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Who Are Luca Berrettini And Claudia Bigo? Matteo Berrettini Parents, Siblings And Family

Fans are wondering who Luca Berrettini And Claudia Bigo are. After all, who are Matteo Berrettini’s parents? They also want to know what they are involved in.

Matteo Berrenetti is a professional tennis player born in Rome, Italy, on April 12, 1996.

Because of his huge frame, Berrettini is recognized for playing with an aggressive approach. With a height of 6 ft 5 in, he has one of the fastest serves in tennis.

Berrettini is a versatile player on all surfaces who frequently uses his heavy topspin forehand to control rallies and set up one-two punches.

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Meet Luca Berrettini And Claudia Bigo

Many would be surprised to know that Matteo hails from a family of tennis lovers.

His father, Luca Berrettini, is also an avid lover of tennis. Some sources say that Luca has previously played professionally, but no records are available today.

Currently, Luca is retired. Apart from his professional life, his personal life remains obscure.

Luca Berrettini And Claudia Bigo
Luca Berrettini at one of his games in 2015. (Source: Sportskeeda)

As for Luca Berrettini’s mother, she is Claudia Bigo. She was previously a professional club tennis player.

Besides their professional lives, Luca Berrettini And Claudia Bigo keep their personal life away from the media as much as possible.

However, Luca And Claudia have been very influential in their son’s career, introducing him to tennis early in his life and encouraging him to pursue it professionally.

Matteo Berrettini Siblings And Family Explored

Matteo Berrettini has one sibling – Jacopo Berrettini. He was born on November 27, 1988, and is 35 years old.

 Jacopo Berrettini is a tennis player like his brother, and the two have played for an Italian club side by side.

According to the Association of Tennis Professionals(ATP), he has a high ranking, which he achieved on July 15, 2019.

Matteo Berrettini
Matteo Berrettini(left) with his brother Jacopo Berrettini at a fundraiser. (Source: Instagram)

As of 2024, he does not have a girlfriend. He has also kept his dating history away from the media.

He is already making headlines as a young player on the tennis court, and his steadily growing fanbase is excited to see how Jacopo advances his career.

Jacopo has an appreciable net worth of $4.5 million. His total wealth comes from his games; that wealth is predicted to rise as he plays more games.

However, he has kept his extended family, like his grandparents, aunts, and uncles, away from the media.

Apart from his professional life, Matteo doesn’t seem eager to share his personal life with the media, so the fact that he has kept his extended family out of the spotlight isn’t surprising.

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What Is Matteo Berrettini Net Worth In 2024?

As of 2024, sources estimate Berrittini’s net worth at $8 million.

The tennis player’s vast fortune comes from his deals with clubs and each of his games.

He began his career in 2017 when he played at the Italian opens and has built a reputation for his aggressive playing style and strong serve.

Owing to his playing style, his fans have nicknamed him “The Hammer.”

He has steadily built his career and playing style over the last few years, accumulating his massive fortune.

Matteo Berrettini
Matteo Berrettini at the Riyadh Tennis Cup. (Source: Instagram)

Berrettini won 21 matches and two singles titles in 2022, earning him $1,674,672 in prize money.

As for brand deals, the tennis player does not have any.

However, his fans wish him well for his career and brand endorsements and hope he will reach new levels of success soon.

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