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Who Is Natisha Anderson? Actor Doug Jones Daughter Wikipedia And Age

Famous Hollywood contortionist Doug Jones daughter Natisha has incredible comedic timing. Her father recently posted her on his Instagram, and the caption is making fans confused. Is she his real daughter?

Doug Jones is known for his work in famous television series like ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ ‘Harsh’ and over 90 commercials. He also has done music videos with famous artists like Madonna and Marilyn Manson.

He is the youngest sibling to his 4 brothers and was born on May 24, 1960, in Indianapolis, Indiana, and grew up in the city’s Northeast side.

His journey as a contortionist begins in his school days when he learned mine joining a troop and doing the whole white-face thing.

Doug has mainly worked with prosthetics throughout his career, but there are times when he has performed as himself in highly rated films such as all series of small things and the movie ‘Adaption’ with Nicholas Cage.

Nevertheless, Doug Jones daughter is trending as he posted a picture with a confusing caption.

Doug Jones Daughter Is A Comedian? The Father-Daughter Bond Status?

Doug is not the only one who has worked in Hollywood from his family. His adopted daughter Natisha Anderson is also a well-known actress and writer.

She is mostly known for her work in the comedy movie ‘Can I Get witness protection (2016)’ and ‘S.W.A.T. (2017)’.

Not many of us are lucky enough to have the same passion as our parents. But Natisha is fairly lucky who had the opportunity to work with her father in a movie called ‘The Shape of Water.’

Interestingly, Natisha Anderson father, Doug, was nominated for the best actor for the same movie as well.

Netizens may believe she landed for big companies in her initial days thanks to her famous father.

But right now, she has placed herself on the list of comedy actors whom Hollywood directors look forward to working with.  

The actress is not only wanted by directors for movies, but plenty of companies want her in their advertisements as she brightens up the screen with her charm. 

Doug Jones daughter Natisha is also active in hosting different comedy club shows and makes the audience laugh with her perfect comedy timing and extraordinary humor.

Doug Jones daughter
Doug Jones is showing off his daughter Natisha’s work. Source: Instagram

By the looks of her social media, it appears that Natisha and her father, Doug, share a very loving father-daughter relationship. Doug recently posted a picture of Natisha showing off her work on the T.V. screen. Doug wrote in the caption,

For national daughters’ day we are so proud of our adopted baby-girl Princess Natisha who recently guest starred on season 2 of ‘Tacoma Fd’. 

Doug seems like a proud father cheering up on each work his daughter Natisha appears in.

Further, Doug Jones daughter Natisha seems like she has a lot of respect for her father as she constantly posts stories and pictures with her father showing her gratitude towards him and his influence in her life.

Not by genes, but Doug and Natisha are connected through their passion for acting and incredible talent on screen.

People really would not have guessed that Natisha is actually Doug’s adoptive daughter looking at their shared passion for acting. 

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Natisha Anderson’s Real Life Is Not Less Than A Hollywood Rom-Com

Natisha is blessed to have a talented father and lucky enough to have married a writer who is also involved in the movie-making business.

Her husband, Gallan Gilbert, also writes comedy movies, one of them being a romantic comedy called the romance retreat which was recently released on UP TV.

Natisha Anderson Family
Natisha Anderson with husband and son in a costume. (Source: Instagram)

Natisha and Gallan recently welcomed their son Everett; they look like the happiest family from a Hollywood rom-com.

Galen writes in one of his captions on his Instagram post that today is a good day to remind everyone that,

I won the life lottery when I met Natisha there’s just no one better than her and she chose to marry me.

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