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Is Miami Firefighter Kevin Newcomb Fired? Family And Reddit Update

Kevin Newcomb, a Miami firefighter, was fired after text messages surfaced in which he criticized law enforcement.

A City of Miami Fire Rescue firefighter stepped forward to speak out, only hours after the city revealed he was fired for making provocative statements regarding law enforcement officers in a text thread following the death of Miami-Dade Police Officer Cesar Echaverry.

According to reports, the firefighter texted “who cares?” in response to the death of a Miami-Dade police officer.

Later, the firefighter apologized, stating that the deceased officer did not deserve any of that.

Is Miami Firefighter Kevin Newcomb Fired? 

Kevin Newcomb was fired on Friday after making some disrespectful remarks in a group chat.

“Who cares?” he wrote. Another cop killed, most likely for opposing gun control.” 

Kevin added that they didn’t care when kids died in the school massacre because they were standing outdoors. He went on to say that they want the entire globe to come to a halt if one of theirs fails.

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He appeared to be referring to the Uvalde, Texas, elementary school shooting, in which hundreds of law enforcement officials were chastised for waiting more than an hour before approaching the shooter, who killed 19 students and two teachers.

A representative for the City of Miami Fire Rescue said Kevin Newcomb was pulled from duty and subsequently dismissed on Friday after sending “antagonistic” words in a group chat about fallen Miami-Dade Police Officer Cesar Echaverry.

Echaverry, 29, was badly injured by a gunshot on Monday and died two days later in the hospital, according to 7News.

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Kevin Newcomb Apologizes To The Police Departments

In a statement to 7News, Newcomb apologized for writing the text messages.

He apologized for the statements that have been circulating that he made earlier that week with some friends in a private chat. He said that he sincerely apologize to those closest to officer Echaverry who have been made to feel more pain because of his words. 

Newcomb also apologized to the police departments of Miami and Miami-Dade.

“It shames me that I caused any rift between our departments,” he wrote, adding, “I hope I can one day gain the forgiveness of those whom I have harmed.”

More significantly, he stated that he hopes that his actions do not continue to divert attention away from the bereavement of Officer Echevarry, who did not deserve any of that.

Kevin Newcomb Family Details

Kevin Newcomb’s personal and family details have not been revealed yet.

The fire service first refused to identify the firefighter, but Kevin Newcomb came forward and told the Miami Herald that he wished he could take his remarks back.” 

According to a fire department official, his behavior was violent and aggressive toward civil workers and represented conduct unworthy of a Miami fireman.

Reddit Update Regarding Kevin’s Remarks

The news regarding Kevin’s disrespectful remarks has surfaced all over Reddit.

People are expressing their opinions on Reddit by sharing news articles.

One of the users wrote that Kevin spoke the truth and they know how Firefighters & Police feel about each other.

Another user wrote that whoever leaked that private text either didn’t think it through or was malicious.

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