Kamakis Tuktuk Accident

Kamakis Tuktuk Accident Along The Eastern Bypass: 11-Year-Old Child Among 3 Killed

The Kamakis Tuktuk Accident, which involved Toyota Prado, took the lives of three people.

On Sunday, October 30, 2022, the wreckage of the tuk-tuk and the Toyota Prado was involved in a deadly accident on Eastern Bypass.

Ruiru sub-County Police Commander Cecilia Kemboi confirms the incident, stating that both the vehicle and the tuk-tuk were heading towards Ruai when the accident occurred.

The tuk-tuk rammed into a matatu after being rear-ended, according to the Police chief.

Kamakis Tuktuk Accident: What Happened?

A private car rammed into a tuk-tuk, crashing it into a matatu in the Kamakis area of the Eastern Bypass on Sunday, killing at least three people.

Three other passengers were injured and taken to the hospital in the 7 am incident, according to Police.

After the accident, the driver of the affected car appeared confused before Police arrived and took him into custody, and to the hospital for further examination.

Kamakis Tuktuk
The wreckage of the vehicles in the accident. Source: latestnews

According to witnesses, he was over-speeding at the time of the accident before losing control of the vehicle and ramming into a tuk-tuk ahead of him, pushing it onto another public service vehicle that was also ahead of them.

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According to witnesses, the Prado also suddenly hit two bystanders near the accident scene before coming to a stop next to a car wash. Kenyans were outraged by the driver, who was later arrested and demanded stricter anti-drunk driving laws. 

Some people advocated for more road bumps, while others demanded that people who cause death while driving drunk be treated as murderers.

The tuk-tuk collided with the back of the matatu, injuring the passengers. The tuk-tuk driver was also trapped inside.

11-Year-Old Child Among 3 Was Killed

An 11-year-old child, a 43-year-old woman, and a 29-year-old man are among the three.

Two more people were injured and taken to Kenyatta University Teaching Referral & Research Hospital while the bodies were taken to the morgue.

The car was allegedly speeding at the time of the incident, according to Police. The spending car rolled ahead and overturned before the driver walked away with minor injuries.

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Photos taken at the scene showed the horrific incident and onlookers unable to remove one of the bodies that remained trapped inside.

Officers on the scene expressed concern that the number of dead could rise. The victims sustained multiple injuries and were taken to the hospital. 

Kiarie Kenneth also stated that it was beyond time for the government to close down some kinky Kamakis club joints. He also said that while the Prado driver escaped death, he killed six people in a tuk-tuk when he hit it from behind.

Tuktuk Driver Arrest And Charges

The driver of the vehicle, Cosmas Mutembei, has been arrested and is currently undergoing AlcoBlow tests at Ruiru Police Station to determine if he was driving under the influence.

Mutembei appears drunk and unapologetic in a video circulating online after being apprehended by Kamakis residents after causing the accident.

Cecilia stated that there had been numerous accidents along that route, and her office has written letters to the Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) outlining some of the solutions that must be implemented to prevent further accidents.

Gideon contended that he had repeatedly stated that the Kamakis bypass requires bumps and an underpass; otherwise, the turns are designed in such a way that the contractor is almost leaving the site.

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The Police chief has also asked KeNHA to install speed bumps along the busy road to keep speeding motorists in check. To combat Kenya’s high accident rate, the NTSA decided to implement the Integrated Transport Management System (ITMS). 

According to the safety body, the system would help Police officers gather information about traffic violations and take appropriate action.

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