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Who Is Justin Bridges, Ebanie Bridges Brother? Wikipedia And Age

The Australian professional boxer Ebanie Bridges is the youngest of three siblings, leaving many to wonder who is Ebanie Bridges brother. 

Growing up in the Toongabbie area of Greater Western Sydney, Ebanie Bridges was the only girl in her family.

At just five years old, Ebanie’s parents introduced her to karate, a discipline she practiced for eight years. While in secondary school, she trained in kickboxing and Muay Thai.

Later, under the guidance of Arina Manta, she ventured into competitive bodybuilding and achieved multiple regional and state titles.

Between 2016 and 2018, Ebanie shifted her focus to boxing and compiled a record of 26 wins and four losses as an amateur. She participated in the women’s bantamweight events at the 2016 and 2017 Australasian Golden Gloves tournaments, where she secured gold medals.

In February 2020, she extended her career to the US after signing with Split-T Management. Her American debut took place on February 8, 2020, at the Hammond Civic Center in Indiana, where she won a six-round unanimous decision against Crystal Hoy.

A year later, on March 13, 2021, Ebanie Bridges earned the vacant Australian National Boxing Federation super-bantamweight title by defeating Carol Earl at Bankstown City Paceway in Sydney with a unanimous vote in her favor.

In the subsequent year, she claimed her first world title by defeating Argentine opponent María Cecilia Román for the IBF female bantamweight title.

It was a hard-fought battle, but eventually, Ebanie emerged victorious, with two judges scoring 97–93 in her favor and the third judge awarding all ten rounds of the match to her.

In addition to her in-ring career, Ebanie contributes to the commentary team for major fight cards on DAZN Boxing alongside fellow Australian female boxer Skye Nicolson and the commentators Mike Costello and Darren Barker.

With such accomplishments, she gained great fame, and now fans want to know about her family, starting from Ebanie Bridges brother.

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Who Is Justin Bridges, Ebanie Bridges Brother? Wikipedia And Age

Everyone knows that Ebanie Bridges hasn’t married anyone yet, and there were rumors in the past about being in a relationship with other professional boxers. Now, she has revealed she is in a “partner up” relationship with the famous Irish mixed martial artist Conor McGregor.

But despite her huge following, surprisingly, she is a private person and hasn’t revealed much information when it comes to her parents and siblings.

However, we know she has two older brothers, one her twin brother, born just six minutes earlier than her.

Ebanie Bridges and her brother taking a picture for Instagram story
Ebanie Bridges brother Justin smiling beside his twin (Source: DailyStar)

After skimming through Instagram, we found Ebanie Bridges brother to be Justin Bridges.

The birth date matches with Ebanie Bridges, who is currently 37. So, he is likely the twin brother of the Aussie boxer.

Justin Bridges profession appears to be a carpenter, so considering his age, he might have multiple years of experience in the field.

Even though Ebanie Bridges has her own Wikipedia page dedicated to her, there’s no Wikipedia page of Ebanie Bridges brother Justin Bridges as of now.

Ebanie Bridges Brother, Justin Bridges Family

According to the bio of Justin Bridges on his Instagram account, he seems to be happily married.

Justin takes pride in being a loving partner, sharing his life with his wonderful wife, with whom they seem to be raising three beautiful daughters.

Ebanie Bridges lying at wooden desk
Justin Bridges’ sister, Ebanie Bridges, showing off her black dress (Source: Instagram)

Not only does he cherish his role as a husband, but also playfully considers himself as the “world’s best husband.”

As such, he dearly loves his family and children, providing for the whole family as an experienced carpenter.

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