Frank Allison And William Hale

Frank Allison And William Hale: Two Fathers Have Been Charged With Attempted Murder In Florida

Frank Allison And William Hale are the topics of hot gossip as the two are accused of shooting each other’s daughters. Since the case was very bizarre, there has been massive media coverage.

The daughter of Frank and William were in for a tiring day as the rage of each other’s parents became their end. In a weird incident in America, road rage between two people became fatal for two children as they were rushed to the hospital after the altercation. 

A five-year-old child was shot in her leg, while a 14-year-old girl faced a shot in her back. The worst thing for those girls was that they were put in harm’s way because of their Father’s rage.

Their children got injured during the altercation between two angry drivers on the road. The passerby called 911, and the Police and an ambulance came rushing into the scene, trying to mitigate the damages they caused. 

Frank Alison Started The Altercation

Frank Alison was why the altercation between Frank Alison And William Hale began, according to the passerby. After getting into a rage, the driver pulled out a gun and shot at William Hale’s car. 

As Hale looked at the damages caused, he realized that his five-year-old daughter was shot in her feet. That enraged him to his worst, and mounting a gun, he pursued the car of Frank Alison.

The passerby said that there were multiple shots fired at Alison’s car. During the rain of bullets, Alison’s 14-year-old daughter got shot in her back. The people called the Police and an ambulance. After receiving such calls, the Police and medical personnel rushed to the scene.

The medical personnel rushed the kids to the hospital while the Police took those fathers into custody. People have started their uproar on the internet as they say that gun violence is at all time peak and no one is safe. Furthermore, questions are raised as more people could have been injured during this fiasco in the middle of the road.

William Hale Fired Multiple Shots At Frank’s Car

William Hale was traveling with his five-year-old daughter on the road. When he managed to enrage Frank, a gun fired at his vehicle. After finding out that his daughter was shot, a different kind of madness brewed inside Hale as he began a pursuit of revenge. 

He took out a gun and repeatedly fired at Frank’s vehicle. He had fled the scene after the shooting. The bullets were raining when one of them caught the back of Frank’s 14-year-old daughter, severely injuring her. 36-year-old William Hale was not done with his revenge, and it seemed like nothing would stop the two drivers.

William Hale
William Hale was accused of an attempt to murder during a road rage
(Source: Atomic Digest)

Both men are now charged with attempted murder, and if the Police hadn’t appeared on the scene swiftly, something bad might have happened. The passerby sensed something bad was going to happen and dialed 911. 

The Police officer and an ambulance rushed to the scene. If the ambulance had been a few minutes late, there might have been dead casualties, but their rush managed to save two daughters’ lives. The girls will carry this incident for the rest of their lives. 

They nearly died because of the rage their Father was subjected to. People have asked for severe punishment for those two fathers, who, without even questioning the safety of their own daughter’s health, went to fulfill the demands of their anger.

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