Tyler Bradt

Tyler Bradt: Adventure, World Record & Net Worth

Tyler Bradt is a whitewater kayaker from the United States.

Furthermore, he was born on June 2, 1986. He is well-known for Kayaking for his Palouse Falls jump.

Tyler Bradt poses for a photo
Tyler Bradt poses for a photo.

In addition, he holds the record for Kayaking from the highest point. The previous record was 189 feet.

The article discusses the American Kayaker’ personal life, career, awards, movies, net worth, and social media. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Tyler Bradt: 

Full Name Tyler Bradt
Birth Date May 10, 1964
Birth Place Stevensville, Montana
Residence Missoula, Montana
Nationality American
Nickname Not Available
Hobbies Adventurous activities 
Food Habit Non-vegetarian 
Not Available
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Father’s Name Bill Bradt
Mother’s Name Not Available
Age 59 years old
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Not Available
Profession Whitewater Kayaker
Marital Status Single
Wife/Spouse Not Available
Siblings Jody Bradt
Social Media Facebook, Instagram
Net Worth $3 million
Merch Trading Card
Last Update March, 2024

Tyler Bradt: Age, Height, and Weight

Tyler Bradt was born under the astrological sign of Gemini. Furthermore, his Chinese horoscope is a Tiger.

He is currently 59 years old. 

The Kayaker has an athletic body type. However, Tyler Bradt’s exact height and weight are currently not known. 

Furthermore, as seen by his nature, people with zodiacs: Gemini are free-spirit, intelligent, and great thinkers. 

Tyler Bradt: Personal Life

Tyler was born in the Montana town of Stevensville. Furthermore, he was raised in the exact location.

Brad was introduced to Kayaking by his father when he was a child. His father also introduced him to Kayaking when he was six years old.

His kayaking skills were average when he was younger, but his hunger and passion for the sport helped him improve.

Furthermore, Tyler’s skills were above-average by the age of 12, and by the age of 15, he had developed into a kayaking prodigy.

As a result, he has received numerous national honors. He was even invited to kayak rapids hosted in Norway.

Furthermore, Tyler has traveled worldwide for the sport, but his favorite place to visit is his hometown of Missoula, Montana.

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Near-Death Experience

Tyler nearly drowned when he was flipped and pinned up against a rock by the force of the water.

Tyler Bradt has a very adventurous spirit
Tyler Bradt has a very adventurous spirit.

Furthermore, Tyler has described the experience as one of the closest things in life to killing him.

The whitewater kayaker plunged over the Palouse falls. He dove 20 feet underwater, and after seven seconds, the athlete rose to the surface.

Sadly, the athlete sprained his wrist and has wind-less lungs. Fortunately, for safety, Tyler had a team at the bottom of the falls.

Palouse Falls is a waterfall located on the Palouse River. It is enormous and measures about 6 kilometers upstream of the Snake River.

Furthermore, Palouse Falls can be found in southeast Washington, USA.

The falls are about 200 feet tall. Moreover, the falls are made up of an upper fall with a drop of about 20 feet.

In addition, the falls are located 1,000 feet north-northwest of the main drop. And, the lower fall has a 200-foot drop.

Furthermore, it is situated within the 94-acre Palouse Falls State Park. As mentioned, Tyler Bradt is well-known for Kayaking in the Palouse Falls. 

Tyler Bradt: Career

World Record

On April 21, 2009, Tyler Bradt set a new Kayaking world record.

He set an incredible record by dropping from 189 feet at Palouse Falls. Pedro Oliva had previously set the record at 127 feet, which the American broke.

Furthermore, Tyler’s media agent also sold images and videos of the American Kayaker to Sports Illustrated.

Moreover, his first published photos appeared in the magazine on May 18, 2009, along with video footage on SI’s website.


The Huck Fest Tour is an annual tour that Tyler Bradt looks forward to every year.

Moreover, during the tour, Bradt and his friends discovered a 95-foot waterfall. This 95-foot waterfall, however, was a bad day for the American Kayaker.

Tyler went to the water without realizing it was too flat. However, Tyler had an accident and broke his L1 vertebra in his back.

In addition, his friends had to drive him to the hospital. He underwent a four-hour surgery there.

Moreover, to replace the crushed bone in Tyler’s back, he received four screws and a bone graft.


Bradt devised a plan for a quest to the Gulf of California in Baja, California, Mexico.

He was also accompanied by Sarah McNair-Landry and Erik Boomer, a friend.

The trip was supposed to be 450 miles long. However, the journey would take between 30-45 days. Nonetheless, the group left Kino Nuevo.

Unfortunately, bad weather forced them to stay on shore for seven days after only a few days into the trip.

Furthermore, they were forced to shorten their journey. In addition, Loreto, Mexico, 258 miles from their starting point, was chosen as the group’s new destination.

Jackson Kayak

Bradt has teamed up with Jackson Kayak to embark on new adventures.

Furthermore, Tyler will also be touring the world with Jackson Kayak as part of his The Wizard’s Eye Expedition.

During the tour, Bradt will also paddle some of the world’s most famous and dangerous waterways.

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Tyler Bradt: Sailing the World

Tyler and Seth Warren, his friend, traveled from Alaska’s northernmost tip to the southernmost tip of South America.

Furthermore, they accomplished this feat without using a single drop of gasoline. Instead, Bradt and Seth used biofuel, converted from Japanese firetrucks.

Moreover, along the way, they are exploring rivers and educating communities.

Tyler Bradt at the Grand Canyon National Park
Tyler Bradt at the Grand Canyon National Park

Bradt was part of an elite crew that tackled the first descent down the deadly Inga Rapids in the heart of the Congo after setting a world record.

Furthermore, Tyler’s most recent mission was his most ambitious yet, as he realized the world is his playground.

A multi-year voyage around the world, staging epic expeditions. Furthermore, Tyler is starting this adventure from his floating basecamp, the Wizard’s Eye.

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Tyler Bradt: Awards

Tyler Bradt has had a successful kayaking career, winning numerous awards in addition to his record.

Given his adventurous nature, it was only natural for him to be named Outside Adventurer of the Year in 2012.

Before his adventure award, he had already won Rider of the Year, Drop of the Year, and the fifth-best line of the year. In addition, he received all of these honors in 2009.

Tyler Bradt: Movies

The American Kayaker has been featured on television and in films. Furthermore, he has given good performances in those films.

He has appeared in Dream Result, Legend of the Falls, and Congo – the Grand Inga Project.

Furthermore, he appeared in Tyler Bradt in Norway, a documentary about The American Kayaker.

He has also appeared in Frontier, Kayaking Uganda 2004: The White Nile, and Oil and Water.

Tyler Bradt: Net Worth

Tyler Bradt has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

His primary source of income was his kayaking days. At the same time, his lifestyle and personal possessions are unknown.

Tyler Bradt: Social Media 

Tyler Bradt has a significant amount of followers on social media platforms. 

The American Kayaker can be found on Facebook and Instagram. On his Facebook page, over 8k people follow him approximately. 

Furthermore, on his Instagram page, over 18.3k people follow him. 

He shares his adventurous side on his social media page. On his page, you can see his passion for Kayaking, paragliding, and the beautiful places he has visited.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time duration between Tyler Bradt and Pedro Oliva records? 

Tyler Bradt beat the record of Pedro Oliva by 62 feet. Furthermore, the American beat the record after a month Pedro set it. 

As, previously mentioned Pedro’s record is 127 feet, while Tyler set the record at 189. 

Why does Tyler Bradt love Missoula, Montana? 

Growing up near Missoula influenced Bradt as a paddler.

Furthermore, Tyler was quoted as saying, “Easy access to wild places and rivers flowing year-round gave me a love for the outdoors and the ability to paddle as much as I could.”

When did Tyler Bradt start kayaking? 

Tyler Bradt started kayaking when he was just six years old. Furthermore, his father Bill introduced the sport to him. 

Does Tyler Bradt produce films? 

Tyler was featured in one of his many projects, Oil and Water, which was critical acclaim and won the Jules Verne awards.

Furthermore, Tyler has produced three top-rated feature films and is currently working on projects involving his global Wizard’s Eye adventures.

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