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Dr Sydney Watson American Airlines: Responds After Woman Shames Fat Flyers, Tweet Explained

Dr Sydney Watson, a passenger of American Airlines, is a topic of debate after appearing to fat shame her co-passengers during a flight.

Sydney asked the Company for “reparations” after tweeting on Monday and sharing pictures saying she was wedged between two obese female passengers on a three-hour flight.

The tweet has received widespread attention, and the Airline Company has also responded to the incident.

Dr Sydney Watson American Airlines Incident: Tweet Explained

During a flight on October 11, Sydney Watson shared a Twitter post stating that she was wedged against two fat people and had no personal space during a three-hour flight.

Dr Sydney Watson American Airlines tweet
Dr Sydney Watson’s controversial tweet. (Source: Irish Mirror)

She continually shared her anger and dissatisfaction about the situation. In the tweet thread, Sydney said that if one needs a seat belt extender, they are too fat to be on a plane. She also added, “Buy two seats or don’t fly.”

Sydney also said that the flight attendant on the plane asked her four times if she needed anything and gave her a pity expression.

She added that she asked the brother of one of the women if he would like to swap seats, but he said, “No, that’s okay,” to which she started shrieking internally.

American Airlines Incident Aftermath and Response

Multiple news media have covered the incident, and people have called Dr. Sydney Watson out for “fatphobia,” asked how she is a doctor with such low standards and said that she could have handled the situation kindlier than making a mess on Twitter.

The lady said she did not care if she came off as mean and stood by what she said. She appears to be non-repented to the media coverage and people’s criticism of her action.

After calling out American Airlines, the Company responded by tweeting that their passengers come in all shapes and sizes. “We’re sorry you were uncomfortable on your flight,” they said. Sydney was not happy with the response. 

American Airlines responds
Response of Sydney Watson after American Airlines defends passengers. (Source: Travel Radar)

While most people disagreed with Sydney, some appeared to sympathize with her. One Twitter user asked if the passengers come in all different shapes & sizes, why are the seats only wide enough for average-sized people.

The Company’s account replied that they offer a variety of seat sizes and styles, so their customers can select what works best for them before linking to a page that shows the classes (economy, business, first) offered.

Who Is Sydney Watson? Wiki Biography

Sydney Watson is an Australian-American conservative political commentator and social media influencer.

While many people did not know her before the incident, she is famous, with 763k subscribers on YouTube and 326k followers on Twitter.

Sydney was born in Melbourne, Australia, to conservative parents. Her mother is American, and her Father is Australian, so she has dual citizenship. Her parents named her after the city in Australia.

The Australian native attended the University of Melbourne and graduated with Criminology and Journalism degrees. She now lives in Texas and describes herself as an atheist.

The incident is not the only controversial one she has been in. In University, she spoke out against the petition to remove the Facebook page Hotties of Melbourne University – saying that it was “flattering” rather than sexist.

Dr Sydney Watson
Dr Sydney Watson during a podcast on YouTube. (Source: YouTube)

Similarly, the Australian-American has many debatable ideologies. She identifies as anti-social justice, anti-feminism, anti-multiculturalism, and pro-gun.

She is against the #MeToo movement, organized the March For Men movement, and is critical of “transgender ideology” and Australian laws on gender expression and identity.

Once, when Sydney traveled to the United States, the FBI detained her at the border. Her views have also resulted in her being kicked out by her landlord.

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