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Michal Martikan: Accident, Pardon & Net Worth

Michal Martikan is one of the wealthiest canoeists, born in Slovakia. Moreover, he started competing in the mid-1990s.

Furthermore, the Slovenian canoeist is listed as one of the most popular canoeists.

Many consider him to be the best C1 Slovakian-born paddler alive.

Michal Martinka shows of his medal.
Michal Martinka shows his medal.

Moreover, in 1996, he became the first athlete from Slovakia to win an Olympic gold medal.

Martikan win was the country’s first gold medal since its independence in 1993.

Moreover, he has the most Olympic medals among Slovakian paddlers, with five.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Michal Martikan: 

Full Name Michal Martikan
Birth Date May 18, 1979
Birth Place Liptocsky Mikulas, Czechslovakia
Nickname Not Available
Nationality Slovak
Ethnicity Not Available
Hobbies Ice Hockey, Golf, Windsurfing, Ski mountaineering
Food Habit Non-vegetarian 
Education Not Available
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Father’s Name Jozef Martikan
Mother’s Name Katarina Martikanova
Siblings Not Available
Age 44 Years Old
Height 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Reach Not Available
Weight 159 lb (72 kg)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Profession Professional Canoeist
Coach Jozef Martikan
Marital Status Married
Wife Lenka Martikanova
Active Years Not Available
Children Not Available
Net Worth $1 million – $5 million (as of 2024)
Social Media Facebook, Instagram
Canoe Slalom Merch Paddle, Helmet, Life Jacket
Last Update April, 2024

Michal Martikan: Age, Height, and Weight

Michal is now 44 years old. 

Moreover, the Slovakia-born canoeist stands around 5 feet and 7 inches or 170cm tall and weighs roughly 72 kg or 159 lbs.

Furthermore, Martikan’s zodiac is Taurus. Taurus people are driven by a strong desire for social and financial stability.

Furthermore, they have a strong desire for extravagance, contentment, and great things, leading them to feel extreme neediness.

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Michal Martikan: Personal Life

Matikan, born on May 18, 1979, is the child of Josef Martikan and Katarina Martikanova.

Moreover, he was born in the small city of Liptocsky Mikulas, Czechslovakia. 

Liptovsky Mikulas was an important city for Slovaks during the magnetization era in the nineteenth century.

Furthermore, Michal is currently married to Lenka Martikanova. They have been married since 2003. 

Sticker Warning

Michal Martikan received a warning in World Cup Krakow for his small “mm2020” (40mm wide) stickers behind the cockpit.

Furthermore, he removed that after Mrs. Sue Natoli, the ICF’s main referee sent an email to the SVK team leader.

Inspiring others

In the under-15 category, Slovakia has a relatively small number of successful canoeists, and Michal Martikan is one of them.

The issue is that a small country like Slovakia does not have many athletes.

Michal Martinka was an isnpiration for many Slovakian youngsters.
Michal Martinka was an inspiration for many Slovakian youngsters.

The Hochschorner brothers and Michal Martikán have inspired many people.

Others, such as Alexander Slafkovsk and Matej Beu, have followed in their footsteps.

Moreover, athletes like Michal Martikan led the way with their efforts and abilities.

Michal Martikan: Accident and Pardon

In November 1997, Martikan was involved in a car accident near Velke Zaluzie, Slovakia. 

Velke Zaluzie is a small village on the outskirts of Slovakia. Moreover, the car collided with a pedestrian, sadly killing him.

Although, the pedestrian was intoxicated. Moreover, Blood tests revealed that Martikan had no alcohol in his system.

Martikán was also returning from a press conference in Bratislava, where he discussed his plans for the winter and the 1998 World Championships.

Furthermore, the investigation determined that Martikan was exceeding the 40 km/h speed limit.

The police authorities also discovered that the deceased man was heavily intoxicated at the time of the accident.

Moreover, the incident occurred in the dark outside of the inhabited area.

Martikan was facing incarceration for violating his probation terms. However, despite widespread criticism, then-President Rudolf Schuster granted Martikan a presidential pardon.

Aside from saving him from jail, the president effectively erased the conviction from his record.

Since medieval times, the traditional power of the head of state has been able to grant amnesties.

Moreover, individual pardons have existed on Slovak territory.

However, the practice has come under fire since establishing independent Slovakia in 1993, as several pardons and/or amnesties have been revoked.

Because the pardons and/or amnesties were deemed unjustified and contrary to the public interest.

Martikan’s positive athletic representation of the country abroad, according to Rudolf Schuster, warranted the pardon.

Furthermore, critics pointed to a double standard and Martikan’s preferential treatment as a sports celebrity.

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Michal Martikan: Career

Michal was also coached by his father, Jozef Martikan. He started as a canoeist in the early years of his age. 

He was just sixteen when he participated in an event. 


Furthermore, Michal Martikan, at the age of 16, became the youngest World Cup slalom canoeing winner.

Impressively, three months later, at the age of 17, he managed to become 6th after the first run of the canoe singles event at the 1996 Olympics in Slovakia.

Further, he went all-in on the second run, narrowly outscoring the defending champion, Czech Republic.

He entered the 2000 Olympics as the favorite, having finished near the top of every major competition and World Cup series.

Moreover, Martikan had the highest qualifying round score at the Sydney Games. Despite this, he finished fifth after the first run of the final.

He paddled a flawless course. Furthermore, his time was the quickest of the round.

Moreover, Martikan was able to advance to the silver medal position as a result of his efforts.

Martikán once again led the qualifying round in the 2004 Olympics.

The canoeist scored the highest in the competition during the semi-finals, which served as the final’s first run.

Martikán reclaimed the Olympic title after the second run. But, the referees controversially awarded him a two-second penalty, dropping him to second place.

Michal Martinka during an Olympic event
Michal Martinka during an Olympic event

Moreover, Martikan won bronze at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Michal Martikán is the only slalom canoeist to have won five Olympic medals, one in each of the five games between 1996 and 2012.

World Championships

Between 1995 and 2010, Martikan won a medal in the individual C1 event at the World Championships.

In 2011, he didn’t win any medals for the first time in his career in an Olympic or World Championship individual race.

This failure occurred, ironically, in front of a home crowd on the Cunovo course near Bratislava.

However, he extended his medal run by winning gold in the team event with his Slovak teammates.

Between 2013 and 2019, he won six more gold medals in the C1 team event, making it 17 World Championships in a row with a medal.

The canoeist has also won the World Cup title five times in 1998, 2000, 2001, 2006, and 2014.

Moreover, it is a record among C1 paddlers set by Michal Martikan.

European Championships 

Between 2007 and 2010, he won four consecutive individual gold medals at the European Championships.

With him on the team, Slovakia won the C1 team event 11 times.

Moreover, he also has six silver medals, four of which are individual and two of which are a team. 

Furthermore, he also won two bronze medals, one as an individual and one as a team member.

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Michal Martikan: Achievements and Accolades

Between 2003 and 2014, he was named Slovak Canoe Association whitewater Athlete of the Year eight times.

Furthermore, in 2010, the canoeist was inducted into the Whitewater Hall of Fame in Bretton Woods, Wisconsin.

Moreover, Michal has also been named Slovakian Athlete of the Year four times.

Michal Martikan: Coaching Austria

Michal Martikán, a Slovak athlete, started coaching Austria’s team for the Olympic Games.

After failing to qualify for Tokyo, he accepted an offer to coach canoeist Nadine Weratschnigová.

Moreover, Michal did not receive an invitation to compete in the Olympics from the Slovakian team.

Furthermore, the Austrian head coach contacted the experienced Slovak.

Michal Martikan: Social Media 

Like many athletes, Martikan is on social media. The canoeist can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Around three thousand people follow the Slovakia-born canoeist on the Facebook.

He shares his love for paddling and his personal life on the social media accounts. 

Net Worth

As of 2024, the Slovenian canoeist Michal Martikan has an estimated net worth of $1 million – $5 million.

Moreover, his primary source of income was the canoeist career, and he must have earned a good sum from coaching Austria’s team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which president pardoned Michal Martikan?

Then-president Rudolf Schuster pardoned Martikan after the accident that killed a man. 

Furthermore, the President faced many criticisms for his actions. 

Why did Martikan coach the Team Austria instead of Slovakia? 

After, no offers from the Slovakian team for the Olympics 2020. He coached Team Austria. 

Furthermore, he coached after one of his friends referred him. 

How many gold medals does the Michal Martikan have?

Michal Martikan has been very successful throughout his career. He has won many medals as a canoeist. 

Moreover, he has won about 20 gold medals. 

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