Amon Ra St Brown and Equanimeous St. Brown

Amon Ra St Brown is the younger brother of Equanimeous St. Brown. Let’s explore more about these two famous brothers.

Amon and Equanimeous Brown are professional National Football League (NFL) football players. Equanimeous was born on September 1996, were as Amon was born in October 1999. They share three years of age gap.

Amon started his career as a professional in 2021, and his bother Equanimeous Brown began his career in 2018. 

Is Amon Ra St Brown Related To Equanimeous St. Brown?

Yes, Amon Ra St Brown is related to Equanimeous St. Brown. Equanimeous is Amon’s elder brother, who is three years older than Amon.

Amon has two brothers, Equanimeous and Osiris; Equanimeous is a professional football player playing with Chigaco Bears for National Football League.

Amon-Ra, Equanimeous St. Brown sport awesome, homemade split jerseys
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Green Bay Packers selected Equanimeous in the sixth round in the 2018 Draft, then in March 2022, and he signed a contract with Chicago Bears, where Amon had just started his professional career in 2021. Amon was inspired to play football by his brother. 

They are both great players and seem to share a good bond. 

Amon Ra St Brown’s Brothers 

Amon is the younger of all three brothers, and he has two elder brothers, Equanimeous St Brown and Osiris St. Brown. 

Amon shares three years age gap with Equanimeous, whereas he shares only one year gap with Osiris. Amon was born in 1999, Osiris in 1998, and Equanimeous in 1996. 

Equanimeous has been a professional wide receiver for Chicago Bears since May 2022; he played with Green Packer Bay for four years. 

Osiris is also a football player; he is the one brother who isn’t in the NFL. He is currently playing college football. 

All three are football players; they have been interested in football since an early age. They used to play together since their childhood. Also, they share a good bond. 

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Amon Ra St Brown’s Family and Ethnicity

Amon is the son of John Brown and Miriam Brown; he was born in 1999 in Anaheim Hills, California, United States. 

His father, John Brown, was a bodybuilder in the 1980s; he was famous for his age. About his mother’s occupation, it is unknown. More information about his parents is anonymous.

Amon was raised with two elder brothers, Equanimeous St Brown and Osiris St. Brown, both football players.

Amon Ra St Brown with his brothers and parents
Amon Ra St Brown with his brothers and parents. Source:

Amon belongs to mixed ethnicity, and he holds an American nationality. His mother is from Germany, and his father is from America. Both of his parents have American Nationality. 

But he is familiar with the German language, and he can speak clearly. And he follows the Egyptian religion. 

So, the information about his ethnicity will be mentioned here after he clears it out with the public or is revealed to the media. 

Amon Rd St Brown Career and Net Worth

Amon Rd St Brown is a wider receiver currently playing with the Detroit Lions of the National Football League (NFL). 

Amon was drafted in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions; he signed a four-year contract in June 2021. Before playing in NFL, he played in college as a freshman and in high school in his senior year.

So, the net worth of Amon as a football player in the year 2022 is $1 million, and his base salary in 2022 is $825,000. His earning wage increases yearly; in 2023, his base salary will be $940,000. 

Amon has been earning more after playing with Detroit Lions; his primary income is from a professional football player career. 

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