Taylor Swift Cheated On Taylor Lautner

Did Taylor Swift Cheated On Taylor Lautner? Relationship Timeline And Dating History

Taylor Swift Cheated On Taylor Lautner: Many media outlets have opted to add this as a headline as the American actor comes clean about his relationship with the pop star.

Taylor Swift is not a favorite of media outlets as she is constantly a part of various controversies: true or not. Many media outlets have covered her relationship exploits frequently, as she has been in a relationship with multiple actors.

Despite her wish to not have her personal life documented, she does not always get her way, as many people criticize her for her lifestyle.

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In the fall of 2009, Swift and Lautner dated for several months before calling it quits in December. If we are to believe the rumors, the song ‘Back to December” by Taylor Swift was an open apology to Taylor Lautner for how their relationship turned out. 

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Taylor Swift Cheated On Taylor Lautner

The world was obsessed with one young celebrity pair in the fall of 2009: country singer Taylor Swift and Twilight actor Taylor Lautner. Fans are still discussing the two’s brief but highly public relationship even twelve years later. 

The world couldn’t get enough of the two Taylors, who undoubtedly played a significant role in 2000s pop culture. Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner were both teenagers during their romance.

Taylor Swift Cheated On Taylor Lautner
Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner were together during their teen years. Source: Elite Daily

Taylor Swift was 19 when she turned 20 in December of that same year, and Taylor Lautner was 17 then. Of course, being so young and famous hurt their relationship.

Sadly, it appears that Taylor Swift wasn’t as invested in the relationship until the pair split in December 2009.

Although it was never officially said that Taylor Swift ended things, it is safe to assume that Taylor Swift, and not Taylor Lautner, was the one who would have wished to call it quits.

Taylor Swift’s smash single “Back to December” was released roughly a year after they started dating, and fans immediately realized that Taylor Lautner was probably the song’s subject.

Regarding their current relationship, Taylor Swift said that she will always have feelings for Taylor Lautner. When asked to name a crush in an interview with Ladies Home Journal in 2010, the musician immediately mentioned the Twilight actress. 

T-Swift, however, had some feelings for a while because it had been a year since their breakup.

Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner’s Relationship Timeline And Dating History

It’s likely that the two first connected on the set of an ensemble romantic comedy called Valentine’s Day in the summer of 2009. The two Taylors were seen together at fall hockey games, and they were considered dating.

Lautner and Swift were made for one another, given the period and their respective ages; they were both teenagers who had achieved astounding success in a short time and were still trying to figure it out. 

By the end of December, rumors about Taylor Square’s demise were spreading. 

Swift’s track “Back to December,” widely believed to be about Lautner, was released the following October. The song included lyrics and described a wintertime incident (or breakup) between a previous couple.

Lautner, too seems to share the same sentiments. The Twilight alum admitted that “Back to December” was written about him in 2016 at a Scream Queens press event that turned into a T-Swift-themed interrogation. Additionally, he mentioned that dating Swift had been “fun” to co-star John Stamos.

Taylor Launter
Taylor Lautner’s new partner is also named Taylor. Source: Today Show

Taylor Dome, a nurse Lautner met through his sister, is the woman he is currently engaged to. Since the end of 2018, the actor has been linked to her and proposed in November 2021.

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