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Who Is Michael DeGroote Wife Carrie? Married Life And Kids

Carrie, Michael DeGroote’s wife, is a loving partner to him and a doting mother to their kids. After exchanging the wedding vow, the pair went on to create a beautiful family and had a lovely time together.

With continuous hard work, Michael George DeGroote, aka Michael DeGroote, established himself as one of the most successful business people. Besides his rocking career in the business world, the Ontario native was also famous for his philanthropic works and contributions to McMaster University.

Michael was born on 13 August 1933 in Belgium to a Flemish mother and father. His family immigrated to Canada when he was 14 years old. After quitting his academic life in grade 9, the talented businessman started to work in the tobacco fields and helped his family. Later, he kicked off his business career and accomplished today’s success.

The Canadian entrepreneur was a family man with many kids and grandkids. Despite the fame, little is known about the businessman’s personal life. Follow us till the end to learn some interesting facts about Michael DeGroote’s wife, children, and many more.

Michael DeGroote Wife Carrie: Marital Life Explored

Michael DeGroote was once married to Carrie. Unfortunately, Mrs. DeGroote is a woman of secrecy. As a result, her whole identity is a mystery. Also, it is unknown when the couple tied the knot and how they first crossed paths.

MIchae DeGroote
Carrie, Michael DeGroote’s wife, lives a private life. Image Source: Social Media.

Even so, along with her hubby, Carrie has been involved in various philanthropic works. For instance, the couple donated $500k to the campaign to equip the Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital in August 2013. 

To recognize the adorable pair’s generosity, the hospital even named their Urgent/Acute Care zone in the emergency department. Although not much has been disclosed regarding Michael and Carrie’s marital life, they must have had a good time together.

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Michael DeGroote Was A Proud Father Of Four Kids

Michael was a proud father of four grown-up kids. Gary (Laurie) DeGroote, Joni Tipping, Tim DeGroote, and Michael Jr. (Carrie) DeGroote are Michael DeGroote’s children. All of the businessman’s kids have grown up and already have a family of their own.

Furthermore, the Canadian entrepreneur had twelve grandkids and eleven great-grandkids. The late businessman considered number 13 a lucky number (it is also his date of birth) and was hoping to reach his lucky number with two more great-grandchildren.

The famous personality’s goal was to create a special bond with every one of his kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. It seems he was equally devoted to his family as his professional career.

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Michael DeGroote Illness And Health: How Did He Die? 

Michael DeGroote passed away on 11 September 2022, just a month after his 89th birthday. The reason for his death has not been revealed yet. However, he had a long history of illness and many health issues.

In 2017, Michael DeGroote was reported to be mentally unfit for any engagement in tasks that requires any measure of cognitive focus. According to the legal records filed in a lawsuit over a $112 million casino operation that involved accusations of Mafia infiltration, death threats, and fraud, he had dementia and chronic pain.

Additionally, by the time the late businessman was in his late 70s, he had retired from most of his business activities due to deteriorating health issues. Plus, the billionaire suffered from a stroke in 2001.

Michael’s medical history includes persistent pain due to a stroke in 2001, high-dose pain medications, several operations for the problems like metastatic melanoma (a type of skin Cancer that has spread to other parts of the entrepreneur’s body), and deep brain stimulation.

In conclusion, Michael’s journey in the business world was glorious, from starting his business career in 1959 to becoming one of the most successful businessmen.

In addition, he had a loving family. Let’s hope the DeGroote family finds the strength to cope with the sudden loss of their loved one. We wish peace to the businessman wherever he is. 

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