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Who Are Tom Godwin And Beth Godwin? Hannah Godwin Parents And Family

After heartbreak on ‘The Bachelor,’ Hannah Godwin finds true love with Dylan Barbour on ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ leading to a magical wedding in France where Hannah Godwin parents were seen emotional.

Hannah Godwin is a 28-year-old American TV personality, model and YouTuber. She appeared on the 23rd season of the hit TV show ‘The Bachelor,’ where she was one of the two remaining finalists in this season.

She then appeared on the 6th season of ‘The Bachelor in Paradise,’ where she eventually met the love of her life.

Godwin grew up in Alabama, where she attended her high school at ‘Hoover High School.’ She competed in ‘Miss Senior Class’ 2013.

In her early life, she has done a lot of pageants, including ‘Miss Oak Mountain’ and ‘Miss Alabama USA,’ where she placed as the 3rd runner up.

Later, she went to the University of Montevallo in 2017, graduating in business management and marketing.

Her initial goal was to start her own business, but her career took a different path as he graduated from college. She worked as a social media and marketing manager at other clothing brands, leading her to become an influencer.

Her job allowed her to attend various fashion events, like the Birmingham Fashion Week. She gained a lot of experience in the fashion world and eventually became a model.

Hannah Godwin Parents: Meet Tom Godwin And Beth Godwin

Hannah invited her parents, Tom and Beth Godwin, to one of the episodes of ‘The Bachelor.’ Even though they divorced, her parents came back as a force together to support their daughter.

Hannah Godwin parents went through a divorce, and there was a particularly intense incident where her mother, Beth Godwin, drove a car through her father’s front yard during the process of moving out.

Hannah Godwin Parents
Hannah Godwin shares a picture of her with her father, Tom Godwin. (Source: Instagram.)

This event had a significant impact on Hannah, and it was described as a moment that epitomized the end of their family as she knew it.

Despite the past tensions and divorce, Hannah Godwin parents appear to have come a long way since those intense moments.

In the show ‘The Bachelor,’ they are seen sharing a seat on the couch during the Hometowns episode, indicating that they have a united front and support Hannah’s journey on the show.

Hannah’s relationship with her parents is close, and their approval is crucial to her. She has posted affectionate messages and photos with her parents on social media, showcasing her strong bond with them.

Hannah Godwin parents approval seems to be a significant factor in her romantic relationships, and they judge whether a potential partner is suitable for her.

Hannah Godwin walking down the aisle
In the magical wedding ceremony, Hannah walked down the aisle with her father. (Source: Instagram)

When Hannah faced a breakup on the show, her parents were supportive and assured her that her feelings and connection were genuine.

They conveyed that they saw the chemistry between her and the bachelor (Colton) and trusted her judgment.

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Love Beyond Reality: Fairytale Wedding of Hannah Godwin & Dylan Barbour

The breakup with the bachelor Colton later turned out to be extremely good for her, as she later found the love of her life, Dylan Barbour, in a later version of the same show ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’

The couple exchanged vows at the Chateau de Villette in Condé Court, France, in front of 145 friends and family members.

Hannah Godwin parents attending their daughter's wedding
In the wedding ceremony of Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour, Hannah Godwin parents were present to give their child a blessing. (Source: Instagram)

The wedding festivities spanned a week. They began with a welcome party on a sunset boat cruise along the Paris Seine.

An intimate garden party-themed rehearsal dinner followed, and the wedding ceremony took place on the third day.

Hannah Godwin wore three different gowns by Atelier Pronovias Haute Couture. She chose a double lingerie satin wedding dress with a crystal rhinestone trimmed veil and matching tulle gloves embroidered with Swarovski crystals for the ceremony.

The wedding day was special for both Hannah and Dylan. The location, Paris, was significant to them as they had talked about traveling there during their time on ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’

After the wedding, the couple plans to celebrate further. They are set to travel to Mykonos to celebrate with childhood friends and then head to a resort in the Maldives for a 10-day reset trip.

The wedding day also coincided with Hannah’s mom’s birthday, adding an extra layer of celebration.

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