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Matthew Pinsent: Family, Career & Net Worth

With hard work, dedication, and persistence, one can smell the sweet scent of success. We can know the concept of success by studying the story of Matthew Pinsent.

Matthew Pinsent is a professional rower who, with his passion, dedication, and hard work, has won 10 world championships and 4 Olympics.

Similarly, Pinsent is one of the 5 athletes who have achieved 4 consecutive Olympics gold medals.

He has undoubtedly sealed his name as one of the remarkable and unforgettable rowers in rowing history.

Matthew Pinsent in a boat race
Matthew Pinsent in a boat race

After his retirement following the 2004 Olympics, he worked as a sports broadcaster in BBC News 24.

Similarly, Pinsent is also a great motivational speaker who’s been inspiring thousands of youth with his stirring words.

Let’s get to know about Matthew Pinsent, his family, his roaring success in Rowing, and his net worth.

Matthew Pinsent: Quick Facts

If you want to know some major details about Matthew Pinsent, look at the quick facts below.

Full Name Sir Matthew Clive Pinsent
Birth Date October 10, 1970
Birth Place Holt, Norfolk, UK
Residence West London
Nationality British
Sport Men’s Rowing
College Team Oxford University Boat Club
Coached by Jürgen Gröbler
Education St. Catherine’s College, Oxford
Zodiac Sign Libra
Father’s Name Ewen Macpherson Pinsent
Mother’s Name Jean Grizel
Siblings Thomas Pinsent
Age [calculate_years datestring=”10/10/1970″] Years Old
Height 6 ft 5 inches
Reach Not Available
Weight 108 kg
Eye Color Unavailable
Hair Color Unavailable
Body type Unavailable
Profession Professional rower, BBC Sports Broadcaster, Commentator
Events Participated Coxless pairs, Coxed pairs
Olympics  1992 Barcelona, 1994 Atlanta, 1996 Sydney, 2000 Athens
Marital Status Married
Wife’s Name Demetra Koutsoukos
Active Years
1990 – 2004
Children Jonah Pinsent, Lucas Pinsent, Eve Pinsent
Net Worth 80 million dollars
Social Media Twitter
Website matthewpinsent
Merch A Lifetime in a Race, Sculling: Training, Technique, and Performance
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Matthew Pinsent: Age, Height, and Weight

Pinsent is currently [calculate_years datestring=”10/10/1970″] Years Old. He weighs 108kg and stands 6 ft 5 inches tall.

However, information regarding his reach and body type aren’t available.

Matthew Pinsent: Early life and Family

Parents and Family History

On October 10, 1970, Pinsent was born to his father, Reverand Ewen Macpherson Pinsent, and mother, Jean Grizel.

Pinsent has 3 siblings- 2 sisters and 1 brother. His brother’s name is Thomas Pinsent, and his sister’s names are Kathy Pinsent and Emma Pinsent. Matthew is the youngest among all.

Likewise, Matthew Pinsent belongs to a British family who’ve acquired high posts and prestige.

He belongs to the bloodlines of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk and King Edward I, and William, the conqueror.

Pinsent’s father, Macpherson Pinsent, was a curate of St Andrew’s church in Kelso, Scottish Borders, who died in 2020.

Similarly, Pinsent’s mother, Jean Grizel, is the daughter of Major General Neil McMicking, who had won awards for his military service to Great Britain.


Matthew Pinsent completed his school life at Aysgarth School, North Yorkshire.

He then attended Eton College, where he first started rowing.

Later on, he joined and graduated from St Catherine’s College, Oxford, where he pursued his college degree in Geography.

Matthew Pinsent: Personal Life

Pinsent met Demetra Koutsoukos Pinsent, his wife, at Oxford, where she was a Rhodes Scholar from Harvard College.

Matthew got married to Demetra in October 2002.

Matthew Pinsent with wife
Matthew Pinsent with wife (Image Source: Zimbio)

Similarly, Demetra Koutsoukos is a businesswoman who is the CEO of Charlotte Tilbury Ltd., a makeup brand.

Matthew and Demetra have 3 beautiful children- 15 years old twin boys named Jonah Pinsent and Lucas Pinsent, and 13 years old daughter named Eve Pinsent.


Matthew Pinsent: Career

Pinsent has been involved in many sectors since his youth. He started his rowing career at the age of 21.

Besides his rowing career, he’s been in two to four commercials as well.

Rowing Career

Matthew Pinsent is a well-known rower who’s won 4 consecutive Olympic gold medals.

Early Rowing Career

Pinsent started rowing after joining Eton college.

As for his international career, in 1987, Pinsent rowed at the World Rowing Junior Championships.

Similarly, in 1988, Pinsent rowed in the international championship and won the junior coxless pairs with Tim Foster.

During his college years, he took part in 3 boat races, winning two of the races in 1990 and 1991.

International Rowing Career

Pinsent has won many international rowing competitions and championships throughout his rowing career.

He started his International Rowing career in 1990. Fortunately, he won the Bronze in the 1990 World Rowing Championships in the coxless pairs with Steve Redgrave.

After the successful beginning, he won gold at the World Championships in 1911 with Redgrave.

Pinsent with Redgrave won gold in the Olympics in 1992 and 1996 as well.

Similarly, in the 2000 Olympics held in Sydney, Pinsent won the gold medal in the coxless fours with Redgrave, James Cracknell, and Tim Foster.

With the win of the 2000 Olympics, Pinsent won the 3 consecutive Olympics gold medal.

Similarly, this quest made him quite popular, and he was invited to different programs for interviews and speeches.

He continued to win other international championships with his determination and effort.

After the Olympics, Pinsent paired with James Cracknell and won the coxless and coxed pairs in the 2001 world championships.

The pair again won the coxless pairs in the 2002 world championships as well.

Nevertheless, in the 2003 world championships, they were surprisingly defeated by Drew Ginn and his pair James Tomkins.

It was Pinsent’s first defeat in the world championships since 1990, which made him really disappointed. The defeat somehow made them move to coxless fours for their next championship.

However, with his winning spirit, Pinsent won his fourth consecutive Olympics at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens as coxless fours with Cracknell, Ed Coode, and Steve Williams.

Similarly, the 2004 Summer Olympics was the last international championships rowed by Pinsent.

He said that his body didn’t want to row anymore; so, he chose to retire from his rowing career.

Post-Rowing Career

As a Broadcaster

Pinsent, after his retirement, aimed to become a well-known broadcaster in Britain.

After his retirement, Pinsent worked as a sports bulletin journalist, presenter, and reporter in BBC News 24.

However, throughout his broadcasting career, he has revealed some unfair and unjust activities.

During his interview with Dwain Chambers for Inside Sport, Chambers confessed that he had been taking drugs.

Similarly, during his visit to the gymnastics training center in China, he found out that the children there were sometimes beaten brutally.

He collected evidence and reported the unjust and brutality. It led to the issuance of inquiry by IOC president Jacques Rogge.

As a Commentator and Umpire

Even after retirement, Pinsent wanted to keep his ties with rowing.

So, to get involved with rowing, Matthew Pinsent decided to become an umpire or commentator.

Similarly, he wanted to be a commentator in different rowing and boating events, including the Olympics, Regatta, and boat races.

Matthew Pinsent in a Women's Boat Race
Matthew Pinsent in a Women’s Boat Race

Pinsent umpired the first boat race in “Blue Boat” in 2013.

After the blue boat, Pinsent got a chance to umpiring and commenting on different boat races.

As a Motivational Speaker

Pinsent is also an authoritative and accomplished motivational speaker.

Likewise, it is said that the way he commands the stage and gives his speech always captivates his audience.

Similarly, his speeches are often crafted with the audience’s requirements and special emphasis on teamwork, motivation, and communication.

Pinsent has spoken at many events and programs.

He has also spoken at the corporate events of some prestigious companies such as IBM, Camelot, Marks and Spencer, Procter & Gamble, Lombard, and BT, to name a few.


Mathew Pinsent: Titles and Achievements

Pinsent is one of the successful sportsmen who barely tasted defeat during his sportsman’s career.

Likewise, Pinsent has won 4 consecutive Olympics in 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2004.

He has also won Gold in 10 world championships and Bronze in 2 world championships.

Similarly, Pinsent has been awarded many honorable titles and awards for his contribution to Britain’s sports.

Likewise, in 1993, Pinsent was awarded MBE and appointed as a member of the British Empire’s Order. Blissfully, Pinsent was promoted to commander in 2001.

In 2001, Pinsent was also elected to the International Olympic Committee’s Athletes Commission for 3 years.

Matthew Pinsent was made Knight Bachelors in the New Year’s Honors list that was announced after his retirement, i.e., on 31 December 2004.

Likewise, in 2005, the International Rowing Federation awarded Matthew Pinsent with the Thomas Keller Medal.

It is a hugely prestigious award given to the players for their exceptional contribution to sports within the 5 years of their retirement.

Matthew Pinsent: Fun Facts

Pinsent once had been recorded as a sportsman with the largest lung capacity of 8.5 liters.

However, his record was surpassed by his fellow rower Pete Reed, who had 9.38 liters lung capacity as per the measurement.

Matthew Pinsent: Social Media

Matthew Pinsent seems like a private person, as he does not have other social accounts except Twitter.

As for his Twitter account, he keeps it really updated. Pinsent has tweeted over 42k tweets. He has over 74k followers.

Likewise, Matthew Pinsent posts about his daily life, some motivational lines, and opinions on different events and activities on his Twitter account.

He also posts about his family life and his times with his kids.

Matthew Pinsent: Salary, Net Worth, and Lifestyle

Pinsent has made a fortune throughout his rowing and broadcasting career.

However, his current main source of income is BBC sports broadcasting.

Matthew Pinsent’s Net Worth is around $1 million to $3 Million.

Besides broadcasting, there are other sources of income of Matthew Pinsent, such as Umpiring, commentating, etc.

However, there is not much information available about his lifestyle.


How many gold medals did Matthew Pinsent win?

Matthew Pinsent won 4 Olympics gold medals and 10 world championships as well.

Who is Matthew Pinsent’s wife?

Matthew Pinsent’s wife is Demetra Koutsoukos, who is currently the CEO of Charlotte Tilbury Ltd., a makeup brand.

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