansion worth $67.5 million over the years.

For the exquisite residence, Dan used to pay $200,000 per month.

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