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New Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim Health: Is He Conservative- Net Worth 2022

Ken Sim became the new mayor of Vancouver. What Is Wrong With New Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim Health? Let’s find out. 

Ken Sim is a Canadian politician, businessman, and mayor-elect of Vancouver.

Sim initially campaigned for mayor in the 2018 Vancouver municipal election as a member of the Non-Partisan Association, narrowly losing to Kennedy Stewart.

On October 15, 2022, Sim was elected mayor of Vancouver. Since 1980, when Mike Harcourt unsettled incumbent Jack Volrich, he is the first Vancouver mayoral challenger to triumph. Sim will serve as the first mayor of Asian ancestry in the city.

Sim, a Vancouver native, graduated from the UBC Sauder School of Business in 1993 with a BComm in finance and the designations FCPA and FCA in accounting.

Ken and John DeHart launched Nurse Next Door Home Healthcare Services in 2001.

New Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim Health: What Happened To Him?

There is nothing wrong with Ken Sim’s health, and the newly elected mayor is doing well as of October 2022. 

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However, after becoming the new mayor of Vancouver, Ken wants to partake in the betterment of community health in the country. 

As part of a community-based policing strategy, the ABC Party has stated that it plans to hire 100 additional Police officers and 100 additional mental health nurses.

Ken Sim Health
Ken Sim is healthy and doing well as of October 2022. (Source: CTV News Vancouver)

Sim’s team also sought to increase the proportion of council members on the Police board, evaluate the Fire department, establish an anti-racism task force, and support a graffiti removal initiative.

The Party also promoted equipping all city patrol officers with body cameras by 2025. The Vancouver Police Union supported Sim during the election season.

Sim has also touched on the issue of helping those who are battling addictions and mental illness.

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To establish a new mental health treatment facility, ABC has stated that it will call for a summit on mental health that will include Metro Vancouver mayors, provincial and federal ministers, First Nations, health authorities, and service organizations.

The Party has stated that it intends to work toward opening a free, round-the-clock drug addiction recovery facility.

Is The New Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim Conservative?

In the municipal elections on Saturday, Vancouver voters chose a more conservative council, whereas voters in many Metro Vancouver cities supported more progressive candidates.

According to experts, this reflects the changing demographics in some suburban cities, where younger voters want more action on affordable housing and other pressing issues.

Ken Sim Health
Ken Sim wins the Vancouver mayor race in 2022. (Source: Global News)

After running for mayor of Vancouver on a platform emphasizing affordability and public safety, Ken Sim was elected.

Kennedy Stewart lost to the leader of the newly established center-right ABC Vancouver Party by a resounding margin.

The Party appeared to have won Saturday’s election handily, with all its candidates winning seats on the council, park board, and school board.

Sim, defeated by Kennedy Stewart in the 2018 Vancouver mayoral election by a margin of 957 votes, has now made history by becoming the first Chinese Canadian mayor of the city.

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In addition to other platform commitments, all of which can be read here, Sim and ABC Vancouver have committed to lessening street crime and the length of time it takes to get a building permit from the city.

Sim and ABC are referred to as “right-wing” by rival left-wing and progressive candidates, parties, and activists.

However, in truth, the Party and its candidates are centrists and on the center-right of the political spectrum. This is also fairly obvious, given ABC’s resounding triumph.

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