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Who Are Jimmy Borres And Xylene Leng G Dela Pasion? Bea Borres Parents And Family

Bea Borres parents became a topic of interest among fans as the social media influencer’s posts began suggesting that she lost her parents. Read more to find out the truth about what happened to Bea Borres parents.

Born on January 2, 2003, to a Christian household in Quezon City, Philippines, Isabela Maria D.P Borres, popularly known as Bea Borres, is a young social media influencer.

She is quite popular on different social media platforms for posting lifestyle content on Instagram. Apart from being a star with over 600 thousand followers, she is also a YouTuber with over 300 thousand subscribers.

Bea Borres started her journey as an actress in 2019 when she landed a role in a Filipino series Hiwaga ng Kambat. She continued her career in acting and starred in Maalaala Mo Kaya (2022) and Tols (2022).

Who Are Bea Borres Parents: Jimmy Borres And Xylene Leng G Dela Pasion?

Bea Borres parents, Jaime ‘Jimmy’ F. Borres and Xylene Leng G Dela Pasion, were amazing people who spent their lives serving the community.

Her father, Jimmy Borres, was elected and served as the Chief Councilor of the 3rd District, Quezon City, Philippines. He served the people of his community during his tenure with great passion and hard work.

The people of Quezon City were satisfied with his leadership and respected his contribution to society.

Jimmy Borres also launched fire truck services to help the community be safe from fire hazards. He was nicknamed Mr. Emergency for providing emergency services and preventing serious situations.

Bea Borres father
Bea Borres’s father passed away in December 2021. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Xylene Leng G Dela Pasion was a loving and warm mother and wife to Bea and Jimmy, respectively.

Though it is unclear if she was also a political figure like her husband, she also was devoted to providing services to members of society.

Bea Borres parents co-founded ‘SYDP – Office Of The Coun. Jimmy & Leng Dela Pasion Borres’, an organization that aids young students with their education.

People of Quezon City were grateful to Bea Borres parents, the big-hearted couple who truly gained satisfaction and happiness from helping others make their lives easier and better.

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What Happened to Bea Borres Parents?

Bea Borres parents were true service providers for the community. She was close with her parents and shared a loving and close bond.

Bea’s family could occasionally be seen in her posts and stories on different social media platforms.

On December 2021, she posted a series of pictures of herself and her father. The caption disclosed that her father had passed away.

Bea expressed disbelief that 2021 was ending without her loving father by her side. She, however, did not disclose the cause of death.

Later in April 2022, Bea’s Instagram post highlighted another tragic loss; her mother’s death.

She posted pictures with her mother, similar to when she shared news about her father’s passing. She prayed for her mother to rest in peace and expressed her love.

Bea Borres mother
Bea Borres’s mother also passed away in April 2022. (Source: Instagram)

Bea did not share the reason for her mother’s passing as well. Despite being a social media star with thousands of fans all over the world, Bea Borres keeps her personal life private.

Her unique way of sharing intimate details allows her fans and followers to be up-to-date with her life while maintaining her privacy and those around her.

Details about Bea Borres parents death are private, and not much is revealed to the public. Their causes of death remain a mystery to this day.

Bea often posts tributes to her parents on social media platforms. These special uploads usually come with a heartfelt message as a caption.

The young influencer and actress had a wonderful bond with her parents. Their loss affected Bea deeply, and it is no surprise that she misses them immensely.

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