Notti And DD Osama

Notti And DD Osama Are Brothers, Family Tree And Net Worth Difference

Did you know Notti And DD Osama were brothers? The Osama brothers also had a successful joint music career.

Their song “Dead Opps” gained widespread popularity and helped increase the fame of DD Osama.

On the evening of July 9th, 2022, a tragic incident occurred at Manhattan’s 137th Street City College subway station.

14-year-old Reyes, also known as the young rapper Notti, was brutally stabbed during a fight with 15-year-old Kelvin Martinez.

According to eyewitnesses and security camera footage, the altercation began when Reyes pushed Martinez onto the tracks, prompting Martinez to pull out a knife and fatally stab Reyes.

Despite being rushed to Presbyterian Hospital, Reyes was pronounced dead from his injuries.

The events leading up to this tragedy are currently under investigation. Here, in this article, we will dig up the relationship between Notti and DD Osama.

Notti And DD Osama Are Brothers

Notti and DD Osama were brothers who were both involved in the music industry, with Notti being a rapper and DD Osama being a hip-hop recording artist.

DD Osama, whose real name is David Reyes, gained popularity for his singles “Without You,” “Dead Opps,” and “40s N 9s,” which showcased his talent for delivering gritty and venomous bars at a fast pace.

Both brothers were from Harlem, New York, and together they had a successful music career, with their song “Dead Opps” being a huge hit.

Tragically, Notti was killed in a stabbing incident in Manhattan on July 9, 2022, leaving DD Osama to mourn his brother’s death and carry on his legacy.

DD Osama Photoshoot
DD Osama Photoshoot (Source: Instagram)

After Notti’s untimely death, DD Osama was devastated and took to social media to express his grief. In a tweet, he wrote, “Like, why did you leave me? Why you tell me that death is easy?”

In tribute to Notti, DD Osama released the song “E4N” on July 19, 2022, which has been streamed over 1.2 million times.

Despite this tragedy, DD Osama has continued to be successful in the music industry, earning millions of views on YouTube, attracting the attention of major labels, and accumulating over 50,000 monthly Spotify listeners.

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DD Osama Family Tree

DD Osama was raised in a bustling home in Harlem, New York. Unfortunately, his parents separated when he was still young, resulting in his Father being absent from his life.

However, his mother, Crimsley Martinez, dedicated herself to providing him with the best upbringing imaginable, resulting in a strong and close relationship between the two.

Additionally, DD Osama’s stepfather filled the void left by his biological Father, showering him with love and affection and ensuring he never felt alone.

Despite the difficulties of growing up in a broken home, DD Osama has always maintained close ties with his mother and stepfather, crediting them for his positive upbringing and personal growth.

Notti and DD Osama in their hood
DD Osama and Notti Osama in their hood (Source: Instagram)

DD Osama was raised in a large family with three elder siblings and one younger brother, all of whom shared a passion for rap and hip-hop.

One of his siblings aspired to become a model, while the others were also pursuing careers in music.

In addition to his full siblings, DD Osama also had three half-sisters. Their mother worked in real estate before starting a family, and DD Osama and his siblings attended elementary school in Harlem.

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Notti And DD Osama Net Worth Difference

According to Nextau, DD Osama has a net worth of approximately $100,000 as of 2024.

His wealth comes from his successful music career, which has gained him a large following through the release of tracks on his YouTube channel and streams on popular music platforms.

His YouTube channel has gained a loyal following, releasing popular tracks such as “Party In The USA” and “40s N 9s.”

DD Osama flexing his money
DD Osama flexing his money (Source: Instagram)

It is clear that DD Osama has the talent and drive to continue growing as an artist, and his net worth will likely continue to increase.

Notti Osama was also a successful rapper before his untimely death, but there is no credible information about his net worth.

It is clear that both brothers had a passion for rap and were dedicated to building successful careers in the industry.

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