Bridget Ann Brink Arrested

Is US Ambassador Bridget Ann Brink Arrested? What Did She Do And Where Is She Now?

Internet viewers were astonished after the news of U.S. Ambassador Bridget Ann Brink Arrested on high treason charges captivated the netizens’ attention. 

American diplomat Bridget Ann Brink, serving as the United States Ambassador to Ukraine, has attracted the readers’ attention after news of her arrest for a money laundering case.

The diplomat was nominated by President Joe Biden to be the United States ambassador to Ukraine and presented her credentials in May 2022. She supported Ukraine throughout the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Before serving in Ukraine, she served as the United States Ambassador to Slovakia from August 20, 2019, until May 18, 2022.

The Michigan native served as a Cyprus desk officer until 2002. Ann served as a special assistant for Europe to the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs until 2004. Later, she worked as a political-economic chief in Tbilisi.

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Is U.S. Ambassador Bridget Ann Brink Arrested?

The story’s original website, Real Raw News, featured a disclaimer stating that its stories were “humor, parody, and satire.” Therefore, it was hoax news regarding her arrest. 

As per leadstories, The website has a history of publishing fake reports of the arrest and execution of public figures, celebrities, and government officials. Additionally, the Posse Comitatus Act prohibits the military from enforcing civil law.

Bridget Ann Brink Arrested
Twitter post claiming US Special Forces have arrested US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Ann Brink on charges of high treason.
Source: Twitter

However, a website name claimed U.S. Special Forces had arrested Ambassador Bridget Ann Brink on charges of high treason.

According to leadstories, an internet search of the keywords “ambassador Bridget brink arrested” yields no legitimate news reports of any such incident. The absence of corroborating reports on what would be a major international story indicates the claim is baseless.

As of October 11, 2022, the American diplomat was active on her official Twitter account @USAmbKyiv with a tweet posted in both English and Ukrainian:

What Did Bridget Ann Brink Do?

U.S. Cyber Command has discovered she has been hand-delivering enormous amounts of cash directly to Ukrainian officials on behalf of the Biden Administration.

The U.S. Special Forces arrested Brink on treason charges after White Hats at Cyber Command discovered she had been hand-delivering enormous amounts of cash to Ukrainian officials in the war-torn country known for harboring pedophiles and bioweapon scientists.

In July, the White Hat partition of the U.S. military became interested in Brink shortly after she said, “I’ll do anything and everything to protect Ukrainian sovereignty for as long as it takes.” The regime announced it had just sent Volodymyr Zelenskyy $250 million in military aid.

The military received what it considered credible intelligence alleging that Biden’s care package for Ukraine was a distraction. Later, an obfuscation aimed at concealing that the criminal regime had already illicitly, and without congressional approval, sent Ukraine a far greater sum of cash, nearly $2.2bn. 

Where Is Bridget Ann Brink Now?

Since Bridget Ann Brink is serving as the United States Ambassador to Ukraine, she presently lives in Ukraine.

Brink’s brief tenure ended abruptly when an unknown number of Special Forces surrounded her family’s 20-acre vacation home in Ferndale, California, a remote coastal community near the mouth of the Eel River.

Besides her diplomat career, the Michigan native works for the U.S. Foreign Service. 

ann in kyve
U.S Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink receives a briefing on the damaged Kyiv suburb of Borodyanka on June 4.
Source: NPR

On July 22, Brink made these statements after the White House announced they would send $270 million for military assistance to Ukraine.

On May 18, 2022, the U.S. Senate confirmed Ann as the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine after 46th U.S. president Joe Biden nominated her to become the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine. 

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