Trump Lawyer Arrested

Trump Lawyer Arrested: John Eastman Emails Show Insurrectionists Were Counting on Clarence Thomas

People wonder if Trump’s Lawyer has been arrested after he inadvertently leaked emails about overturning the 2020 election to the media.

Based on the emails, Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court was demanded by Trump’s legal team to halt the certification of the election in 2020.

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The former president’s legal team appears to have made a significant error for their client, similar to how Alex Jones’ lawyers unintentionally leaked the entirety of his phone’s contents. At the same time, the Infowars founder was being sued for defamation.

Trump Lawyer Arrested: What Happened?

Eight emails from Donald Trump’s legal team explaining how Supreme Court Justice was their only opportunity to halt the certification of the election of 2020 were published by Politico on Wednesday.

Politico got its hands on those emails after a Trump attorney failed to deactivate a Dropbox link.

John Eastman Emails
John Eastman appeared onscreen in June during a hearing by the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack. Source: nytimes

The emails shed light on Trump lawyer John Eastman’s and other members of the former president’s legal team’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. 

In a December 31, 2020 email, according to Trump attorney Kenneth Chesebro, Justice Thomas was their only possibility to get an advantageous judicial opinion by January 6, which could stand up to the Georgia count in Congress.

District Judge David O. Carter had requested Eastman to transform the emails to the House select committee trying to investigate the January 6 protests by October 28, quoting potential criminal behavior.

How Did The Emails Get Leaked?

Eastman’s legal team notified the 9th Circuit Judge on the day of the deadline to request a prompt stay.

However, after Carter refused to grant a deadline extension, Eastman’s lawyers surrendered, sending the committee a Dropbox link containing the emails seven minutes before the deadline.

Additionally, they asked that the panel hold off on reading the emails until the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals made a decision concerning the stay request.

Though the email had already been sent, Eastman’s legal team didn’t formally request the stay until later that evening.

And so it appears that by making an effort to keep the emails from the January 6 committee, Eastman’s team unknowingly made them public. 

The January 6 committee forwarded Eastman’s email, which contained the, for some reason, still active Dropbox link, to the appeals court when it requested documents from both parties in response to Eastman’s request for a stay.

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When filing with the court, the House general counsel was unaware that the link in his emails was still on.

Some media organizations can access the Dropbox link that Dr. Eastman’s legal counsel set up to share documents with the Select Committee. 

That link was one of the attachments to the brief they submitted to the court the previous night in response to Dr. Eastman’s emergency motion. We were unaware that Dr. Eastman’s email links were still live.

John Eastman Directed To Deliver The Emails

A federal judge has ordered MAGA attorney John Eastman to provide the select committee with a sizable collection of emails and papers, including one allegedly containing evidence of a probable crime.

Donald Trump received legal counsel from Eastman on how to challenge the results of the 2020 election, a campaign that culminated in riots on January 6, 2019.

Eastman claimed that the House committee’s requested documents were exempt from disclosure due to legal privilege. Still, U.S. District Court Judge David Carter disagreed, ordering Eastman to turn over 159 emails and documents by Wednesday at 5:00 pm. 

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According to Carter, the email solidified the plan’s direction for January 6. He added that lawyers are free to choose not to file cases, but they are not free to avoid judicial review to overturn a democratic election.

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