Mike Trout: Family, Los Angeles Angels & Net Worth

Mike Trout is one of the biggest names in baseball leagues. He is currently playing as an outfielder for Los Angeles Angels.

Mike debuted at the young age of 19, and since then, he has become an unstoppable force. He has already made his mark, and so much is yet to come from the player.

Mike has already been the American League’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) three times, eight times MLB All-star, and seven times the Silver Slugger Award winner.

Mike Trout on the field.

With his field ethic and ruthless determination to dominate the field, he has made a lot of progress from his debut to playing in the big leagues.

Quick Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Mike Trout.


Full name Michael Nelson Trout
Date of birth 7 August 1991
Age [calculate_years datestring=”07/08/1991″] Years Old
Birthplace Vineland, New Jersey, U.S.A
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Millville Senior High School
Father’s name Jeff Trout
Mother’s name Debbie Busonick Trout
Zodiac sign Leo
Height 6 feet and 2 inches
Weight 106 kg
Spouse Jessica Cox
Children one son
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Net Worth $60 million
Body type Muscular
Sexual Orientation Straight
Profession Baseball Player
Position Centre fielder
Current team Los Angeles Angels
Nickname Millville meteor, Mike, kiiiiiid
Salary $35.5 million
Social Media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
Debut year 2009 AD
Merch Autographed Bat, Signed Jersey, Card
Last Updated [current-month], [current-year]

Mike Trout: Early Life


Michael Nelson Trout, or simply Mike, was born on August 7th of 1991 in Millville, New Jersey.

His father’s name is Jeff Trout, and his mother’s name is Debbie Busonick Trout. He has an older sister Teal Trout and an older brother Tyler Trout.

His father was also born in Millville and played for the high school team in his days. He went to University in Delaware and played for four consecutive seasons.

But due to his lack of commitment to the glove and his serious knee injury, he gave up baseball.

He moved back to Millville and settled for being a history teacher and a coach. Mike’s mother’s occupation is unknown.


Mike has an incredible passion for baseball and was very athletic as a kid. When most kids just lost track of time watching cartoons, Mike could sit through an entire game since he was eight years old.

According to his first coach Mike Kavanagh, Trout was already the best player at the age of nine in the Little League of all twelve-year-olds.

He usually served fastballs and stationed at the shortstop. Before high school, he wore a number 2 jersey in honor of his idol, Derek Jeter.


When high school came around, Mike switched to a number 1 jersey and also topped in his field.

He was making headlines for Millville high schooler’s team, and his coach Roy Hallenback had high hopes for him.

Growing up, Mike was a big fan of Philadephia Phillies and even attended their World Series Parade of 2008. He was also an admirer of Derek Jeter.


Mike Trout: Personal Life

Mike Trout is married to Jessica Cox, who is the sister of Aaron Cox, a former baseball player for Los Angeles Angels in the minor leagues.

Jessica and Mike are high school sweethearts. From the moment they met, Mike said that he knew he met his best friend and partner.

On June 28th of 2016, Mike grandly proposed to Jessica by writing the question in the sky.

They had their wedding in 2017 December. Family members, friends, and even Mike’s Angels teammates attended the wedding.

Mike constantly expresses how his wife is his entire support system and cannot function without her.  She is supportive of Mike and helps him to focus on his career at all times.


The couple has a son together. They welcomed their bundle of joy on July 30th, 2020. They have named the beautiful baby boy Beckham Aaron Trout.

The middle name of their’s son is a tribute to Jessica’s brother Aaron Cox who dies in 2018.

They announce their son’s birth on social media with a post of baby Beckham wearing a black beanie and with a sign that says,’ I’m here.

The fans all over the world congrats them and wishes them a happy life.

Mike Trout: Physical Appearance

The 29-year-old player is six feet two inches in height and weighs around 106 kg.

He has a muscular body type and is health-conscious. Mike has a fair complexion with brown eyes and brown hair.


Mike or also called the Millville Meteor by his fans, has had quite the career from the day he picked up the bat.

High School Career

Mike joined the Millville Senior High Thunderbolts and immediately made a name in the crowd. He successfully defeated one of their biggest high school rivals Vineland Fighting Club in 2003 after a striking game of two-hitter of 2-1.

Mike went against Egg harbor township with an impressive 18 batters. Cherry Hill shut down the Millville Thunderbolts in the State playoffs.

He played the Perfect Game WWBA Championship in 2007 and 2008 in Florida at the age of 14. He played in the outfield position.


After high school, lots of scouts were on the lookout for Mike. One of them happened to be Angels East Coast scout named Greg Morhardt, who was a teammate of his father, Jeff.

The Los Angeles Angels had drafted Mike in 25th overall in 2009, and he started playing for the farm team, the Arizona Angels, in the rookie league of Arizona.

He had signed a 1.2 million dollar deal, reached six bases in his first game, and hit .360 in 39 games.

In 2010 Mike batted .362 in 81 games, and he was promoted to Rancho Cucamonga and advanced class A club. Mike finished his second season with .347 batting, 73 walks, and 56 stolen bases.

Mike started the 2011 season by playing as the centerfield for the Arkansas Travellers. He hit .324 with nine home runs, 28 stolen bases, and 27 RBIs in the seventy-five games.


Los Angeles Angels

2011 was the year when Mike was called up to the big games as a replacement for Peter Bourjos, who was injured.

In the major leagues, Mike started to struggle and was sent back to the minor leagues. He made a comeback on August 19 with a 0-3 game.

He played 40 games with five home runs and a .220 average with .281 OBP and .390 SLG. Mike became the youngest player to hit a multi-homer in a game.

The 2012 season did not look great for the Los Angeles Angels. They had already lost six in twenty games as Vernon Wells got injured and Bobby Abreu traded them for Los Angeles Dodgers.

This was the shining moment for Mike, and he took on the spotlight at full speed.

Mike collected 19 hits and his average climb to .350.

He was smashing home runs and stealing bases and making highlights as an outfielder. He even took away a home run from JJ hardy; that was an unreal sight.

The 2012 season began for Mike as featured for the Salt Lakes Bees in the Triple-A Pacific Coast League.

As a replacement for Bobby Abreu in April, Mike was brought back. That year Mike won the title of American League Co-player of the Week when he earned his career’s first four-hit game.

Consecutive Years

Trout kept the momentum up and had his second and third four-hit game.

He became American League Player of the month and American League Rookie of the month. He got selected for his first All-star game.

In the 2013 season, he began playing left field position then switched back to center field position. His talent earned him a spot at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

In 2014, he signed a contract worth $1 million, which was later amended to $144.5 million.

Mike successfully landed his first MVP in an All-Star Game. He played 157 games and hit 36 home runs, 111 RBIs, 16 Stolen bases, and 115 runs scored.

Mike Trout with Los Angeles Angels Jersey.

In April 2017, Trout became the youngest player to reach 100 home runs and 100 stolen bases and also won his fourth Silver Slugger award and second American League MVP.

In 2017 Mike had a thumb injury and could not participate in the American League All-Star Game.

However, Sports Illustrated ranked him the number one player after he made his return to the field.

Mike became an American League All-star player of the week four times.

As a result of all the records, he signed a groundbreaking contract of $426 million with the Los Angeles Angels.

Mike Trout: Net Worth

For his impressive career, Mike Trout has earned his rewards respectively. He just signed a striking $426 million deal with the Los Angeles Angels for twelve years.

He is also an investor in BodyArmor Superdrink company since 2012.

Mike, over his career, has received many endorsement deals from brands like Nike, Subway, Rawlings, Land Rover, and Superpretzels. Nike has even released Mike Trout branded shoes in 2014.

mIKE trout’s Net worth is about $60 million and his salary is  $35.5 million.

By the time his contracts end, he will have made a whopping 500 million dollars just from his salary alone.

This does not even begin to amass the wealth he will gather from brand endorsement deals.

Mike Trout: Social Media

Mike is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

He has over 1.8 million followers on his Instagram, where he shares pictures of his family, friends, and his league games.

His Twitter account has over 2.5 million followers, and on his Facebook account, he has over 640k followers.


Mike Trout: Accomplishments

Mike Trout has won the title of American League All-star MVP in his rookie campaign of 2012.

He has landed the 4 of AL MVP in his eight seasons of major leagues. He has been MVP in the season of 2014, 2016, and 2019.

Trout has been awarded the Silver Slugger Award seven times in his career and the AL Hank Aaron award two times.


What is Mike Trout’s salary?

Mike makes about 35.5 million dollars a year.

Is Mike Trout married?

Yes, Mike is married to his high school sweetheart Jessica Cox.

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