Maria Sharapova Sick

Is Maria Sharapova Sick? Did She Retire Because Of Health Issues?

Fans are concerned about the former Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova health condition, as she has been talking about mental health, which affected her after retiring. 

For some, the New Year has offered new beginnings, while for others, it has meant a better continuance of their current existence. Maria Sharapova and her boyfriend, Alexander Gilkes, embark on a journey that will take them to the year 2023 from both ends.

New beginnings are underway with Theodore, and the continuation of a joyful family life is going swimmingly.

And well wishes from people worldwide have blessed Theodore and his family, who celebrated his six-month anniversary on January 1st.

In addition, Naomi Campbell, an American model and actress expressed her best wishes to the young family.

Beginning the new year, tennis pro Maria Sharapova and Alexander Gilkes celebrated their son’s first six months. He expressed his affection and wish for a joyful 2023 in a moving Instagram message. 

Naomi Campbell, a supermodel and actress, sent her well wishes to Sharapova, Alexander Gilkes, and their additional family member.

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Is Maria Sharapova Sick?

No, there is no news of Maria Sharapova being sick. She is healthy and living a luxurious life with her little family. 

Sharapova is committed to advancing the health and wellness industry in the future. She has experience competing professionally and serving as a “guinea pig” for new items geared toward athletes.

The athlete also expresses excitement about how far technology has advanced in the past ten years.

She has learned patience from her nearly three decades of tennis, but for now, when it comes to taking the next step as an entrepreneur, she advises wait.

Maria Sharapova Sick
Marisa Sharapova With Her Son On The Day Of New Year (Source: Instagram)

Ms. Sharapova discussed the anxious moments leading up to her 2016 press conference, where she was to publicly announce the results of her drug test in her documentary.

After Maria accidentally used the drug Meldonium, which is prohibited, she was given a ban.

An emotional Sharapova recalled how she felt like she was practicing for a match before the press conference and how tough it was to admit her error in front of everyone.

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Did Maria Sharapova Retire Because Of Health Issues?

One of Maria Sharapova’s motivations for quitting tennis was to spend her time in more fulfilling activities.

In February 2020, at 32, the five-time Grand Slam champion put her racket down to concentrate on other aspects of her life since shoulder problems were impeding her career.

In the months following my retirement announcement, she repeatedly asked herself this question: Sharapova to Inc.

“You need to look inside yourself and at how you’re feeling. Additionally, pay attention to what your mind and body are saying.”

Maria Sharapova Sick
Maria Sharapova At Glam Slam Event Where She Talked About Her Mental State After Her Retirement (Source: Instagram)

In 2016, Sharapova admitted to taking Meldonium for the preceding ten years despite not knowing it was a prohibited substance and disclosed that she had tested positive in a drug test.

Sharapova continued, “I realized that I was strutting my stuff but not as a tennis player by this point, and I had lost sight of the competition.

It became a challenging process to oversee, but with the help of my team, I realized that progress was required and there were plenty of other, maybe more significant, options.”

Sharapova is now deeply involved in business, investing in fitness, health, and beauty brands while assuming total control of the confectionery company she founded in 2012, Sugarpova.

She continued, “Before, I couldn’t focus on the small things or the focus you must develop when you start your own business.”

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