Kimbo Slice Heart Attack

Kimbo Slice Died Of Heart Attack, Where Are His Family Now? Six Kids And His Wife

Kimbo Slice heart attack led him to die at 42 years old in 2016. He was a prominent Bahamian-American mixed martial artist, boxer, professional wrestler, and Actor.

Many of his well-wishers were shocked to hear him passing away. As he has a huge fan base, Kimbo’s legendary works are still in people’s hearts even after several years.

Slice had a massive contribution to his work field, so he became titled for his role in mutual combat street fight videos, causing Rolling Stone to mention him as “The King of the Web Brawlers.”

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Kimbo Slice Died Of A Heart Attack In 2016

Kimbo Slice died of a heart attack, causing shock to many wrestler fans. He left this world on June 6, 2016, on Monday, near his home in Coral Springs. The American Top Team gym confirmed it. 

Slice, whose real name was Kevin Ferguson, was just forty-two during that time. In a Facebook post, the late Kimbo’s training partner, Tyler Cook, said that Slice’s “heart quit” made the ultimate death.

Deceased MMA Fighter Kimbo Slice Was in Need of Heart Transplant
Deceased MMA Fighter Kimbo Slice Was in Need of a Heart Transplant (Source- ESPN)

Also, the hospital at Margate, Florida, showed a mass on his liver. As he had connections with different celebrities, many of them passed condolences, tributes, and prayers to his soul and close ones.

At the period of his death, measures were in process to arrange transport to the Cleveland Clinic, where Slice would have awaited a heart transplant.

But due to the sudden degradation of his health, it became hard for him to survive. He had been suffering from high blood pressure for years, so he was on medication.

Where Are Kimbo Slice Family Now? Six Kids And His Wife

Kimbo Slice’s family is still mourning his loss. He was survived by his wife, L. Shontae (married in May 1994) and three children RaeChelle, Kevin II, and Kevinah.

Additionally, he also had a son Kevlar and a daughter Kassandra. He also had two stepdaughters Rae’Chelle (by his first wife) and Kiara. Likewise, he had already become a grandfather before his death and enjoyed many moments with them. 

He has three grandsons named Kevin III, Akieno, and Kimbo-Legacy, and one granddaughter named Isis. Before he died, he loved spending time with two of his grandsons, Kevin III and Akeino. 

Kimbo Slice family moments during his demise
Kimbo Slice’s family moments during his demise (Source- YouTube)

Kimbo-Legacy and Isis were only born after his death. Also, one of his offspring Kevin Jr. is a mixed martial artist. The family has not released any statement about their whereabouts, but they must be missing his presence.

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Kimbo Slice Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

According to Sports Casting, Kimbo Slice had a net worth of 500,000 dollars at the time of his death. Slice is an outstanding player among UFC fans. 

He left a lasting legacy in the combat sports world of boxing, MMA, and as an Actor. His long lists of associations and championship have built his wealth and fame.

Kimbo was famous for his street fights that were posted online, leading to being on a robust platform eventually. Rolling Stone once called Slice the “King of Web Brawlers,” seeing his enthusiast.

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