Lando Norris: Dating, Controversy & Net Worth

Most people in their twenties try to figure out life. But, Lando Norris is one of the exceptions to the case that has already made a career at the tender age of twenty-one.

Who is Lando Norris, you may ask? Lando Norris is a British Belgian racing car driver currently competing from Mclarens under the British Flag.

In the beginning, he wanted to become a motorcycle racer, but all that changed when he attended a Karting event. Ever since then, Norris has been infatuated with Car racing.

Lando Norris posing after a match.

McLarens have gone as far as calling him their prodigy as he has been working with them for the past five years. And recently he has extended the contract.

Despite being from a rich family, Norris has never exploited his wealth. Instead, he has philanthropic beliefs and tried to help out the community.

In this article, we have mentioned all you need to know about Lando Norris.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Lando Norris:

Full name Lando Norris
Date of birth 13th of November in 1999
Age [calculate_years datestring=”11/13/1999″] Years Old
Birthplace Bristol, England
Religion Christian
Nationality British and Belgian
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Home-schooled
Father’s name Adam Norris
Mother’s name Cisca Norris
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Height 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight 68 kg
Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Body Measurement Not Available
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Net Worth $3 million
Siblings Two sisters and one brother
Sexual Orientation Straight
Girlfriend Katerina
Profession Racing car driver
Current team McLarens
Nickname Lando
Salary $2 million
Social Media Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook
Debut year 2013 AD
Merch Hoodie, Hat, T-Shirt
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Lando Norris: Early Life

Lando Norris was born on the 13th November of1999. He was born in Bristol on the South Western side of England.

His father’s name is Adam Norris, and he is a retired pension manager.

Adam is one of the richest people in Bristol and the 501st richest person in the country.

His mother’s name is Cisca Norris, and she is a house manager. She belongs to the Flanders region of Belgium.

Lando has three siblings; two younger sisters and one older brother. His two sisters are named Flo Norris and Cisca Norris.

His older brother is named Oliver Norris. Oliver was also involved in Karting on a competitive level.

Since the brothers have a common interest, they have a great bond. In addition, all of the siblings grew up being home-schooled, so they are extremely close.

Lando with his entire family.

For his school education, he went to Millfield School in Street, Somerset. But he left the school without taking his GCSEs.

After that, he was home-schooled and taught by a personal tutor. He was taught Mathematics and Physics full time.

Then he moved to Glastonbury and became a daytime pupil. He did not attend a university because he wanted to pursue a career in racing.

Lando was inspired by Valentino Rossi and started his career at a young age.

Moreover, the Norris parents were supportive of their son’s decision.

Lando Norris: Physical Appearance

When it comes to height, Lando is five feet and six inches tall. He weighs around 68 kgs.

His exact body measurements are unknown. However, his shoe size is six US size.

Lando has brown hair with brown eyes. He has a fair skin complexion.

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Lando Norris: Personal Life

Lando Norris has dual citizenship, and he is a British and Belgian citizen. He follows Christianity and is Mixed in ethnicity.

Being born in November, Lando is a Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign, and they are known to be quite emotional.

Scorpio people have traits such as being loyal, brave, honest, jealous, and secretive.

Similarly, Lando perfectly showcases the determined side of the Scorpios.

Lando is bilingual and speaks English and Flemish Dutch. He is currently residing in Woking, which is close to the McLarens headquarters.

Lando loves to play video games in his free time, and his favorite one in childhood was Gran Turismo. He also loves cycling.

Dating Life

Lando is young and successful. Because of his talents, he has attracted the eyes of many girls.

Lando Norris is rumored to be dating Katerina Berezhna, who is a social media influencer by profession.

Katerina Beherzena was born on the 18th of September in 1998. According to horoscope charts, she is a Virgo.

Katerina is originally from Ukraine, but her roots are Greek. She is currently finishing college in Dubai and soon plans to move to Australia.

Katerina is a creative person, and her Instagram showcases her creativity. Her Instagram is full of colorful and aesthetic pictures.

She is represented by the modeling company Savalas Models. Katerina also used to sell her clothes on Depop.

Alongside all her many achievements, she is also an entrepreneur. She owns a jewelry business by the name of Imerelli Jewelry.

The jewelry is handcrafted, and the business is quite successful.

Lando Norris: Career and Achievements

Lando started his career in 2013 by winning the World Karting Championship. Then he went on to win the WSK Euro series and then CIK FIA Supertitles.

The next year, he debuted with Ginetta Junior Championship, where he came in third but took home the rookie cup.

After which, he was signed by Carlin Motorsport and won the MSA formula series.

Then, he won eight races, ten pole positions, and fourteen podiums in the series.

He also made appearances in the ADAC Formula 4 Championship and the Italian Formula 4 championship with Mucke Motorsports.

In 2016 it was announced that Norris would be competing in the Toyota Racing Series in New Zealand.

With his first attempt, he won the New Zealand Grand Prix. The same year the racer came first in the Formula Renault 2.0 race.

He also raced in the 2018 FIA Formula Two Championship, where he almost won. But ended up in the runner-up stand behind George Russell.

In 2017, McLaren signed him, and in the 2018 season, he became the official reserve and test driver.

After his performance in the Belgium Grand Prix, he became an official racer.

Recent Years

In 2019, Lando Norris retired from the Spain Grand Prix after colliding with Lance Stroll.

Norris also retired from the Chinese Grand Prix and Canada Grand Prix.

He finished his debut season in Mclarens with the 11th overall position. He signed a deal that extended up to 2022 with them.

Lando Norris after a race.

He started 2020 with the Austrian Grand Prix, where he bumped to 3rd position.

But then came the Turkish Grand Prix, where he suffered from five grid penalties.

He is currently partnered up with fellow racer Daniel Ricciardo and maintains the 4th position in Formula one race.

Lando Norris: Controversy

Lando Norris is famous for being competitive on track and off track. Unfortunately, this trait of his has earned him quite some backlash in the past.

After Lewis Hamilton landed his 92nd victory in the Grand Prix of Portugal while many were celebrating his victory, Lando commented that he found the victory quite ‘tricky.’

Lando added that Hamilton had a car that should win all races, referring to his Mercedes.

But soon, the Hamilton fans started to pour in on Norris, commenting on how immature the behavior was.

After a few days, Lando publicly apologized to Hamilton via Twitter. He said he was careless and apologetic for his behavior towards a fellow racer, Briton.

After Apology

But even after the media attention had died, Norris commented on the situation after three months of silence.

He remarked how he was telling the truth, and people don’t easily accept the truth sometimes. However, he does appreciate Lewis and never meant it to be hurtful.

Further on, he said that all his remarks are within Formula one and are not targeted towards any drivers or their achievements.

Moreover, he said that humans make mistakes, and he was just portrayed in the wrong light.

People came to his support, saying that he has been one of the most entertaining performers to see.

In an interview, Lando said that people have never seen the bad side or the angry side of his personality. So when he comments on something out of the ordinary, they think he is acting out.

He accepted that everyone has their own perception, and not everyone will appreciate him. And it is not something that he can change.

Norris overall said that he did not mean to be disrespectful. After this incident, Lando has not been in any controversy.

Lando Norris: Net Worth

Being one of the youngest champions on the race track, Lando Norris has already started making some serious wealth.

He mainly earns from his deal with McLarens that he signed in 2021. And with that, he has also gotten many brand endorsement deals.

Lando norris’s net worth is $3 million.

He just signed a five million deal with McLarens which has guaranteed his success further on. As a result, Lando’s net worth is expected to grow exponentially.

Norris has also been involved in philanthropy. He has raised $12,000 for the Covid-19 Solidarity response fund.

He even shaved off his hair as a pledge to donate more for the relief funds.

Lando comes from a well-to-do family and is already used to the luxuries in life. With his earnings, it can be certainly said that he is living a comfortable life.

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Lando Norris: Social Media

Lando is quite active on social media.

His Instagram handle has over three million followers. He constantly shares about his races and victories.

His Twitter has one million followers. His Facebook is his least used social media platform with 293 thousand followers.

He also has a YouTube account and a Website.

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Is Lando Norris a pay driver?

No, Lando Norris is not a pay driver.

How long is Lando Norris’s contract?

Lando Norris’s contract with McLarens will last up to 2023.

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