Ximena De Tezanos Pinto

Ximena De Tezanos Pinto Wikipedia Edad: What Does She Do?

Ximena De Tezanos Pinto Wikipedia has been searched as she is the neighbor of the Argentinian Vice president and puts on flags that have made her an internet sensation.

Ximena de Tezanos Pinto, the vice president’s next-door neighbor in Recoleta, came to the media’s attention when she started to fly flags above Cristina Kirchner’s apartment. She became more well-known, nevertheless, after it was discovered that a member of a group’s attorney had rented a room to her.

Ximena Tezanos Pinto
Flag Displayed At Ximena Tezanos Pinto House (Source: Perfil)

Tezanos Pinto pinned a badge that said, “We are fed up,” in support of the producers and against the National Government above the vice president’s window during one of the tractor raids the Liaison Table conducted this year.

In those days of May, the woman expressed her support clearly and made it known on the corner where one of the nation’s most significant leaders’ homes is situated.

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Ximena De Tezanos Pinto Wikipedia: Edad Explored

There is no Ximna De tezanos Pinto Wikipedia page, and she is famous for her flags that are a direct satire of the government bodies who cannot do anything about the death of Cristina Kirchner.

Ximena De Tezanos Pinto’s details are not yet upfront. But according to her LinkedIn, she had a bachelor’s degree in 1973-1984 from Sworn Junior College, Mallinckrodt, San Martin de Tours, and Holters Schule.  From this, Ximena’s edad would be from 55-65.

She has been volunteering for over 22 years as she loves spending time with children and has provided lessons to 8 years of children about what Junior Achievement Argentina does.

She has three children and an apartment in the heart of the Recoleta District in Buenos Aires.

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What Does Ximena De Tezanos Pinto Do?

When he started to fly flags above Cristina Kirchner’s department in Recoleta, the vice president’s neighbor, Ximena de Tezanos Pinto, came to the media’s attention. She became more well-known, nevertheless, after it came to light that a member of an escrache group’s lawyer had rented him a room.

Tezanos Pinto affixed a badge above the vice president’s window during one of the Liaison Table’s tractor attacks this year that said, “We are exhausted,” in support of the producers and against the National Government.

In those days of May, the woman expressed her support openly and displayed it on the corner where one of the nation’s most significant leaders’ homes is situated.

After being known for residing in the Recoleta building, he admitted, “I’m already fond of the nickname ‘Cristina’s neighbor'” in a radio interview with AM550. By that time, she had not only raised more red flags of protest (“Enough of impunity” and “We are fed up”), but she had also started to increase his visibility in public.

She commented this morning with Mara O’Donnell in Urban Play, “I have never displayed any flag with grievances on my balcony; I hung ideas that I desire for Argentina. The neighbor of Cristina Kirchner disputes any connection to the vice president’s assailants.”

Cristina Kirchner was again the focus of attention after Fernando Sabag Montiel struck her in the face on September 1 and Justice started looking into the incident.

Ximena De Tezanos Pinto Voice Against Anti-Peronist Javier Milei and follower of Ricardo L√≥pez Murphy

“Cristina’s neighbor,” a member of the United Republicans party who helped Ricardo Lopez Murphy join Together for Change, frequently displayed her anti-Peronist identification and even revealed her friendship with the Senate president.

Regardless of her political stance, she claimed to have supported Javier Milei in the parliamentary elections of 2021.

I wish I had someone, but I don’t. Instead of pity, I can feel compassion for Cristina. She once explained what the former President meant when she said, “Sometimes I feel sorry for Cristina, and she gives me the idea that she is suffering from that figure she became.

After being helped by Cristina Kirchner’s neighbor, the Kirchnerist militant said: “What happened was horrible and odd.”

Ximena Texanos Pinto
Ximena Texanos Pinto At Her Home With Kirchnerist militants (Source: Perfil)

He also discussed his chance meetings with Cristina Kirchner. I had the experience of meeting the vice president as she entered after exiting the elevator. I advised at the time to make sure the elevator was empty before she ascended,” he continued.

Tezanos Pinto also shared his criticism of the vice president during the vigils held by his followers before the attack. He claimed that people who wanted to work had to turn away, and everyone’s lives started to become complex. “What occurred here is that murga joined together, with barrabravas and rock.

After Marta Susana Garca Tezanos Pinto’s name was made public, speculation about the assassination attempt’s events and the woman’s anti-Kirchnerist online persona led to connections between them. The woman said plainly, “It had nothing to do with me, ” furious at the relationships that blamed her.

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