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Abdullah Ang Wikipedia Biography- How Old Is He? Family And Net Worth

Readers are curious about Abdullah Ang Wikipedia after former Malay Mail editor Salehuddin Othman spoke about his privileged jail journey.

Abdullah Ang, a former managing director of the long-gone Malaysian Overseas Investment Corp, entered a guilty plea to criminal breach of trust and was given an eight-year sentence in 1986.

Malay Mail published a shocking exclusive on August 11, 1989, revealing how Abdullah worked with his family’s business in Kuala Lumpur rather than being imprisoned at a Prisons Department-run orchid farm in Negeri Sembilan.

Salehuddin claimed in an interview with Free Malaysia Today (FMT) that he had received a call from an unidentified caller claiming that a top government official would be “displeased” if the Abdullah Ang story was published.

Abdullah Ang Wikipedia Biography

Abdullah was “acting as if he controlled the Kajang Prison,” according to the Malay Mail’s tipster, who was allegedly a prisons department officer.

The Journalist added that Abdullah and former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak were similar in that both enjoyed “special treatment” while in prison due to their influence and good relationship with the nation’s top leaders.

Abdullah Ang Wikipedia
Abdullah, a former managing director of the now-defunct Malaysian Overseas Investment Corp, was sentenced to eight years in jail after he pleaded guilty to criminal breach of trust.
source: Malaysia today

After the Federal Court affirmed his guilty conviction in the RM42 million SRC International corruption case and his 12-year term last month, Najib is currently working in Kajang Prison.

The businessman has been in and out of the hospital for various ailments, including high blood pressure and stomach ulcers. Many have questioned the seeming disparity in treatment between those in prison and the general public.

How Old Is Abdullah Ang?

Abdullah Ang’s age is unveiled in the media. However, looking at his image, we assume he must be in his 50s.

Salehuddin stated that the Government should lucidly explain to Malaysians “why someone with stomach ulcers had to go to a rehabilitation hospital” in the award-winning Abdullah Ang expose, which wrought the good, the bad, and the blatantly sensationalist.

In an explosive exclusive, Malay Mail revealed how Abdullah was assisting in managing his family’s business in Kuala Lumpur instead of being housed in an orchid farm run by the Prisons Department in Negeri Sembilan.

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Abdullah Ang Family 

Regrettably, no information about his family members is available in the media.

The former managing director has been in and out of hospital for many reasons, including high blood pressure and stomach ulcers, with many questioning the apparent double standards swiftly.

Abdullah ran up monthly bills of between RM450 and RM550 by asking stall owners to prepare whatever he wanted, and his business associates who visited him at the end of each month would clear the accounts.

Abdullah had given waterbeds as gifts to certain prison officers.
Abdullah had given waterbeds as gifts to certain prison officers.

Abdullah was “acting as if he controlled the Kajang Prison,” according to the Malay Mail’s informant, who was purported to represent the Prisons Department.

The attempts to get Salehuddin to kill the story included a car driver pointing a pump gun at him while driving on the Kuala Lumpur-Seremban highway.

Abdullah Ang’s Net Worth

In 1989, Salehuddin Othman, a Former Malay Mail editor, claimed he was offered RM100,000 as hush money not to publish the paper’s expose of a “privileged prisoner” who was roaming freely outside Kajang Prison.

Before his conviction for criminal breach of trust, Abdullah was the chief executive of the Malaysian Overseas Investment Corporation.

While he was in prison, the former director would ask stall owners to cook prawns, chicken, or anything else he fancied – raking up monthly bills between RM450 and RM550.

The sources close to Abdullah’s cell were carpeted and came with a refrigerator, video player, and waterbed.

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