Adriano De Souza: Early Life, Wife & Net Worth

Adriano ”Mineirinho” de Souza is commonly known as Adriano De Souza. In addition, he is a Brazilian professional surfer who has won the WSL World Champion.

The Brazilian surfer started competing in the World Surf League Men’s World Tour in 2005. 

The World Champion and WSL commentator Martin Potter and Ross Williams (a former top 44 surfer and WSL commentator) have said he is one of the hardest working surfers.

Adriano De Souza with his cup
Adriano De Souza with his cup

Potter and Williams once casually highlighted during WSL broadcasts how Adriano gets to the venues of the surf contests much earlier than his opponents.

Here are some quick facts about him before getting into the details about his life and career, family, and education.

Quick Facts: Adriano De Souza

Full Name Adriano ”Mineirinho” de Souza
Birth Date February-13, 1987
Birth Place Guaruja, Sau Paola, Brazil
Nick Name Terrier
Religion Not Available
Nationality Brazilian
Ethnicity Afro Brazilian
Education Universidade, Estadual de Campinas
Horoscope Aquarius
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings Angelo
Age 35 Years Old
Height 5 foot 6 inches
Weight 64 kg
Hair Colour Black 
Eye Colour Hazel
Build Athletic
Sponsors Red Bull, Hd, Oakley
Stance Regular
Favorite Waves Riozinho
Marital Status Married
Girlfriend Patricia S. Eicke de Souza
Kids Not Available
Net Worth $2 million – $5 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Favorite Maneuvers Boosting Airs
Merch Billabong Pro Tahiti 2008, Como se tornar um campeão: A história de Adriano de Souza
Last Updated December, 2022

Adriano De Souza: Early Life, Family, and Education

Adriano grew a couple of miles from the beach. Sadly, he didn’t grow up in some beautiful beach town.

The surfer even couldn’t realize he was close to water. All he knew was life inside the Favela, the town where he spent his childhood.

The town is full of people, crowded, and even dirty to some extent. The hustle and bustle noises of the vehicles, sirens echoing all night long, and the sound of the gun in the streets.

It was hard for Adriano to make a future inside the Favela; as a kid, it was obviously hard to find bravery in a crime and crowded life.

Brother Influence

Adriano had a brother named Angelo; the surfer was often surprised by how his brother remains happy in such an environment.

During the week, Angelo would wake up every morning at 5:00 am and work on a military base near Guaruja.

And he would eventually come from work at 6 pm. Adriano watched his brother do this every day. 

And on the weekend, Adriano saw his brother grab a surfboard and went surfing with his friends and knew the reason behind his happiness.

After that, Adriano once in the summer evening decided to sneak and follow his brother to the shore.

Moreover, Adriano was afraid that his brother would catch him sneaking upon him as he was eight years old and his brother was nineteen.

Adriano’s life changed when his brother decided to give him a taste of surfing.

And when he felt the warm water touching his body, Adriano instantly felt the peace and determined what he would do for the rest of his life.

Adriano De Souza: Tragic Family Story

There were days and weeks where Adriano’s mom wouldn’t get out of bed because of the sadness.

Moreover, it’s a fact that not everyone could keep their mind up in such an environment; there was always a fear creeping around due to crime and violence.

She would cry for days in her room, and when Adriano and his brother get curious, they will get the same answer from their dad: mom is just sick.

Adriano’s mom got the Depression when he was born, and he wasn’t allowed to see her.

Moreover, if he tried, his father would move him away from his mother, saying the same old thing Moms just sick, she’ll be fine.

The worst part was his dad had to quit the job to take care of his mom full time.

But he set a little shop in front of the house just selling drinks and small things for the family.

Adrianos Mom was very unpredictable; when Adrian was tiny, she set the house on fire and just ran away.

Moreover, she left the surfer vulnerable to the fire, but fortunately, the neighbor saved his life.

Adriano’s elder brother Angelo turned 18 and took a job with the military as a security guard at the docks to help and support the family.

In addition, the military loved him as he had strongly built from all the surfing.


Adriano used to take lunch every day for his brother Angelo and watch the shore full of surfers.

For the second time, he went to do the same thing for his brother Angelo, and coincidentally he found the surf school near the docks as if it was his fate calling for him to join the school.

Moreover, the coach at the surfing school was missing a leg and was teaching just by one leg.

Adriano so badly wanted to join the school, but his brother denied it because he had no time to look after Adriano as he was still very, very young.

However, Adriano was committed and stubborn, and he talked to Pirata.

And he told his brother that Pirata agreed to look after him and finally convinced his brother.

Moreover, Pirata knew that Adriano was from the town of criminals and had not had much money to pay for the fees, so, told Adriano not to worry about the money and just practice and learn.

Pirata taught Adriano everything and gave him a future that Adriano would never forget in his life.

Adriano was a teenager at that time and had to surf with the Elders, who are in their ’30s and 40’s, stronger and more experienced than him.

As a result, Adriano lost every time, but he kept going; his spirits and instincts were powerful.

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Adriano De Souza: Age, Height, and Weight

As an Athlete, Adriano has a strong and stocky Body which is very useful for balancing during Surfing and sticking with the surfboard.

The Brazilian Professional Surfer is 35 Years Old in December, 2022.

Adriano stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 64 kg.

Adriano De Souza: Career

Adriano’s Career started when he was just 15 years old. Adriano’s dedication and love for spending time in water and surfing made him one of the most influential and pro surfers.

At the age of 14, Souza won a professional event in Brazil and made some money.

Moreover, this was a big deal for him because he didn’t come from much, and his family was poor.

As a result, Adrian’s hope raised to the peak, and he decided to pursue surfing as a career.

At 15, Adrian made history by beating the world’s best up-and-coming surfers to become ASP World Junior Championship.

Rose to Fame

In 2003 Adriano won ASP World Junior Championship (Youngest champion ever – Age 16).

Again in 2005, he won the ASP 5-Star event – Billabong Costa does Sauipe.

Similarly, the surfer won the ASP Super Series event that Rip Curl Pro Hossegor held.

He also won the ASP 6-star event at the Bongo Pro Surfing and ASP 6-star Maresia Surf Intl.

In 2006, Andy didn’t win any title for the first place, but instead, he ranked 20 on the 2006 ASP World Tour.

The same happened in 2007 where he managed to ranked the top 28 on the ASP World Tour.

However, 2008 was a bit favorable for Adriano as he ranked top 7 on the ASP Tour.

In that particular event, he Won ASP 5-star- Billabong ECO Surf Festival and Won ASP 4-Star event held by Mark Richards Pro Newcastle.

Similarly, on the 2009 ASP World Tour, Adriano managed to get ranked 5 and won the First ASP World Tour event Held in Mundaka, Spain, by Billabong Pro Mundaka.

World Tour Event

In 2011, Adriano ranked top 5 on the ASP World Tour and managed to win the ASP World Tour event held by Billabong Pro Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Similarly, the surfer also won the ASP World Tour event held by Rip Curl Pro Portugal in Peniche, Portugal.

adriano de souza | Surfer Dad
Adriano De Souza Surfing on a wave
In addition, D’Souza ranked top 5 on the 2012 ASP World Tour rankings, where he won the ASP 6-Star event – Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay – South Africa.

Similarly, Adriano came at 12th position on the ASP World Tour rankings in 2013 and Won the ASP World Tour event – Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach in Torquay, Australia. 

Adriano D’souza again proved to be one of the best surfers by Winning the ASP 6-Star event in Manly Beach, Australia, which the Australian Open of Surfing held.

In Addition to that, the surfer also won the Margaret River Pro Tour event – Margaret River, Australia.

D’souza also won the Billabong Pipeline Masters Tour event – Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii.

Adriano ranked 11 on the WSL Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour rankings, and in 2017, he eventually won the Oi Rio Pro Tour event – Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Moreover, the Brazilian surfer Adriano announced that he would be retiring at the end of the 2021 season.

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Adriano De Souza: Wife

Adriano is one of the Most Influential Surfers of all time. Moreover, he has millions of fans in every corner of the world.

The WSL world champion Adriano De Souza married his girlfriend, Patricia Eicke, in a poolside wedding in 2016. Moreover, she is a model.

In addition, the couple doesn’t have any kids till now.

Adriano De Souza with his wife at an Event
Adriano De Souza with his wife at an Event

The day eventually came when he beat the Mick Fanning and won his first World Championship Title.

It was an incredible achievement for the 28-year old Brazilian after ten years of ups and down on tour.

And adding to the heartache and stress, his good friend Ricardo dos Santos was fatally shot earlier in the year. So De Souza dedicated his big win to his fallen brother.

Adriano De Souza: Net Worth

Adriano surfed pretty much his whole life. He started surfing when he was just 8 years old.

The surfer won the first prize when he was still in his teenage years and bought his brother a new house.

Moreover, the winning prize money was plenty for the down payment, and he wanted to return the favor to his brother.

Adriano De Souza is one of those few Athletes in the surfing world who actually made plenty of money through surfing.

Adriano De Souza’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million – $5 million, and his career income was more than 2 million us dollars.

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Adriano De Souza: Social Media Presence

The Brazilian surfer Adriano is an active social media user. Moreover, he shares pictures of his personal life and professional life.

In addition, Adriano announces that he will be retiring at the end of the 2021 season through the virtual press briefing in his hometown Brazil.

Facebook: Over 403k followers

 Instagram: Over 441k followers

Twitter: Over 76.2k followers

Adriano De Souza: FAQs

Where Does Adriano De Souza live now?

Adriano De Souza resides in Florianopolis, Santa Caterina, Brazil.

Does Adriano De Souza Still Surfs?

The Good News is yes, but he only surfs as a guest, and there’s still a hope that he will eventually decide to be back in the game.

After all, he’s a legend with World Championship Titles.

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