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Amou Haji Death: How Did World Dirtiest Man Die? Wikipedia Age And Wife

Amou Haji was an Iranian hermit who was also famously known as “the dirtiest man alive” as he did not take a bath for almost 50 years in fear of “death.” Sadly, Haji passed away on Sunday, according to various international media.

Various reports claim that haji ate roadkill, smoked a pipe filled with animal excrement, and smoked multiple cigarettes simultaneously.

Amou Haji Death: How Did World Dirtiest Man Die?

Currently, there is no exact information regarding his death cause. However, Amou’s reason for being the dirtiest man alive was his fear of death.

For some reason, Amou thought bathing would eventually kill him and avoided bathing since he was in his youth. According to the villagers, Haji did not take a bath because of his emotional setbacks in his youth.

Amou Haji death
Punch Newspaper announcing Amou’s demise.
Source: Twitter

Nonetheless, some months ago, the villagers convinced Amou to the bath, which he agreed to, and now, he has died in the village of Dejgah, located in the southern province of Fars, on Sunday.

His cause of death is not yet revealed, but it might be due to some disease or illness.

After Haji’s demise, an Indian man named Kailash Singh ‘Kalau’ may hold the unofficial record for not bathing for most of his life.

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Kailash, a resident of Varanasi’s holy city, had avoided taking a shower for over 30 years. He also refused to brush.

Many of his neighbors believe that Kailash does not include a bath to please the Gods to give him a son, as the man already has seven daughters.

Amou Haji Wikipedia

Haji was not famous for being anything other than the “world’s dirtiest man,” so he did not have a Wikipedia page. 

Amou Haji
Amou Haji at his house.

Haji lived in the village of Dejgah, a rural area, so little information about him could be obtained.

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However, a documentary on him is titled “The Strange Life of Amou Haji”.

Amou Haji Age

Amou was 94 years old at the time of his demise which was on 23 October 2022. He was born in 1926, but his exact date of birth is not available anywhere on the internet.

Sadly, no other information about the world’s dirtiest man could be found as not many people have reached him to obtain more info.

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No information on his height, weight, birthplace, work, etc., was found on the internet.

Amou Haji Wife

According to various international media, Amou has been single all his life and died unmarried. Hence, he did not have any wife at the time he died.

Likewise, Amou did not have any children, and there is also no information about his living relatives, so he might not be survived by anyone.

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However, this information is yet to be confirmed by the officials.

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