The Spiffing Brit

The Spiffing Brit Face Reveal On Reddit: Real Name Age And Net Worth

The Spiffing Brit, aka Spiff, Revealed his face on February 8, 2020. When and how did he reveal his face? 

The Spiffing Brit is known as a YouTuber who is also a member of the Yogcast since 2019. Spiff post almost ten videos on his Youtube channel every month. 

He has 3.18M subscribers on the channel “THE SPIFFING BRIT” and 500+ videos on September 9, 2022.

Spiff is well known for playing Sid Meier’s Civilisation 6, Hearts of Iron 4, and Europa Universalis IV and streaming in-game life on his Youtube. He started his career as Youtuber by creating time lapses of grand strategy games; he was called “The Time-Lapses Guy” for some time when he didn’t reveal his name. 

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The Spiffing Brit Face Reveal On Reddit

The Spiffing Brit famous Youtuber was revealed on February 8, 2022, by his fiancée Ashley on her Twitch Stream.

His fiancee is also a Streamer; she revealed him to live in her stream. His fans and followers passed many negative comments to her. They thought that The Spiffing Brit didn’t want to be revealed like that. 

But The Spiffing Brit didn’t react to her; this can mean they were prepared to get revealed. After he was exposed, he gained more followers than ever. People loved his performance, he had 1.0 Million subscribers before he was admitted, and now he has 3.00+suscriber.

Spiff was born in Bristol, United Kingdom. He opened his official Youtube account on October 10, 2013, and uploaded his first YouTube video on April 15, 2017.

His first most popular video was “Becoming A God In SPORE – Spore Was A mistake, and only we can save it,” this video got 4.6 million views. After this video, he started getting more views on his videos and more subscribers. People started noticing him. People were always curious about his name and personal details. 

His followers used to pass comments to know about his real name, family, and other personal information.

The Spiffing Birt’s Real Name and Age 

The real name of Spiffing Birt, a famous Youtuber, is Tom Spiff Brit. But still, he is known as Spiff by various fans and followers. 

Tom was born in a Christianity family in Bristol, United Kingdom. Tom’s date of birth is still not revealed, but according to, he will be 32 in 2022. He holds British Nationality. 

The Spiffing Brit
The Spiffing Brit
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Tom is 6 feet tall and is 50kg at the age of 32. Although some sources have mentioned his age, people are still confused about his age. Some have said that he is 62 now. People looking at his pictures and activities, he doesn’t look like 62. 

More information about his personal life has not been disclosed. He is still trying to keep his personal life private. He has not revelated his parent’s identity and also about his siblings. 

Tom always wanted to be known as The Spiffing Birt. So, he has not shared much information about anyone in his family. 

The Spiffing Brit Net Worth 

Everyone has been curious about his salary and net worth. As per updated information, his net worth in 2022 is close to $4 million- $5 million.

The Spiffing Brit channel is his income source, receiving 19.46 million monthly views and around 648.81 thousand thoughts daily. So, the youtube channel earns $3-$5 for every thousand pictures. 

So, Tom earns more if his views are more in his videos, his early matters all fans and followers views in his Youtube videos. Also, the Youtuber has many sponsors, which also helps them earn some more income. 

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