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No, Justin Fields Is Not Gay, Meet Chicago Bears QB Father Ivant Fields And Mother Gina Tobey

Chicago Bears star quarterback Justin is not Gay. Let us know more about his parents Ivant Fields and Gina Tobey. 

Chicago Bears star quarterback Fields goes to play golf when he is not preparing for an NFL match. Besides, he made his debut in the 1st round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Before that, he had a battle against a neurological disorder, epilepsy.

Justin Fields is a dual-threat quarterback with great footwork and pocket-passing awareness. He surpassed Ohio State. He also helped Ohio State to win the Big Ten Championship two times. 

 The Netflix documentary series named QB:1 Beyond the Lights, season 2′ is about his journey during his 2020 season with Ohio State. Fields has the prospect of being a great quarterback as he kept decent performances in his rookie NFL season.

Is Justin Fields Gay: No, Justin Fields Is Not Gay

Justin does not identify as gay and has a heterosexual sexual orientation. A few months back, there were some whispers that he was gay.

It was speculated that he might be. When NFL Network analyst Brian Badinger attempted to connect him with San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, everything went downhill.

Football Player Justin Fields during his match (Source: Trending News)
Football Player Justin Fields during his match (Source: Trending News)

Fields refuted the allegations that he is gay by stating that there is no evidence to suggest that he is not heterosexual.

In addition, he asserted that he had never been in a relationship with Mr. Shanahan that involved the same gender. Therefore, the information that was spread about him was not accurate.

However, Justin Fields is not married yet. He is still living a bachelor’s life as a single person. Other than that, he has kept his personal life close to himself.

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Reportedly, Justin dated a girl from his high school back years. But, their relationship did not work out. So, they break up upon their high graduation.

Meet Chicago Bears QB Father Ivant Fields And Mother Gina Tobey

Justin Fields was born in Kennesaw, Georgia, on 5th March 1999 to his parents Ivant Fields and Gina Tobey.

Justin Field’s parents, Gina Tobey and Ivant Fields went through a divorce when he was young. However, they were both actively involved in parenting Justin Fields.

Justin’s Father is a former Eastern Kentucky University linebacker, Atlanta Police officer, and current resource officer at Atlanta Public Schools. Ivant Fields played as a linebacker for Eastern Kentucky University.

However, he did not make it to the NFL, so he decided to be a Police officer in Atlanta. From 1990 to 2012, he was a police officer with the Atlanta Police Department. Ivant guided and supported Justin throughout his football career.

Justin Fields showing his Jersey Number
Justin Fields showing his Jersey Number with his Father Ivant Fields (Source: Sportskeeda)

Just in a similar hand, Fields’ mom, Gina, is a channel partner relationship manager for a commercial Company, FLEETCOR. Furthermore, she played a significant role in his career plan to join the University of Georgia.

Gina has been one of Justin’s biggest support systems in life. She had suggested Justin choose the University of Georgia as they had a great football program, which would eventually help him in his career.

Justin has two stepsisters through his dad’s second marriage, Jaiden and Jessica Fields, through his dad’s injury attorney, Jo Ann Claudrick Fields. 

Moreover, In 2018, Justin posted a video on Twitter, thanking his Father, Ivant, for being a role model and support system for him through tough times.

Likewise, Ivant Fields and Gina Tobey both hail from African descent. They belong to American Nationality. 

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