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How Much Is Ezra Olubi Net Worth? Gay Rumors Explained, Biography

Nigerian entrepreneur, advocate, and software developer Ezra Olubi has an estimated net worth of one hundred million dollars.

Olubicurrently is in the limelight after president Buhari watched him getting a national award in the get-up he probably had not thought of.

Ezra’s black dress and accessories have become a topic of discussion worldwide. The dark lipstick with an all-black ensemble looks made the president in shock.

How Much Is Ezra Olubi Net Worth?

According to various sources, including newswirengr, the estimated net worth of Ezra Olubi is around one million dollars.

Ezra Olubi Net Worth
Ezra Olubi enjoying plane ride (Source: Twitter)

He is an entrepreneur, LGBT advocate, IT expert, and mobile app and software developer. Likewise, he is a graduate of Babcock University in computer science.

Similarly, he is the chief technology officer and co-founder of Paystack, a Company with an E-payment system. Paystack became the first Nigerian Company who get accepted into the tech accelerator Y combinator program.

The initial funding of the Company was one hundred twenty thousand dollars. Later, the Company got acquired by Stripe, a technology-based Company, for two hundred million dollars in 2020.

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Ezra Olubi Gay Rumors Explained

Ezra Olubi is not gay and seems single at the moment. Instead, he speaks for the LGBT community.

Ezra Olubi Gay
Ezra Olubi, expressing himself as an effeminate straight (Source: Fresherlive)

Olubi has repeatedly told the audience about his sexuality being heterosexual, i.e., straight. However, people assume he is gay as he speaks for a certain community and wears lipsticks and nail polish.

The activist himself has confessed that he is an effeminate straight guy. Quoting a tweet, he wrote, “As an effeminate straight guy who has interacted with several gay Nigerian men, I can tell you that you’re simply parroting homophobia.

All men (regardless of orientation) are on this table, but you just happen to have normalized straight harassment that you don’t see.” However, the quoted tweet is deleted by the user.

He gets excited about getting dressed and going somewhere. His recent outfit award-winning at the 2022 National Honors OOR (Order Of The Niger) has been a topic of discussion.

Ezra Olubi Biography Explored

Ezra Olubi was born and grew up in Ibadan on November 17, 1986. His parents’ details have not come to the media.

He is a vibrant and self-determined man who invested himself in programming.

Olubi got nominations and won several awards, including Young Programmer of the year, Programmer of the year, etc., from QBASIC to Visual BASIC.

He also worked at Alexander Haring Ltd. as a director of Magic for more than ten years.

Finally, he matured into one of the best programmers in the country. His dedication and successful career have inspired and mentored other young people who have the desire to do in the country.

He prefers living life on his terms and conditions and does not care about other people’s opinions towards him.

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