Lilly Singh And Yousef Erakat

Lilly Singh And Yousef Erakat Relationship Timeline, Are They Married?

Lilly Singh And Yousef Erakat were a couple in 2015. However, they are rumored to have split after going strong till 2018. They were admired publicly by many being one of the loved couples.

Even after the separation, the duo is single and not married yet. After both had stopped posting pictures online together, their viewers assumed they had split off.

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With separation, both are silent about their past affair and are heading toward their regular job as a Youtuber. They may soon find their life partner and introduce themselves to their fans accordingly.

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Lilly Singh And Yousef Erakat Relationship Timeline

Lilly Singh and Yousef Erakat were rumored to be in a relationship in 2015. They were madly in love and promptly posted on social media sites; they were together for around three years.

However, they were going strong until 2018, but shortly after that, they parted ways. The duo had not officially announced their separation, but when they stopped posting about each other, many assumed their split.

Ex-couple with their 'Try not to laugh Challange' in 2018
Ex-couple with their ‘Try not to laugh Challenge’ in 2018 Source- Youtube

The couple has neither accepted nor rejected the rumors and refused to confirm their relationship status. Both being YouTubers, they often posted major highlights about different incidents.

Along with their split, their viewers are saddened not to see them together. They have no statement to share regarding their bond with their followers and subscribers.

Lilly Singh And Yousef Erakat; Are They Married?

No, Lilly Singh and Yousef Erakat are not married. After the couple broke up, they remained silent about their private details and relationship status.

Similarly, Singh later revealed that she was bisexual and had not publicly displayed her interest. They must be dating their partner privately if they have any. 

Since Yousef and Lilly are both struggling with anxiety and depression, they may be taking steps toward self-care and therapy. They may later consider getting married when they feel prepared and find their right partner. 

Both of them are already in their mid-30s, so they may slowly plan to settle into their lives by starting their family and surprising their well-wishers.

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Lilly Singh And Yousef Erakat
Lilly Singh And Yousef Erakat; Ex Love birds during 2018 Source- Celeb Live Update

Lilly Singh And Yousef Erakat; Both Are YouTubers?

Yes, Lilly Singh And Yousef Erakat; are both famous YouTubers. They are mostly known for their comedy and fun videos about certain topics.

Lilly is available by username “Superwoman” and is also widely popular as a former TV host with the same name. On the other hand, Erakat has multiple accounts with the username FouseyTube, Fousey, Fousey, and Dose Of Fousey. He produces parodies, vlogs, comedy sketches, and interviews.

Moreover, they both come under famous YouTube personalities with millions of subscribers exceeding billions of views. Singh was on the Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid YouTubers, ranking third and earning a reported $7.5 million in 2016.

Also, Erakat was listed 3rd on the list of “40 Inspiring Muslims Under 40” by MBMuslima Magazine in 2012 with his amazing shows and trying to take steps to stop stereotyping Muslim people.

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