Juan Echevarria: Achievements, Career & Net Worth

There is a saying, always bear in mind that your resolution to succeed is more important than others. One such youth who followed this saying is Juan Echevarria.

Who is Juan Echevarria, you may ask? Juan Echevarria is a Cuban athlete who competes in the long jump category.

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Despite just being in his twenties, Juan has already made his mark in the sports industry.

When many people were undermining him because of his age, he proved them wrong and rose out more victorious.

Moreover, he won the World Indoor Championship and Pan American Championship in 2018.

Juan Miguel Echevarria is pictured at the world indoor championship.

At a young age, when most people are contemplating what to do with their life, Juan has already made his career path choices, and his success is gradually increasing.

Juan has not let fame get to his head and remains humble because of his background. 

In this article, you will find everything you need about Juan Echevarria.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts just in case you did not know about the talented young Juan Echevarria:

Full name Juan Miguel Echevarria
Date of birth August 11, 1998
Age 25 Years Old
Birthplace Camaguey of Cuba
Religion Christian
Nationality Cuban
Ethnicity Latin
Education Not Available
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Luciana Echevarria
Zodiac sign Leo
Height 6 feet and 1 inch (1.86m)
Weight 72 kg
Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Body Measurement Not Available
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Net Worth $1 million 
Siblings Three
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital status Unmarried
Profession Professional Long Jumper
Current status Active
Nickname Juan
Salary Not Available
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Debut year 2015 
Last Update May 2024

Juan Echevarria: Early Life

Juan Echevarria was born on August 11, 1998. He was born and raised in Camaguey, the third-largest city in Cuba.

His father’s name is unknown till now, but his mother’s name is Luciana Echevarria. Information on their profession or whereabouts has still not been revealed.

Juan grew up in a big family with three siblings. All of the siblings have maintained their bond to date. 

Since his parents were not in a good financial state, he struggled a lot growing up.

Echevarria saw the hard times in life due to poverty. But his parents sacrificed everything to make sure all the children had enough.

Even today, Juan thanks his parents for encouraging him throughout his journey. His parents taught him to keep pushing to get where he is today.

His mother, Luciana, passed away in 2017, but his father is alive and well.

Juan mentioned in an interview that he was very hyperactive as a kid.

It is because he did not have the power to focus on particular things.

His Adhd caused some problems during his junior competitions.

No information on which high school Juan attended for his high school education. But he has graduated from high school.

When he was in school at 12, he started developing an interest in the long jump. He also practiced triple jump initially but was not very good at it.

There were days when Juan did not even want to wake up to train. But at that point, his parents motivated him to strive harder.

Juan Echevarria: Physical Appearance

Regarding height, Juan is six feet and one inch tall. He weighs around 72 kgs.

Juan has an athletic build and has a strict exercise regimen.

However, his exact body measurements have not yet been revealed.

Juan Echevarria in recent years.

Juan has black hair and similar black eyes. His long face is his distinct feature.

Juan has a dark skin complexion. He wears a size 43 European shoe size.

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Juan Echevarria: Personal Life

Juan is a Cuban citizen. However, he is an avid Christian and is of Latin ethnicity.

Being born in August, Juan is a Leo. Leo is a fire sign.

Leo people have traits such as being optimistic, loyal, generous, enthusiastic, and loving.

Juan is the perfect showcase of Leos when it comes to their magnetic personality since he is always attracting all the buzz in the media.

Juan has mentioned his struggles with being an athlete many times. He said that people do not realize the effort to become an athlete and criticize others.

He believes that athletes are underappreciated for their efforts.

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Despite catching the eyes of many female fans worldwide, Juan has not been in any relationship.

Even though he might have had a relationship in the past, he is not very fond of talking about it. Instead, he prefers to keep his dating life personal.

So as of now, Juan is single. So he is straight in terms of sexual orientation.

Not everyone needs a relationship in their life to feel complete. And Juan Echevarria happens to be one of the people who believe in this philosophy.

Juan wants to have a family one day and settle down, but that’s way ahead in the future.

He focuses on sport and does not want to slow down for anyone.

Juan has a good relationship with fellow athlete Jordan Diaz, the world champion in the triple jump.

The pair are like brothers and have seen each other grow in the same industry.

They have spent a lot of time together and have achieved outstanding results at a young age. Both of them are always happy to see the other improvements.

Juan Echevarria: Professional Career

Echevarria’s career started in 2015 when he did his first eight-meter-long jump and was selected for the under eighteen of Cuba. 

He took part in the World Under 18 Championship in Cali, where he landed the fourth position. He was just seven centimeters less than the third place. 

But the year ended on a good note for Juan, who landed first at the Pan American Junior Championship in Edmonton.

Juan Echevarria amidst his jump.

The following season was not fruitful for Juan, who became fifth at the 2016 World Under 20 Championship.

However, he was ten centimeters away from a title.

While still in the Under Twenty category, he competed in the IAAF  World Championship of 2017, representing Cuba. But sadly, he could not qualify for the finals.

In 2018, Juan made his debut in the senior team, competing in Karlsruhe’s World Indoor Tour meeting.

He came out victorious with his best of 8.34 meters at the time.

Then came Echevarria’s most significant achievement till then at the World Indoor Championship 2018. He won the gold by beating the world champion Luvo Manyonga. 

Not only in the indoor championships, but Juan also excelled in the outdoor games.

Similarly, in 2019, he entered the IAAF Diamond League Meeting Rome, where he landed second place behind his nemesis Luvo. 

Moreover, he had a reported 8.53-meter jump. He continued his winning streak in the 2019 PAN American Games, where he won the gold for Cuba. 

In 2019, he also won third place at the World Championship in Doha, Qatar. 

But sadly, he could not participate in most events in 2020 because of the Covid pandemic, and he also suffered from an injury to his leg. 

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Juan Echevarria: Achievements

Echevarria has already had his name in the big leagues in his short career.

Pedroso is the only athlete with three recorded more than 8.50 meters jumps. 

People would not be surprised if he broke Mike Powell’s record from 1991 to 8.95 meters. 

When the athlete was just nineteen years old, he jumped over 8.46 meters which was the best record of that year in 2018.

He even beat Carl Lewis’s record from 1991, making him the best young jumper in the World. 

Juan reportedly has jumped 8.93 meters, and this record beats the national register of Cuba of 8.71 meters.

The jump was said to be assisted by external factors, therefore, not considered valid. But Juan has broken a record that has not been damaged in 24 years. 

His personal best to date is recorded to be 8.68 meters outdoors in Bad Langenslaza.

Juan Echevarria: Net Worth

Even though he just started in the sports industry five years ago, Juan has accumulated fortune and fame to his name.

Most of his earnings come from his brand endorsement deals. However, he has earned quite a few sponsors in the last couple of years.

Juan Echevarria has a net worth of $1 million us.

There is no information on how much he earns in a year. But he makes quite a sum from his public appearance.

His earnings make it pretty clear that he lives a very comfortable life. He is seen traveling to beautiful places worldwide on his social media.

Juan Echevarria: Social Media

Juan is quite active on social media. He uses Instagram and Twitter.

His Twitter is not that active, and he only has 182 followers.

But his Instagram is constantly updated, and he has more than 30K followers.

In addition, he posts about his family and his friends.

Juan Echevarria: FAQs

Does Juan Echevarria have any children?

No, Juan Echevarria does not have any children.

Echevarria is currently focused on building his career more than creating a family.

How far did Juan Miguel jump?

Juan jumped a distance of 8.83 meters in Stockholm.

Similarly, Juan’s longest jump in a tournament came in 2018; he jumped 8.46m high during the 2018 World Indoor Championships.

How many competitions have Juan Miguel Echevarria competed in representing Cuba?

The Cuban international has represented his country on eight different occasions.

Similarly, on three occasions, Juan has won gold in the Long jump categories.

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