Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal: Family, Career & Net Worth

Born in Chile and raised in Denmark, Pedro Pascal migrated to the USA with big dreams. The dreams, although big, were simple ones.

He was a refugee and only migrated to foreign countries to escape a bad situation in his country. However, this allowed him to make a big name in Hollywood.

Many fans relate to Pascal as he struggled a lot during his childhood. He is humble, and they admire this quality about him.

Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal in popular HBO series ‘Game of Thrones.’

Many fans want to know about this actor and connect to him and his stories.

If you are one of those fans, you have come to the right article. We have collected details about his childhood, personal life, and a lot of juicy fun facts. Stay tuned!

Quick Facts

let us have a look at some quick facts about the star:

Full Name José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal
Known as Pedro Pascal
Other names Pedro Balmaceda, Alexandar Pascal
Date of birth 2nd April of 1975
Place of birth Santiago, Chile
Age [calculate_years datestring=”04/02/1975″] years old
Relationship Status Single
Girlfriend Not Available
Children None
Father’s name José Balmaceda
Mother’s name Verónica Pascal Ureta
Siblings 3: Javiera Pascal, Lux Pascal (sisters), Nicholas Pascal (brother)
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Aries
Favorite color Purple
Favorite sport Football
Education Tisch School Of The Arts
Hair color Dark Black
Eye color Brown
Skin color Brown
Height 5 feet 11 inches/ 1.80 m/ 180 cm
Weight 76 kg/ 168 lbs
Religion Christianity
Nationality Chilean, American
Ethnicity Latino
Profession Actor
Years active 1996- Present
Notable Work Game of Thrones, Narcos, Wonder Woman 1984, Kingsman
Awards/ Nominations Golden Derby Award, MTV Award, CinEuphoria Award
Net worth $10 million
Social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Height, Weight, Ethnicity, and Body Measurements

Born in Chile to Chilean parents, Pascal belongs to the Latino ethnicity.

Likewise, he has brown skin and dark brown eyes. He also embraces his culture and is proud of being a Latino.

Likewise, Pascal has a lean body type. Standing 5 ft 11 inches tall and weighing 168 lbs, he has a perfect height-to-weight ratio.

It is unknown if Pascal works out or not, but he has a great body.

Moreover, he has a 40-inch chest, 33-inch waist, and 14-inch biceps. Also, his shoe size is 10.5.

Who are Pedro Pascal’s Parents and Siblings?


Pedro’s father is a fertility doctor, and his name is José Balmaceda. Likewise, the actor’s mother, Verónica Pascal Ureta, was a child psychologist.

Pascal’s parents were politically aware and thus supported the Movement of the Revolutionary Left. The movement was against the right-wing military Pinochet dictatorship.

Therefore, his parents had to leave Chile when Pascal was just nine months old due to various death threats.

Moreover, Pascal’s father, Jose, is a well-known researcher and doctor and has contributed a lot to the fertility medicine field. Sadly, Pascal’s mother committed suicide in 1999 when Pascal was a struggling actor.

After that, Pedro changed his last name from Balmaceda to Pascal, in his mother’s honor. According to him, she was his ‘everything.’ He also credits his mother for success.


Pedro has an elder sister Javiera, a younger sister Lux and a younger brother, Nicholas.

His elder sister Javiera was born in 1972 and now works for Amazon Studios.

Moreover, she has supported him throughout his career. She even shared her New York apartment with him when the actor was a struggling actor.

Pedro pascal
Pedro Pascal with his father Jose, sisters Javiera and Lux, and brother Nicholas.

His younger brother Nicholas was born in 1987 after the family migrated to the USA. Nick also has a Ph.D. degree in pediatric neurology.

Likewise, Pedro’s youngest sibling Lux Pascal was born in 1992. She is an actress who has starred along with Pedro in the series Narcos.’

Moreover, she is an activist for trans people and is herself a trans woman.

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Pedro Pascal’s childhood

Pascal spent his first few months in Chile but then moved to Denmark when he was just nine months old.

Ultimately, the family moved to the USA seeking asylum. Thus, Pedro was raised in Orange County, California, and also in San Antonio, Texas.

His family was finally able to make trips to their home country, Chile when Pedro was eight years old. As a young boy, Pedro was involved in competitive swimming.

When he was 11, Pedro participated in the state championships in Texas. However, that stopped when he got into drama classes.

The actor studied acting at the Orange County School of the Arts and graduated in 1993.

Furthermore, in 1997, he also studied acting at Tisch School of the Arts.

Pedro Pascal: Personal Life and Dating History

Pedro currently lives in Los Angeles, USA but frequently travels to Chile and other Latin American countries. Moreover, he is politically aware like his parents.

Thus, he actively raises his voice against political and social injustice. As an immigrant himself, he fights for the rights of people seeking asylum in other countries.

Pedro is very humble and has a very childlike spirit. Thus his fans love him due to his nature.

Moreover, Pascal keeps himself active by going on regular hikes and trips with his family.

He is currently not dating anyone; thus, he lives alone in his massive mansion with his dog.

However, the star has dated several women in the past. Because he has been single for a long while now, some fans assume the actor is gay. But Pascal himself has never confirmed this.

Dating History

As we know, Pascal has never married and does not have any kids.

However, he has been a loyal boyfriend to many gorgeous women in the past, most of whom are actresses.

In 2015, the actor was rumored to be dating actress Robin Tunney. Paparazzi spotted these two as they were leaving a Sushi restaurant in Los Angeles.

They also appeared in several red carpet events together, holding hands. Thus, this helped fuel those rumors.

Likewise, in 2014, Pedro dated Game of Thrones co-star Lena Heady.

However, neither of them officially confirmed their relationship. When Lena announced her second baby, people assumed Pascal was the father.

But, Lena confirmed that she is married to Dan Cadan, and that is his baby.

Sometimes, fans also assume Sarah Paulson is his girlfriend. However, these two are only friends and have been best friends for more than twenty years.

Likewise, Pascal also dated his Law & Order co-star Maria Dizzia. They had confirmed their relationship.

Pedro Pascal: Acting Career

Pedro has appeared in several movies and TV series, including Homeland, The Mentalist, Graceland, etc., to name a few.

Likewise, he was cast in the 4th season of the HBO hit series Game of Thrones as Oberyn Martell. Pedro mentioned that he is one of the biggest fans of the series, and it is an honor for him to be a part of it.

He also played as a kidnapper in Law & Order. Moreover, Pascal is also active in theatre.

Not only is he a skilled actor, but also an experienced director. He has appeared in several theatre shows, including ‘Beauty of the Father,’ ‘Maple and Vine,’ ‘Sand,’ ‘Based on a True Story,’ etc.

He also has appeared in Sia’s ‘Fire Meet Gasoline‘ music video. One of his most famous works includes The Mandalorian, in which he played the Mandalorian itself.

Pascal has also starred in ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ as Maxwell Lord. And Pascal has proved himself in his projects, whether it’s direction or acting.

The most hyped and recent project Pascal has undertaken has to be “The Last of Us”. The Last of Us is a series adapted from a popular game, also undertaking the same name.

While the filming is supposedly ending later during June, the series is to be released in late 2022. The infamous game has also assisted in building anticipation for the upcoming series.

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Pedro Pascal: Awards and Achievements

  • Drama Guest Actor of the Decade (2019)
  • Drama Guest Actor (2014)
  • Teen Choice Award 2018 (Nominated)
  • Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award
  • Garland Award
  • CinEuphoria Award (2011 and 2020)

Fun facts about Pedro Pascal

Many fans don’t know that Pedro is a huge fan of novels. He got into acting because he loved the characters of books.

His favorite books are “The Master and Margarita” and “Franny and Zooey” by JD Salinger.

Likewise, Pedro loves football (soccer) and supports the Chilean National Team in the World cup. One of his weird habits, as he mentions, is freezing fruits then eating them as a sorbet.

Pedro is not much into social media, but Instagram is his favorite. Pedro also says that he fantasizes about having a pet dragon.

He also has a favorite actor despite being one of the best actors himself. His favorite actor is Paul Sparks. Likewise, Pedro is allergic to cats! Thus, he owns dogs.

Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal is hiking with his dog.

He is a huge fan of Nutella and prefers sweet over savory foods. Likewise, Pedro enjoys living in New York from May to October and L.A. from November to April.

It seems like he is not a fan of extreme hot or cold weather. He is also more active during the night than during the day.

Moreover, Pedro enjoys hiking during his free time and also loves to swim.

Net Worth

Pedro Pascal’s net worth is $10 million.

The star’s net worth comes from his projects: movies, series, and theatre. Likewise, he also gets various brand deals and endorsements.

Despite his million earnings, Pedro lives a simple life and is usually serving other people. He does not show off his extravagant lifestyle.

However, he lives in a mansion in Los Angeles inside a gated community. The star also owns an apartment in New York City.

Likewise, he uses his money to fund social causes such as Transgender rights and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Pedro Pascal: Social Media

Pedro is active on social media but mainly promotes his movies or posts about social causes.

His Instagram handle has over 2.4 million followers.

Likewise, his Twitter has over 973 thousand followers. He joined Twitter in August 2013.

He also has an official Facebook page. It also has over 116K likes and 911K followers.

Similarly, he enjoys connecting with his fans via social media and often replies to the fans.


Is Pedro Pascal quitting The Mandalorian?

In early 2021, The Mandalorian was surrounded by rumors regarding Pascal leaving the cast.

Headlines questioning Pascal’s quitting, “Pedro Pascals quits The Mandalorian? Why?”, were roaming around. However, it was later confirmed that Pascal wasn’t quitting relieving many fans. 

What cologne does Pedro Pascal use?

Pascal currently is the face of a Spanish perfume brand Loewe. He wears their newest launch, ‘Solo.’

How did Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac meet?

Pascal and Isaac have been friends for a very long time. The pair first met in 2005 during “Beauty of the Father” and in a short while, during the play, the pair had become very close.

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