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Chefs Vs Wild: Who Is Kiran Jethwa Wife Sarah Jethwa? Age Gap Family And Net Worth

Kiran Jethwa is a famous chef who owns a restaurant, is an entrepreneur, and is married to his wife, Sarah Jethwa. 

Similarly, he is the host and presenter of the television program Tales From The Bush Larder, which explores African cuisine. Not only that, Jethwa has co-hosted Food Unwrapped on Channel 4 since 2016 and is the one with many appreciation and rewards.

Moreover, he has also served as the executive chef and proprietor of Seven Restaurants, a renowned Nairobi dining establishment.

This famous personality has a wide range of talent and skill that has made many people his fans. 

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Chefs Vs Wild: Who Is Kiran Jethwa Wife Sarah Jethwa? Age Gap

Kiran Jethwa is married to his wife, Sarah Jethwa; however, one can see that she keeps her profile low.

Likewise, Kiran is available on various social media sites such as Instagram under the username @chefkiranjethwa, on Facebook as Kiran Jethwa: Fearless Food, and many more with multi-thousand of followers.

He has shared numerous pictures of his dishes, vacations, friends, and many more regarding his lifestyle, but he has not shared an image of his wife or family.

In addition, Kiran and Sarah are the parents of their beautiful daughter. It can also be that he likes to keep his personal related life a secret amongst people.

The duo and his family seem to go to many places for vacation even though the picture has not been shared in public as he keeps visiting various sites.

As Sarah’s birthdate is unknown yet, the age difference between the couple is unclear. If Kiran expresses their love journey, he may mention the same soon.

Kiran Jethwa Family Members

Kiran Jethwa was born in Nairobi on August 22, 1976, to his parents Batuk and Clare. He also has two brothers as a sibling.

Batuk, Jethwa’s father, is of Hindu Indian (Gujarati) ethnic descent, while Clare, his mother, is of British descent. Likewise, his cooking style is primarily influenced by two cultures since his mother is English and his Father is Indian.

This fusion has helped him grow through various cultures; similarly, the influence is there in his food. Indian, European, and African inspirations are in Jethwa’s cuisine, dubbed Afro-Mediterranean Fusion.

He completed his studies in hospitality management in Manchester, United Kingdom, after spending most of his life in Kenya.

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Kiran Jethwa is seen to be exploring Nepal! [Source- National Geographic TV Shows, Specials & Documentaries
Kiran Jethwa is seen to be exploring Nepal! [Source- National Geographic TV Shows, Specials & Documentaries]

Kiran Jethwa Net Worth As Of Now

Kiran Jethwa has an estimated net worth of around 1 million to approximately 6 million dollars as of 2022. His earnings result from being a well-known chef, TV personality, entrepreneur, and restaurant owner.

Likewise, he travels to many places worldwide, showcasing his cooking ability. His social media platforms are filled with his food preparations which seem to be incredibly delicious, and that has also attracted his customers for his food.

Furthermore, his lifestyle photographs appear wealthy because he was filming in helicopters and luxury vehicles.

His net worth will increase significantly with more restaurant establishments and another earning source with his popularity.

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