Lance Stroll: Family, Achievements & Net Worth

Lance Stroll is one of the most popular racing car drivers in Formula One races because of his family.

Lance Stroll is a Belgian Canadian racing car driver currently competing for Aston Martin in Formula One.

But more importantly, the racer is known for being the son of billionaire Lawrence Stroll.

So the question stands, is his place in Formula One solely because of his talent, or is there daddy’s money involved?

Lance Stroll in person.

Lance has surely proved that he was talented with his Karting skills. But since he has entered the car racing world, his career has not been so impressive.

Either way, Lance continues to create a buzz in the racing world with his controversies.

And as they say, any press is good press, so this has paved his way into fame.

In this article, we have mentioned all that you need to know about Lance Stroll.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Lance Stroll:


Full name Lance Stroll
Date of birth October 29th of 1998
Age 25 Years Old
Birthplace Montreal, Quebec of Canada
Religion Jewish
Nationality Canadian and Belgian
Ethnicity Not Available
Education Not Available
Father’s name Lawrence Stroll
Mother’s name Claire Anne Stroll
Zodiac sign Libra
Height 5 feet and 10 inches
Weight 70 kg
Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Body Measurement Not Available
Hair color  Dark Brown
Eye color Hazel
Net Worth $50 million
Siblings Chloe Stroll
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Profession Racing car driver
Current team Aston Martin
Nickname Lance
Salary $3 million
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Debut year 2008 AD
Last Updated April, 2024

Lance Stroll: Family

Lance was born on October 29, 1998. He was born in Montreal, Quebec of Canada.

His father’s name is Lawrence Stroll, and his mother’s name is Claire Anne Stroll.

Lance has only one sibling. His sister is named Chloe Stroll, and since they were raised together, they have a great bond.

Lance and Lawrence Stroll photographed together.

His sister Chloe is in the entertainment business. She is a singer and a songwriter.

Lance’s mother, Claire, is a fashion designer, and she owns the brand called Callens.

While Lance’s father, Lawrence, is a billionaire. He is part-owner of the Aston Martin team in Formula One and owns a vintage Ferrari collection.

Lawrence Stroll started his business by investing in brands like Ralph Lauren and then exporting them to Canada.

Ever since the first successful venture, he has invested in multiple projects.

Currently, according to Forbes magazine, Lawrence Stroll is worth $3.2 billion.

Their childhood was very protected and privileged. Their parents made sure their kids had everything they could ever desire for.

We do not know where Lance exactly went for his schooling. But it is clear that the racer must have gone to an elite private school.

Stroll did not attend college after high school since he had already started chasing his career.

Lance Stroll: Physical Appearance

When it comes to height, Lance is five feet and ten inches tall. He weighs around 70 kgs.

Lance has an athletic build. His exact body measurements are unknown, and so is his shoe size.

Lance has dark brown hair with hazel eyes. He has a fair skin complexion.

Lance Stroll: Personal Life

Lance has dual citizenship, and he has both Canadian and Belgian citizenship.

This is because his mother is of Belgian English descent while his father is of Russian Descent.

When it comes to religion, Lance is Jewish like his father.

Born in October, Lance is a Libra in zodiac charts. Libra is an air sign.

Libra people have traits such as being friendly, sociable, diplomatic, clever, and indecisive.

Lance is the perfect example of Libras when it comes to the idealistic side because, despite all the criticism, he manages to look on the brighter side of things.

Lance, because of his extroverted personality, has been rumored to date many models.

When Lance was eighteen, he was seen cozying up to the twenty-seven-year-old Kimberly. Kimberly Garner is a reality star from the show Made in Chelsea.

The two were getting extremely close and clicked selfies with each other on the deck. But despite the rumors, the two were never seen together after that.

Who is Lance Stroll dating?

Lance has his eyes fixed on someone.

Lance is currently dating model Sara Pagliaroli for more than a year. They have not revealed when did they meet or how did they meet.

The couple recently came out about their relationship, even though the rumors have been circulating for a while.

They hinted about their relationship in January of 2020 when she posted a picture of them on the beach. And on Valentine of the same year, they made it exclusive.

Sara is an Italian model. She has recently also started her own jewelry business.

It started out as a creative outlet during Covid and is now fully in operation. The brand is Blue Lemon Jewel.

Lance’s girlfriend Sara at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Sara has 140 thousand followers on Instagram and is 26 years old. But the age difference doesn’t seem to bother the couple.

Sara was recently spotted cheering on for her lover at the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2021.

Even though Lance came in 10th place, Sara was just excited to see him on the tracks.

Lance Stroll:  Career & Achievements

Lance started his career with karting championships when he was 10 years old, just like many other racing car drivers.

In 2008 he won many Karting events in Canada and North America.

Within the first year of his career, he had won the Rookie of the year award at the Federation de Sports Automobile du Quebec in 2008.

He won the Driver of the year at the same event. Then Lance got to join the Ferrari Driver’s Academy.

He made his Formula Four debut in the Florida Winter Series in 2014, where he won two podiums.

Then as he advanced to the Formula Three races, he won the Toyota Racing series in 2015.

He raced in the Formula Three Races with Prema Powerteam, where his father was a stakeholder.

After that, he spent his third year in the Formula 3 race in 2016.

The next year Lance announced that he was leaving the Ferrari team for the Williams team to make his debut in Formula One.

He became the first Canadian Formula One driver since Jacques Villeneuve in 1997.

Lance landed the title of the Youngest Rookie ever to land a podium at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

He finished his debut season with the 12th Overall position right behind Daniel Ricciardo.

With multiple incidents in the first few races of the 2018 season, Lance took the year off.

Then Lance switches to the Racing point, which would later become Aston Martin in 2019.

Both 2019 and 2020 were not impressive years for Lance as he finished in 15th and 11th position in respective years.

In 2021 he was partnered with Sebastian Vettel replacing Perez. He finished tenth in the first race.

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Lance Stroll: Controversy

Lance has found himself in quite the controversies over the years. Most of his controversies stem from his under-performance.

Recently in the Portuguese Grand Prix, Lance went on to collide with other fellow competitors.

Due to which he received the penalty, and it was not the first time Stroll behaved this way.

Even Lance’s father, Lawrence, has wreaked havoc in the Aston Martin team.

He reportedly took away the freedom of the engineers to design their cars and made them copy a similar model of the 2019 Mercedes.

Because of his father buying the entire team, the racer received the title of Pay Driver.

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Lance Stroll: Net Worth

Financial stability might not have been a big issue in Lance’s life since his father is worth more than three billion.

Lance Stroll is worth 50 million us dollar. his salary is 3 million us dollar annually.

His father owns the most luxurious yachts and villas. Lawrence Stroll even invested 182 million dollars in Aston Martin as of last year.

With his father investing 80 million dollars in William when Lance was a part of it.

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Lance Stroll: Social Media

Lance is quite active on social media.

His Instagram account has more than 516 thousand followers. At the same time, his Twitter account has 187 thousand followers.


Is Lance Stroll adopted?

No, Lance Stroll is the biological son of Lawrence Stroll.

How much of Aston Martin does Lawrence Stroll own?

Lawrence Stroll owns 16.7% of stakes at Aston Martin.

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