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MC Marcinho Family And Kids: Son Matheus, Marcelo, Marcio And Daughter Sara and Mareé

MC Marcinho recently passed away due to health issues, and now MC Marcinho family and the kids are grieving over the loss.

Born on November 11, 1977, MC Marcinho was a funk melody singer and songwriter from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, best known for his hits Rap do Solitário, Glamurosa, Princesa, etc. His father was a skilled carpenter and a passionate samba dancer during his free moments, always bringing an artistic essence into the family.

At 16, he moved to Bangu in Rio de Janeiro, where he started nurturing his musical inspirations, drawing influence from iconic figures like Roberto Carlos and Sandra de Sá.

At first, he released an album, Porque Te Amo, on DJ Marlboro’s label in collaboration with funk artist MC Cacau in 1997. A year later, in 1998, he debuted with the first solo album of his career, Semper Solitário, also produced by Marlboro.

Among the songs within this album, “Garota Nota 100” became the most well-known, which also became the soundtrack of TV Globo’s soap opera Vai na Fé.

It was just another year later that MC Marcinho released Valeu Shock, which also went on to become quite successful.

After that, he stayed out of the spotlight for some time when his musical style went out of focus with the popularization of the funk style music with erotic lyrics. Nonetheless, he continued working to release Falando com as Estrelas and Tudo é Festa.

Marcinho’s song Glamurosa from the album Falando com as Estrelas became his most successful song ever, gaining popularity as modern funk, which uses more drum beats. Eventually, his distinctive voice and contribution to the funk music genre earned him the nickname ‘prince of funk.’

Tragically, on August 26, 2023, he died of multiple organ dysfunction at 9:10 a.m., leaving this world forever. Now, MC Marcinho family and his kids carry on his legacy.

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MC Marcinho Family And Kids: Son Matheus, Marcelo, Marcio, And Daughter Sara and Mareé

MC Marcinho family consists of five kids: three sons and two daughters.

Even though MC Marcinho might have passed away, three of his children have inherited his musical talent and are looking to make their career.

MC Marcinho family members in a single photo
MC Marcinho family with all five of his kids (Source: Instagram)

One of his sons, Marcelo, is a musician, composer, and sound engineer and has eight releases under his Soundcloud account, with Faith being his first-ever release on March 12, 2018. 

The other two sons are Matheus and Marcio, though there’s little information on them. Meanwhile, it does seem like Marcio is in a relationship with a girl named Agatha, as per his Instagram highlight.

Moving on in the MC Marcinho family, both of the daughters, Sara and Mareé, are singers, with Mareé releasing her first single, Minhas Escolhas, recently.

Initially, Mareé was named Marcelly, but she believed that changes were necessary as she transitioned into another stage of her artistic life. So, she took on the name “Mareé” after pondering for a long time with her brother.

At first, they only wanted to use “Mar,” but when she looked for the meaning of “Tide,” she saw meaning in it that drives human actions with advances and setbacks. So she took “Mareé,” meaning tide or star of the sea.

All the children have the surname Garcia, as MC Marcinho isn’t the singer’s real name. It is Márcio André Nepomuceno Garcia.

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Matheus, Marcelo, Marcio, Sara and Mareé Mothers And Divorce

In 2008, MC Marcinho tied the knot with Kelly Garcia and became a father to a son, Marcelo, and a daughter, Marcelly or Mareé.

However, before that, he was married to a fellow singer, MC Cacau, with whom they gave birth to their son, Marcio.

MC Marcinho taking photo with his daughter
MC Marcinho and his daughter Sara Paraíso (Source: Instagram)

Marcelo, Mareé, and Marcio knew who their father was since their birth, but that’s not the case for Matheus and Sara Paraíso, who only discovered that MC Marcinho was their father through a DNA test at the age of 21 officially confirming their bond.

Unfortunately, after over a decade-long married life, MC Marcinho and Kelly Garcia revealed their divorce just days before his passing on August 20, 2023, while he was hospitalized.

So MC Marcinho family is now a member of 5, and that would be all his children.

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