Stelle Ciccone: Madonna’s Daughter & Net Worth

If you were to think about the most tragic incident in a person’s life, what would it be? Probably, it’s losing parents. Stelle Ciccone is an eight years old lovely girl who was born in 2012.

Unfortunately, her life took a wrong turn when she lost her mother shortly after her birth. In such a crucial time when a child needs a mother’s nurture and love, Stelle was alone with her twin sister Ester Ciccone.

Despite having a home, Stelle’s father sent her and her sister to an orphanage named “Home Of Hope.” There, they were brought up with other orphan children.

But, the twin’s life took another turn at the age of four when the queen of pop, Madonna, adopted them. Stelle has been living a comfortable and fulfilling life ever since. And, most importantly, she got lucky enough to find the love of a mother again.

Stelle Ciccone
Stelle Ciccone striking a pose with mother, Madonna, and sister, Estere.

Along with her other adopted siblings, Stelle is now living a life full of adventure and good memories with her adoptive mother, Madonna.

Further, we will be discussing more her life journey, adoption, her world-famous mother Madonna, and many more. So, stick until the end.

Quick Facts

First, let’s know some of the necessary information about Stelle Ciccone to know her better without further ado.

Full Name Stelle Ciccone
Known as Stelle Ciccone
Nickname Stelle
Birth Date 2012, August 24
Birth Place Malawi, East Africa
Residence The U.S.A.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Education Unknown
Horoscope Virgo
Mother’s Name Madonna
Biological Father Adam Malawi
Biological Mother Patrica Malawi
Siblings Rocco Ritchie, Lourdes Maria, David Banda, Mercy James, and Estere Ciccone (Twin sister)
Age [calculate_years datestring=”08/24/2012″] Years Old
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Orphanage Home of Hope, Malawi, Africa
Social Media Instagram
Madonna Merch Body of Evidence, Madonna: Goddess of Pop, Like A Virgin
Last Updated [current-month], [current-year]

Stelle Ciccone: Biological Family

Stelle Ciccone, Madonna‘s adopted daughter, was born on 2012 August 24, in Malawi, East Africa. Unfortunately, she lost her mother soon after her birth.

It is found that her mother died after a few days of giving birth due to health complications during the delivery.

Since Stelle belonged to a low-income family in Africa, her future seemed to be tough, just like other millions of kids with poor economic conditions.

However, Stelle was born as a twin to her sister Ester Ciccone. Although the twins had a home, their father, Adam Mwale, handed them over to an orphanage in Africa, “Home Of Hope.”

Since Adam already had five children at home to look after, he said that he was not economically capable enough to provide for the twins. So, he made such a heart-aching move to send the girls off to the orphanage.

Stelle indeed had a rough childhood, having to live without her parent’s love and care at such an early age.

But, with God’s kindness, at the age of four, Stelle, along with her twin sister Ester, was discovered by Madonna and was successfully adopted.

Now, Stelle lives a happy and comfortable life receiving love and care from the family.

Orphanage Life

After her mother’s death due to a critical health condition, Stelle’s father Adam sent her to an orphanage called “Home Of Hope” because of his low-income family background.

The orphanage is a non-profit organization situated in Ghana, Africa, home to hundreds of orphan children.

The twins were taken good care of at the orphanage since they were five days old, up until four. Soon after, Madonna adopted them, resulting in a sweet addition to the family.

Before adopting the twins, Madonna had already adopted the other two children from the same orphanage.

Stelle Ciccone: Adoption

In 2017, Madonna grabbed media attention by announcing Stelle Ciccone’s adoption and her sister Estere.Ciccone. With the adoption of the twins, Madonna officially became a mother to six children.

She announced the news to the world by sharing the information on social media, stating the confirmation about having completed the adoption process of Stelle and her twin sister, Estere, on February 8, 2017. Also, she mentioned the twins were at the age of four during adoption.

Overjoyed with love, she posted the girls’ first picture on Instagram, holding their hands’ side by side. She also informed that she made the adoption from the orphanage, Home of Hope.

However, before Stelle, Madonna had also adopted other children, Mercy James, and David, from Home of Hope.

Stelle Ciccone’s Mother: Madonna

Madonna, a 62 years old world-celebrated artist, has ruled the world with her incredible talents such as singing, songwriting, and acting. Also, deservingly known as the Queen of Pop.

When you think of Madonna, you might think of her world-dominating fame, mind-blowing songs, and her most desirable fancy lifestyle. But, that’s not all about her; it’s her love and compassion towards others that make her the person she is today.

Stelle Ciccone and Estere Ciccone
Madonna looking delighted with her daughters, Stelle Ciccone and Estere Ciccone

Despite having every imaginable materialistic comfort in her life, she has always reached out to the people in need, whether by charity or giving a home to needy children.

Regardless of having two biological children, Lourdes Maria and Rocco Ritchie, Madonna willingly became a loving mother to four orphans from Africa, including Stelle.

Madonna’s Adoption Difficulties

As we are well-aware of the wrong side of media today, unfortunately, Madonna was attacked for her adoption a few times ever since she made her first adoption, David Banda, in 2006.

Also, it is known that David’s health conditions were not right, and Madonna proceeded with the adoption with the hope of saving the child’s life. It isn’t understood how a person can be misjudged and criticized for doing a good deed.

Being in the spotlight is never easy. Indeed, it was the singer’s lowest point in life when some so-called media were busy bring her down and making money out of the fake controversial gossip-worthy headlines.

Although, she was not affected by the criticism and kept helping the children in need and continued with her charity organization. For sure, she is an example of kindness and humanity.

Madonna’s Raising Malawi

As Madonna’s understanding and kind person is, she is the co-founder of Raising Malawi, a non-profit charity organization.

The organization was co-founded with Michael Berg in 2006 with the hope of bringing comfort to millions of orphans and helping them fight poverty and its hardship.

Hence, the organization acts as an initiative towards reducing poverty’s devastating downsides and focuses on providing resources to orphans regarding health, education, shelter, and food.

Nonetheless, through the organization, Madonna has been successfully providing financial aid to the community and helping needy children since 2006. And, the organization is still working effortlessly to fulfill its mission of helping orphans.

Indeed, Madonna has been doing her charity projects with Malawi, because of which many orphans can receive resources needed for their proper growth.


Stelle Ciccone’s Siblings

Bringing Stelle and her sister home Madonna becomes the mother of Six. Speaking of Stelle’s siblings, she is now blessed with five siblings, David, Rocco, Mercy, Lourdes, and the twin sister Estere.

Instagram post of Stelle with her mother and siblings.

Lourdes Maria is the oldest of all the children and a biological child of Madonna born in 1996, with her former partner, Carlos Leon(m. 1985-div. 1989).

Similarly, Rocco Ritchie is also Madonna‘s biological child, born in 2000 with her former partner Guy Ritchie(m. 2000-div. 2008).

Likewise, David Banda, born in 2005, and Mercy James, born in 2006, were adopted from the Hope orphanage in Africa in the years 2006 and 2009, respectively.

Lastly, in the year 2017, Madonna adopted Stelle along with Estere from the same orphanage.

Indeed, Stelle is blessed to be a part of an affectionate and supportive family with a healthy environment to grow up in.

So far, as seen in social media, Stelle seems to be enjoying her life to the fullest with the family.

Stelle Ciccone Net Worth

Since Stelle is too young, she is merely enjoying her childhood with her family as any other eight years old. So, as of now, she does not have any professional career to be making her own money.

However, her mother, Madonna, has an estimated worth of 850 million dollars as of 2020.

Nevertheless, having such a wonderful family and the availability of unlimited resources, Stelle certainly has the potential to build a great career in the future.


Social Media Presence

As Stelle is only eight years old as of 2020, she is too young to be having any social media presence.

However, being in the spotlight as the celebrity child, people are most certainly curious about her lifestyle. Stella is not old enough to handle social media, but her family has created an Instagram account for her @cicconetwins.

Stelle posing with her mother and sister.

Currently, her family fully controls the account and shows Stelle’s lifestyle along with Estere’s.

Those interested in knowing more about her should undoubtedly check her Instagram, @cicconetwins, where the twins’ family regularly posts their lifestyle.



Who is Stelle Ciccone?

Stelle Ciccone is the adopted daughter of the pop queen, Madonna.

Where is Stelle Ciccone originally from?

Stelle Ciccone was born in Malawi, East Africa.

Who are Stelle Ciccone’s biological parents?

Stelle’s biological father is Adam Malawi, and her biological mother is Patrica Malawi.

Does Stelle Ciccone have a twin sister?

Yes, Stelle has a twin sister, Estere Ciccone, and Madonna raises both the girls together.

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