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Is Peter Gadiot Gay Or Does He Have Wife? Rumors Explained

Fans are diving deep into British actor Peter Gadiot’s romantic history as Peter Gadiot gay rumors are surfacing on the internet.

Alan Peter Gadiot Nava, famously known as Peter Gadiot, is a British actor born on January 2, 1985, in Sussex, UK, and was raised in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

He began acting in 2010 and has worked in various stage productions and films.

Some of his notable roles include appearing in MTV’s ‘Hot Mess,’ the British series ‘My Spy Family‘, and the British horror film ’13Hrs’ (2010), also known as ‘Night Wolf.’

He has also worked on television shows like ‘Matador’ (2014), ‘Tut’ (2015), ‘Queen of the South‘ (2016–2021), ‘Supergirl’ (2017), ‘All You Need Is Me‘ (2018), and ‘Yellowjackets’ (2021).

His recent famous role is in the Netflix series ‘One Piece‘ as Shanks, the captain of the Red-Haired Pirates.

Peter Gadiot Gay Speculations: Addressing Rumors

Peter Gadiot is entirely private about his personal life, particularly his romantic relationships. However, he occasionally hints about his love life on his Instagram account.

He once posted a photo of a woman in a bikini enjoying a rainbow, but her face was obscured, leaving followers to speculate if she was his girlfriend.

The actor is also linked with his ‘Queen of the South‘ co-star Alice Braga, which fans shipped the most in the show.

Peter Gadiot Gay
Peter Gadiot with rumored girlfriend and co-star Alice Braga. (Source: Instagram)

Peter also once responded on Twitter to a fan using the term ‘ginger’ in reference to his ex-girlfriend. However, the woman’s identity was not revealed.

He has been very vocal about dating both celebrities and non-celebrities. Further, he thinks that all his partners, whether famous or not, have had the same level of respect and admiration for all of them.

However, Peter Gadiot Gay rumors have been surfacing the internet, and fans are curious about his sexuality.

There are rumors that The ‘Queen of the South‘ star is allegedly secretly married to a non-celebrity female.

He has denied the marriage rumor through his Twitter by stating that he is single when a fan asked if he had a girlfriend. He expressed hope that he would find one soon.

So, looking back at the history of dating rumors and relationship timelines, all of them suggest Peter Gadiot is not gay.

However, he has said nothing about the Peter Gadiot Gay rumors.

Also, with his hints about his ex-girlfriends, we can only assume that he has been interested in women throughout his life.

Thus, until and unless the star himself addresses the gay rumors, we can not say anything for a fact.

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Does Actor And Philanthropist Peter Gadiot Have a Wife?

Peter is a very talented actor, producer, and director and is also widely known to have been active in many philanthropy activities.

Along with a crew, he rowed across the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean to Africa, completing this challenging expedition in about 39 days for the cause of combating slavery.

As part of his philanthropic journey, Gadiot also undertook the challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Peter Gadiot
Peter Gadiot shares a picture from one of his expeditions. (Source: Instagram)

Gadiot also participated in the Marathon Des Sables (MDS), also known as the Marathon of the Sands.

This ultra marathon spans six consecutive days in the Saharan desert, covering a distance of 250 kilometers (about 155.34 mi)  to raise funds for the needy.

Unlike these philanthropic activities that fans are all aware of, his marital status remains a mystery.

But as far as the information available online, it suggests the actor is currently single and does not have a wife.

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