Jasper Restaurant Dead Body

Jasper Restaurant Dead Body; A woman named Verna Winn died from a heart attack earlier this week. Her husband has expressed his ultimate sadness in this case publically.

Similarly, the restaurant is under major backlash for continuing to open and serve its customers. At the same time, the dead body of a woman from a heart attack reportedly remained in the bathroom for nearly two hours.

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Jasper Restaurant Dead Body Was Of Verna Winn

Verna Winn was found dead in the Jasper Restaurant’s restroom. The Odenton couple had been out for lunch on Wednesday with family and friends at Jasper’s in Largo.

After everyone finished their lunch, they decided to go to the washroom. Everyone returned after being fresh, but Verna could not be seen anywhere.

restaurant is facing backlash for remaining open while the body of customer who died from a heart attack remained in the restroom for nearly two hours: reports
The restaurant is facing backlash for remaining open while the body of a customer who died from a heart attack remained in the restroom for nearly two hours: reports [Source- Yahoo News]
After that, her husband asked her female relative to go and check on her, but she explained the shocking situation about her being on the floor.

Even though such a dangerous situation had happened in the restaurant, they did not clear up the place but continued to serve the customers.

Only the women’s restroom was closed, but the men’s were still closed. Winn, her husband, told FOX 5 that, although servers consoled him, he wishes management would have done more. 

Police Authority Investigation

Verna Winn was “unconscious,” and when the employees were notified, they called Police immediately. The body could not be removed as the authority must investigate the case first.

Police authority said the women’s husband would have to wait for a funeral home to come and pick up her body. Similarly, they had to stay at the place for more than two hours to collect her body.

As Fox 5, DC reported, local Police arrived at the scene after 6;30 PM; they confirmed that the woman most likely died due to a heart attack and not due to any other cause. Before that, when the medical authority came to check, people were trying CPR, but still, it did not work.

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Husband of Maryland woman who died inside Jasper's Restaurant restroom speaks out
Husband of Maryland woman who died inside Jasper’s Restaurant restroom speaks out [Source- Radairs]

Verna Winn Husband And Family

Verna Winn’s family and relatives accompanied her to the restaurant and happily enjoyed their food for the last time with her. Her husband, Craig Winn, has appeared in the media to discuss the incident and his disappointment.

Winn and his late spouse, Verna, had been together for around 40 years, and he described her as his “soul mate, my life partner, my best friend, my lover,” per the report.

He publically expressed their relationship and how Jasper Restaurant did not have the sense to operate after such an incident. However, the owner has said sorry for their carelessness now.

Winn’s family must be mourning her death, and her husband also expressed, ‘I just wanted to be able to give my wife the best chance she could’ve had to be revived so that we could be home together right now.’


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