Fidel Lopez Case

Fidel Lopez Case: Killed His Girlfriend Maria Nemeth- Ripped Out Intestine

Fidel Lopez case, Lopez pleaded guilty on Thursday to murdering his 31-year-old girlfriend, Maria Nemeth, at his Florida apartment.

Fidel Lopez will be 26 years old in 2022. His zodiac sign is Aries, based on his birthday. Due to his Florida birthplace, Fidel is an American citizen. In addition, he is of Latin ancestry and regards Christianity as his primary religion.

Fidel Lopez is a first-degree murderer who killed his girlfriend. Police found Fidel Lopez sobbing next to Maria Nemeth’s dead and dismembered body in September 2015 after they responded to his panicked and emotional 911 call. 

The initial theory by detectives was that they had discovered a botched abortion attempt. But they looked around the House and soon ruled that out.

Fidel Lopez Case Update: Where Is He Now?

Fidel Lopez is currently incarcerated and serving a life sentence. On Thursday, a judge sentenced 26-year-old Fidel Lopez to life in prison without the chance of parole.

Fidel Lopez Case Update
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To avoid being put to death, Fidel Lopez admitted to killing Maria Nemeth. He wanted a 50-year term, but the prosecution turned down the agreement.

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Defense lawyer Gabe Ermine stated, “Mr. Lopez was very sorry, and as proven by what he did today, he took full responsibility, took full responsibility, and opted to accept the plea, which is life.”

Lopez agreed to a plea agreement that resulted in a life sentence without the chance of release. He was also prohibited from appealing the verdict by the contract.

Nemeth’s uncle read the family’s statement and said only God would decide Nemeth’s fate.

Fidel Lopez Killed His Girlfriend Maria Nemeth- Ripped Out Intestine

The night of the incident, the two went to their flat with a bottle of tequila after sharing a few margaritas. They made a table out of cardboard boxes because the apartment had no furnishings.

Fidel erupted into a rage after drinking half of the bottle, punching holes in the walls, shattering the sliding doors, and ripping off the closet doors. He first stated that the couple had sex in the closet after making up.

Lopez stated that Nemeth vomited and passed out. In his first article, Lopez blamed the murder on rough sex, but Police were skeptical.

Investigators discovered the truth after hours of probing. Lopez became enraged after Maria mentioned her ex-husband twice during intercourse. He demolished the apartment before focusing on Nemeth.

He ripped Nemeth’s guts out with both hands, a flat iron for hair, and a beer bottle, Lopez stated to investigators.

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